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  1. Feels a bit weird starting with so high HP, and that slimes and babbles, being the first monsters, hit so high. :/ Have been so into DQMJ2, that i´ve forgotten to play your game... Soon i´ll do it.
  2. Still haven´t got my router running, but i´ll let you now as soon as it´s up.

  3. Ok time to try this out. We´ll see how far i get, gotta play some joker 2 as well.
  4. Why wont´you work stupid router? And why is the manufacturers customer support only open to 17 and not on weekends? I must fix it up so i can play DQMJ2 online...

  5. Didn´t get DQMJ2 today. I suppose it´s the same thing as it was in NA, only we have to wait ´til monday to get it :(

    1. Pedro


      Eh.I'll have to wait a while till I get it.

    2. Snigelworld


      It´s finally here!! :D

  6. I´d love to get the Hellions back, those are great. Also Cross Bones, Revulting Horse and Sabrecat/cub would be nice.
  7. I have, that´s where i downloaded 8. At least we will be 3 as soon as it´s up. I wish thee good luck Hawk.
  8. Ok, great, i´ll try it out later today. How´s it going with the forum? EDIT: Have downloaded it now. Might take some time getting into, but i´ll join the forum, that´s for sure.
  9. Nearly fell off my chair watching that video. xD
  10. You are here talking about a game where you can fight Blue onionlike goo. What´s wrong with that?
  11. Don´t feel bad, you´re not alone. I´ve got Blue Dragon, Oblivion, Izuna, and a couple of other games just lying around. Sometimes it´s hard to find motivation to start/continue playing a game.
  12. Saw that you like using the RPGVX. Have you got any games made yet? I´d gladly test it :D

    1. zenithdragon


      Snigeln: I'm working on a Dragon Quest 4 remake... but it's not in testing yet unless you want to test with horrible sprites... lol. It has almost the same script as the ds version. If you want to test Prolouge and a little of Chapter 1 with bad sprites, you can.

    2. Snigelworld


      Ok, might wait awhile with testing, so i can really do some good/helpful criticism for you. :)

    3. zenithdragon


      Okay, I'm fixing the sprites, getting them off a sprite sheet is REALLY tiring work XD.

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