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  1. *figures he'll swing by this Tuesday if anyone else is willing to*
  2. Just the "old" stuff. The problem we have as far as DQVC being "down" is that it's no longer receiving data to update the daily available items. You can connect and get access to the guests and quests, but as a store, it's no longer rotating inventory.
  3. Still down. I connected and it just gave me back the last week I had when I last connected. It didn't even refresh the items.
  4. They stopped broadcasting the DQVC updates, apparently. There's an organized set of support tickets to SE on GameFAQs already. Hopefully they'll start broadcasting them again. (They're still giving out the guests and quests though...)
  5. Yup. I am amused seeing you post on GAF and here though.
  6. This man knows what he is talking about.
  7. Then how do you get to it? There's a big hole in the way. Continue playing. Remember that Great Tree grows as you complete certain plot gates (Anger and Reflection), and the result is that the layout changes and new things become available. The gate in the Monster Farm will become available after Anger, if I recall correctly.
  8. You know that most of the gates aren't actually mandatory, right? If you can beat the required tournament rank, you can skip most of them. (Anger and Reflection admittedly are.) I'm assuming you mean gates that have specific/special requirements to unlock, such as beating the 3 Goopi, giving the Medal Man enough medals, giving the wizard at the bottom of the well a monster with thunder, giving the bazaar guys with the grill a monster with fire, getting 100 monsters in the library, showing the old man a Gold Slime, giving the bazaar guys a monster with BazooCall... The gate in the Monst
  9. I see you got rid of your obnoxious avatar. And yes, Monster Hunter is not an MMO, because it never needs to account for more than 4 users in an instance at any given time.
  10. March of the Black Queen Playstation is really just an "enhanced" port. There's very little different, except for the ability to speed up the game, save during levels and hero's retaining their unique palettes. (Oh, and for some reason, they screwed up the rates of attacks like petrify)
  11. Thing to note about NeoGAF: Imran Khan is ShockingAlberto. Both ShockingAlberto and Aeana are fairly respectable and accurate members. (Heck, Aeana is a mod.) So while they're getting conflicting information, we can be pretty sure that neither one is making crap up for the sake of it. That said, as a result...we got nothing.
  12. We're calling everything developed by Quintet and published by Enix "The Blazer Saga"? Then we need to add Robotrek. And Lennus was NOT a very good game. Lennus 2, on the other hand, was.
  13. Given the sheer glut of gold pants Miis, pink pieces shouldn't be too big a deal right now.
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