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  1. Thought so :-/ It's one of these three, two of which are identical. Will check later and correct the location if I can: http://yabd.org/apps/dq9/grottodetails.php?map=A100C8 http://yabd.org/apps/dq9/grottodetails.php?map=B500C8 http://yabd.org/apps/dq9/grottodetails.php?map=C900C8 /edit And actually, I should probably upload a savegame. Or look into how to, anyway. Got some really good maps now, including the two I found not too long ago: http://yabd.org/apps/dq9/grottodetails.php?map=C95695 http://yabd.org/apps/dq9/grottodetails.php?map=C92F6E The first has Gemslimes, PKJ, and 3S, 5A, 5B chests. The second has MKS, a no enemy floor, and 5S, 3A, 3B chests Now if only I could find a Water and Fire grotto with rank S monsters..
  2. I have a different save game editor question. If one of the maps I got from a tag shows up in the editor with a red location code, does that mean it's not a valid location and someone had changed it from its original? I did think it kind of unusually awesome that a map with an MKS only floor was right next to Stornway..
  3. Yeah, that was it. Setting the expiration date to the future instead of year 1 did the trick.
  4. Ah, ok - thanks guys! I totally misinterpreted the "Year" box. The default value is 1, so I thought it meant how many years from now it would expire, not "The Year 1". I changed it to the year 2100 and set the "Next Available" to 2010 (which theoretically should still be ok at 1) and will give it another shot. Quick saved in a grotto right now, I just didn't want to directly mess with inventory, and figured DQVC was the best way to get quest items like the birthday cake.
  5. I can verify that the NDS Adapter Plus can save and load DQ9 games without bricking it. Using the save game editor, I was able to unlock things that aren't available anymore, like the celebrity visitors. One thing I can't figure out though, is the Wifi Store. Even adding items, giving expiration dates, Sellma text and whatnot, and always says "Oh, I have no new data, you need to connect to Nintendo wi-fi".
  6. Sure, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/138417812863820/ It was set to a closed group a number of months ago, I think it was getting spammed with sales bots. Not 100% sure how to join it now, I think you need to contact the page owner?
  7. Southern NH here. There *is* a Boston area DQ9 fan group on FB, so that would probably be the best resource in my area. The last great map swap (and inn upgrade) I had was PAX I think 3 or 4 years ago. I did get my most useful map ever at a Best Buy though - Bronze Crypt of Hurt, forget the level. Just west of Stornway, MKS only on floor 9.
  8. Hot damn, it's been like.. 5 months already? I was already grinding levels by the time I even made a post here. Been grotto hunting for awhile and finally came across one that's actually kind of badass. Too bad I didn't get it few years ago when people still did map swaps.. http://yabd.org/apps/dq9/grottodetails.php?map=C92F6E Easy to find on the map (the fork in the road north of the bridge east of Bloomingdale) 3 rank B chests, 3 A, 5 S MKS in floors 5-8 Slionheart below that (if you need one for that healslime quest) Floor 13 has no enemies Then the second or third map I got out of that one is this: http://yabd.org/apps/dq9/grottodetails.php?map=C95695 Gemslimes in 5-8 PKJ in 13-16 5 rank B, 5 A, 3 S Granted, I didn't have a +7 revocated main character the first time..
  9. Wow, I'd forgotten how streaky/ragey this game can be. So there I was... I tend to grind while I grind. Which is to say, I spent 40 minutes in a KMS grotto while on the elliptical this morning. 45 actually, including the 5 minute cooldown. For whatever reason, luck was NOT on my side today. For example, in one memorable fight, there were two KMS who entered battle. I have four people in my party, three of whom have spears and were using Thunder Thrust. Multiple turns in, not a single TT has landed, neither of the KMS would run, and my guys were rapidly losing health. The fight finally ended after I don't even know how many turns when 3 out of the four party members were already dead and both KMS finally decided to run away. After THAT, I had to cast Zing eight times in a row before the first of the dead guys were brought back.. All told, over the course of the 40 minutes I think I had maybe four TTs actually land on a KMS. On the other hand, wanting to swear loudly at your DS but being around other people where such things are frowned upon, is pretty good for your cardio.
  10. Wow, that's a lot of info! Thanks for taking the time. Don't know much about spawn timers or ETA's, I'm just having a hell of a time with my alchemy and was wondering if I could reset something to maybe make it friendlier! Specifically, I can't seem to get Nectar to spawn for the life of me. I check it every hour or two every time I play, and occasionally there's one there. My supply of Ygdrassil leaves is probably higher at this point. I gave up on Fisticups earlier in the game, they just don't spawn at all. Which is fine, since I don't seem to need them anymore. At least for now. It was a forehead to table moment when I learned that Prayer Rings are 1-use items. Just wanted to see how much MP they restored. Was halfway through crafting (I don't remember, an Agility ring maybe?) and it was long enough since my last save that it wasn't worth resetting. Blew all my sage potions though. Just finished with Swinedimples, so at least I'm at a place in the game where I have a second source of Nectar I can easily get to, anyway. So yeah, it's been awhile since I last played this game so I'm still getting back into the swing of things.. there's so much I've forgotten! Thanks again for the info
  11. ..that I can't seem to find the right combination of search terms for, since I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask this. Anyway, if I'm playing DQ9 on a 3DS and I want to reset the RNG (awful material spawns for example), is closing the software and going back to the home screen equivalent to power cycling a DS? Or do I have to power cycle the 3DS as well? I've tried it both ways, but haven't seen any pattern emerge that would indicate anything changed one way or the other..
  12. Just recently restarted, and am enjoying playing through again. Well, bought a second copy and started that one. Didn't want to lose all the maps I'd collected at Best Buy gatherings and PAXes
  13. So.. I recently bought a used second copy so I wouldn't have to delete my existing save game and its many maps, and subsequently learned that Nintento WiFi no longer exists. If I'm reading this thread correctly, the only way to get DQVC to function at all anymore is to edit the save game using an adapter like the one in the quote? Is this one generally considered a good one? (driver issues aside) Also, the extra quests will be brought over if I join a multiplayer game started with the original cart? Never really done multiplayer, and had just planned on tagging to bring over some of the maps.. It's been awhile, but I'm enjoying playing through the story again! Currently trying to resist looking at a walkthrough to see where I'm supposed to go next, since it's pretty open at the moment...
  14. If you don't want to deal with flipping through menus and RNG manipulation, you can run all the way to the left and wait for stuff to spawn, much like the Bowhole. I posted a video a couple years ago: Maybe there's a better spot found by now, I dunno.. been awhile since I last played. Maybe I'll start a new game soon.
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