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About Me

It all started with DQMJ. Since then nothing, NOTHING can stop me from playing DQ. (except for school, music, and a couple of other things...)

I have only played DQ on the DS (IV, V, VI, IX, MJ, MJ2, HRS), so it´s going to be fun to try X on the Wii.


IRL, I´m a teen-aged boy who loves music (listening to, playing, writing), nature studies, and unserious games of football. I accept anyone as a friend here, especially if they´re up for discussing DQ spin-offs.


Check out my bands Spotify or Youtube page, if you like silly metal, and feel up to it. We add things as we record it.

Spotify: Defenestrate

Youtube: http://www.youtube.c...nestrateTheBand

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