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  1. Feels a bit weird starting with so high HP, and that slimes and babbles, being the first monsters, hit so high. :/ Have been so into DQMJ2, that i´ve forgotten to play your game... Soon i´ll do it.
  2. Hello and welcome to the Den! Also playing DQMJ2 atm, actually not doing anything else. It´s so great.
  3. Still haven´t got my router running, but i´ll let you now as soon as it´s up.

  4. Welcome to the Den! I´m a huge fan of the monster series myself, playing through the EU version of DQMJ2 at the moment, and enjoying ti.
  5. Nice, I´ve been longing for some DQ artwork from you. If you will make more, that would be awesome!
  6. Great! I love how they make of puff-puff in various DQ games, like this one and thesheep one in DQIX.
  7. I´ve gotten into Touhou now, but i still find it hard. How´s it going with the IP board? Are you still planning to set it up?
  8. Have played a couple of old Pokemon games emultated, an tried DQIX for skill videos/pictures purposes, but my computer just isn´t fast enough.
  9. Ok time to try this out. We´ll see how far i get, gotta play some joker 2 as well.
  10. Hello and welcome to the Den! Hopefully you´ll love being a part of the community to.
  11. Why wont´you work stupid router? And why is the manufacturers customer support only open to 17 and not on weekends? I must fix it up so i can play DQMJ2 online...

  12. I mean as playable character. Tried the others, and I still prefer Marisa. New favorite character! Yay
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