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  1. oh yeah, did dq73ds get localized?

    1. ryangroovy
    2. ignasia


      Only in our heads and our hearts dude.

    3. Shoryia
  2. happy birthday!!! hope you had wonderful year ^_^
  3. im dying....

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Mattcraft
    3. Darth Nokturnus

      Darth Nokturnus

      I think you're supposed to use elfin elixir for that.

    4. Democrobot


      Democrobot summons a tidal wave.

  4. posted this for obvious reason.. maybe not...
  5. still no update on roto emblem and DQ7 TAT... that's it, im learning japanese
  6. meh making DQX online is a wrong decision eh... i doubt DQXI is enough to revive the english fandom like on DQIX,,, screw it, they don't even localize DQ73DS..
  7. been dead for a whole year @[email protected] all i know of new games was only remake of dq73ds,, how was DQ?
  8. you mean, you can handle a job just with your phone?
  9. if i had to choose.. should i choose Charizard X (pokemon X) or Dragalgae (Pokemon Y) for my team?

    1. Democrobot


      Depends on the other 5 Pokémon you have.

    2. Mou-rie-SHOU-rie


      hmm: the upside squid, the panda, aegislash, Barbaracle, and Greninja

    3. Democrobot


      Mega Charizard X should give you some good coverage.

  10. and some probably already had it from early october for some reason,, so...how was it? did any of you got that much excitement right now?
  11. should i...be grateful that i was still about to enter university and haven't entered the world of jobs?
  12. just finished Unicorn OVA 5, god! the OVA was the best of the Series!!

  13. is it just me or the casualties of Unicorn series is much naive-er than the previous gundam?? i mean, most of mobile suit mooks are incapacitated, not destroyed/impaled in the chest and exploded x__x

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