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  1. Evening everyone, I'm curious as to where I can find some of the following items; a) The class scrolls such as the Warrior Scroll, etc... I don't have acces to Wi-Fi, so I was wondering if there's any monsters that will drop the various scrolls, and if so, which monsters drop which scroll? b) Weapons such as the Metal Slime Sword, Lost Katana & Diablo Spear? Please tell me these aren't limited to just Wi-Fi! If they're not, which monsters would I need to hunt down and beat up ad nausium to get some of these weapons to drop?! Thanks for the help! Cheers!
  2. I ended up grinding LMS's in a low level Fire Grotto actually. Not that hard even with just the first grotto map to get a volcano map with Rank 4 enemies. The only 'dangerous/annoying' enemy that spawns alongside the LMS's are Bagmas which can burning breath your party and like to chase you. Better yet, you can get more than 1 LMS per fight!
  3. The Rains of Castamere Now to go and find about a dozen friends and a good pub!
  4. I've kept 1 low rank map per boss to help make grinding for their 2% drops go a bit faster... For example, my 'Shogum farming map' is the Iron Crater of Dolour Lv22 and it's only 4 short floors to run through. As an added bonus, it's all Rank 4 monsters, so there's a chance to see a LMS or two on the way to the boss! My main maps are; - Granite Tunnel of Woe Lv1 (Equinox farming) - Iron Crater of Dolour Lv22 (Shogum farming) - Platinum Snowhall of Joy Lv33 (Nemean farming) - Steel Mine of Dolour Lv37 (Sir Sanguinus farming) - Bronze Icepit of Bane Lv41 (Trauminator farming) - Gold Icepit of Hurt Lv42 (Atlas farming) - Platinum Path of Bane Lv44 (Eliusid farming) - Platinum Tundra of Regret Lv53 (Hammibal farming) - Gold Marsh of Dread L77 (T-wrecks farming) None of those IIRC are more than 12 floors, (in the case of the T-wrecks map), but most are no more than 8 floors at most, so they're good an quick to run for quick access to the boss. My 'best' maps would be; - Silver Marsh of Bane Lv58 & Gold Abyss of Ruin Lv91 Both have a floor with nothing but MKS spawns! The Silver Marsh I picked up from a tag meet off of someone else, but I managed to get the Gold Abyss on my own while grinding my Lv94 map! - Emerald World of Gloom Lv86 The famed Kawaski Locker map which I got at the same tag meet as the Silver Marsh of Bane map. Overall, I'm not a fan of it since the monsters are super annoying, but I hang onto it due to its fame I guess! - Platinum Crypt of Regret Lv72 I used this one at the time to farm new maps since it was my highest Lv map. But best of all, it's a higher rank Volcano map that misses out on the most annoying fire enemies, (it only goes upto rank 10 monsters), and it has 6x A-rank treasure chests! This was the first map I spawned that had more than 2, plus it's got a decent number of B-rank chests as well. I kept farming this one until I had 3-4 of each metal slime equip. - Bronze Dungeon of Gloom Lv84 This is my Greygnarl map. - Diamon Crater of Hurt Lv80 Love this map! Sure it's got the annoying rank 11 Volcano monsters on the last 4 floors, but it's only 12 floors deep, has Excalipurr as the boss for farming Victorious Armour AND comes loaded with 4x A-rank & 4x S-rank chests with very little need to run out of the way! A great map imho. - Diamond Crypt of Bane Lv86 My S-rank chest farming map. It's got 6 of them!!!O.O It's an Ice type grotto with Fowleye as the boss, and only 2 of those S-rank chests are out of the way. Plus it's got alot of A-rank chests too, and 4 of the floors can spawn Gem Slimes! - Steel World of Dread lv94 My map for farming new grotto maps as it's my highest level map thus far. It's a Water type grotto, has MKS's on the first 4 floors and misses out on the final rank 12 monsters. Only a single S-rank chest and it's 16 floors, but for now it'll have to do! If anyone is in the Toronto area and wants some of these maps, just drop me a line!
  5. So, a little over a month ago, I took my DQ9 to a tabletop hobby tournament for something to do between games & meals/over night and I was grinding away on my Lv94 map looking to spawn some decent looting maps... Picked my game up again the other night and started plugging the dozen or so new maps I'd gotten in the grotto finder-thingy that tells you how many floors, what rank of chests, which boss, etc... (the one here; http://www20.atpages.jp/dq9tools/tmape.cgi) Low and behold, the final map I checked was the Gold Abyss of Ruin Lv91, and I saw the red text there indicating it has a 'special' floor... So I go through it checking out to see what my special floor is... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! All Metal King Slime floor on B14!!! :whoa: So, if there's anyone in the Toronto area who's wanting an all MKS floor map, I've got one to tag!
  6. I've just started a synth tree for a Black Dragon, who I will of corse name 'Drogon'
  7. Ah, good 'ol Silver marsh of Bane Lv58 with your all-MKS floor, how I love thee! Water grottos are the best ones to grind MKS's as there's only 2 really annoying enemies that can show-up; moai minstrals and those big fat fugly women things... (I just call them 'grossie' because they remind me of a hienously awful customer I was forced to deal with at my old job.) I've solo'd with my MC as low as Lv25 Warrior with that map for re-vocating purposes with little trouble. And getting him to Lv25 was simple with slime hill grinding. Nature grottos I find are even more annoying than Fire grottos though when it comes to fighting MKS's!
  8. Yes we can expect/rely on the DQVC to give us everything! And at utterly insane princes just to make it worth our trouble of farming all that gold mail... Anyone else still have nightmares about that $50,000 per orb during the 'Orbsome' sale?!
  9. Oh well... If we just get a crappy recycling of the same themes as last year, I can at least go ahead and delete my back-up cart and put it back to tag-grinding duty. I was *really* hoping for a revocation medal week, and/or a stat seed week... Silly Japan, why do they get all the good DQ stuffs?! Cheers!
  10. And didn't Japan also get 'Seed Week' as well? That would be a golden theme considering just how damn annoying and time-consuming it is to farm seeds in this game... Cheers!
  11. More cronocrystals so that I can fail to get them yet again?!! Or maybe some utterly useless sets of celestial gear & dragon warrior gear that only the hero can actually equip?! Cheers!
  12. Too true! I haven't started on any of the 4-star equips yet, though when I do, I'll probably feel like smashing my head against a wall at some point! This week is killer on the bank book though... So much gold mail I've had to alchamise and it never ends. But I finally got my first blue orb, so I've got at least 1 of every colour now! Cheers!
  13. Damn those orbs are expensive... Picked up a silver, red & purple on my main cart, my back-up cart though gave me a yellow ord & finally, Cronocrystal!!! I wonder what Japan is getting this week? Cheers!
  14. So far this theme-week between my 2 game carts I've managed; 6x Rusty Sword 6x Rusty Shield 3x Rusty Helmet 4x Rusty Armour But no gauntlets... Oh well, we've got 2 or 3 more days of this theme, but now I'm getting damn nervous that I'm going to miss out on those gauntlets! Cheers!
  15. Let's hope it's not a 1-day Rusty Week, because I plan on getting as many of the Roto equipment pieces as I can. Too true! Anyways, at least I managed between my 2 carts to net 2x helmets, armour & sword... So at the very least, I can be lazy and avoid having to do the blight knight quest for the armour! Still, I'd really like to net a couple more suits of the armour, another sword or two, a couple shields and a pair or two of the gauntlets! (yes, I'm greedy! ) Cheers!
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