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  1. Forgive me if someone has already made a topic about this, but I was wondering where and how you get all the platinum gear. I have the platinum body and the platinum helm right now. I need the sword and shield though and am not sure where to find them. Does anyone know? Thanks, Adam
  2. My game log has 487 hours and 42 minutes on it. I still only have 92% defeated monster list completion, 79% wardrobe completion, 90% item list completion, and 85% alchenomicon completion. Fun, long game! I feel like I'm at the midway point!
  3. Initially, My main character was a minstrel, I switched him to a paladin as soon as I could. The rest of my group was a mage, a martial artist( whom I later switched to a sage), and a warrior( who I switched between warrior and gladiator). My favorite group though, is probably, Paladin( gotta love paladins!), Mage, Warrior/Gladiator, and Sage/Priest.( I use a sage if I'm using a warrior because warriors are a bit more durable than gladiators. So I would use a priest when using a gladiator because they are weaker than warriors and priests are better at sole healing. However, since I've revocated several times, I can use either sage or priest and gladiator/warrior and it usually doesn't change much.
  4. Good day, I had a question concerning postgame grotto armor: I have found all of the veteran armor for warriors, and I've gotten the witch's armor for mages. However, I was wondering how many vocations had this "upgraded" post-game armor, because it is certainly a step up from the regulary vocational armor (i.e. Holy mail set for paladins, soldier's set for warriors, etc.).
  5. I had a question, I can make a red dragon with a green dragon and something else(forgot what). It's the same rank as a green dragon though. So I was wondering, should I synthesize my monster to a red dragon to synthesize a red dragon into something even better?(if red dragons can synthesize to something of a higher rank) Or should I just keep leveling my green dragon? I'm currently at the iceolation boss, about to beat him today probably. Thanks -Anzac
  6. Sounds like some people use dragon quest for their sexual thrills?
  7. My favorite team would have to be a Paladin, Mage, Sage, and Warrior! I started with a minstrel as my main. Along with a mage, warrior, and martial artist, but soon, my minstrel could not support everyone else, midheal wasn't enough, so then I switched my martial artist to a sage later on, and my minstrel to a paladin(which is my favorite profession.) So multiheal/ moreheal with my sage helped, along with forbearance/ kabuff with my paladin. I can just use forbearance with my paladin and moreheal with my sage on the paladin as long as they dont have attacks that hit multiple people(like breath attacks) That way, my mage and warrior can constantly bomb the enemy while my sage and paladin protect. (this doesn't work as well against legacy bosses however...)

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