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  1. *figures he'll swing by this Tuesday if anyone else is willing to*
  2. They stopped broadcasting the DQVC updates, apparently. There's an organized set of support tickets to SE on GameFAQs already. Hopefully they'll start broadcasting them again. (They're still giving out the guests and quests though...)
  3. Yup. I am amused seeing you post on GAF and here though.
  4. The PS4 REQUIRES PSN for multiplayer. Just like Xbox Live Gold! (Sigh) The rumor mill has it that S-E ran a hard deal on Nintendo, in essence forcing them to make a choice between Bravely Default and DQ7 3D. As far as the legitimacy of the claim? I have no idea. But if true, it explains the lack of DQ7 information. (...and makes me really irritated that S-E isn't even bothering at all to push their JRPGs not named "Final Fantasy" or "Kingdom Hearts".)
  5. Mischief Makers is a Treasure game. Enix published it, and ONLY in Japan at that.
  6. Wi-fi has several forms of encryption. The purpose is for security, so that people don't just hop onto your network. The simplest form we still currently use is WEP. All DS games are configured for WEP, and nothing more complicated. WPA is a more secure form, but only DSi enhanced and 3DS games are compatible.
  7. You do know that Ruin can only crit or miss, right? It's what Hopeful Hitter does.
  8. Bang does Blast damage, but Big Banga is NOT part of the Bang Family. That said, I'm pretty sure it's still a spell, and not a skill.
  9. That's not what antagonist means. You could say that he's not really a villain to you, but he's DEFINITELY an antagonist to you. And no, I'm confusing my Figaro brothers again. It is indeed Edgar and Setzer.
  10. *Sabin and Setzer Edgar is optional. (I mean, Gerad is optional.)
  11. ...your argument makes no sense. In neither of the aforementioned series are you generally allowed to go to points A, B, C, or D and decide which to do first. Almost all of them are locked in some way until you do something at point A. ...also, what? FFX is entirely story driven. You're not given any choice in where to go throughout the entire game until you get the airship, which is generally the point in every other FF game when you're allowed to start doing things. (See FFVI in WoR, FFVII in Disc 3, FFVIII after SPAAACE) At least in FFIV and V, there are several means of air travel simultaneously, which lets you explore a bunch when you get access to them, and you get them fairly early all things considered. As far as customization is concerned, FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII, and FFX are all pretty much the same case of "every character is roughly the same" by the end.
  12. Crafty never weakened only one stage, if I recall the mechanics correctly. It'd either set you to "weak", remove ALL resistance, or do nothing if you were immune or absorbed.
  13. You kind of completely ignored the point for Greygnarl on MP, which would make the final count 5:6, Greygnarl's favor.
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