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  1. Glad to hear you’re all fine. If available, I suggest both of you wear any kind of mask (even a hand-made cloth mask has +5 resistance, if an N95 mask is +50) every day, wash your hands with ethanol frequently, to resist any possibility of them. 3M 6000/6500/etc. re-usable mask + 2071/2091/7093 is far better than common masks but their maintenance is quite complicated. You need to wear a pair of glove to take off the filters, wash the 3M 6000/6500 with soap, wipe out the water with dry cloth or toilet paper, then wash it again with ethanol or bleach to kill the possible virus on the surface every day you back home. During the days staying at my Tokyo home, I rearranged my DQ9 maps and updated my DQ9 wiki. Best grottoes are all discovered but since Japanese players are still working on it, I can get more maps with different usages to extend my introduction. Of course it’s not the time to hold offline party now. But I already had a lot of unlisted maps from concerts & multiplay parties before January.
  2. Sorry for being late. Is anybody OK? Enough foods, masks or 3M 6x00 + 2071/2091, and so on? I can do nothing but praying that the Almighty will be with you all.
  3. For I know, melonDS uses the raw save data. So .DSV or No$GBA encrypted save data need conversion. The emulator's name is just similar to my handle name ;P
  4. Win7 10FPS issue - It happens on GeForce Driver 436.02 & 436.15 Windows 7 x64 versions. - This problem can be fixed by 431.70 or earlier versions. - 436.02 & 436.15 Windows 10 x64 versions don't have this problem. SLI test - Dragon Quest XI Steam PC doesn't have official SLI support. - I use a player customized SLI profile to achieve SLI. - (I'll update the source link within 24 hrs) - After imported the customized SLI profile, NPI shows that there are 2 profiles exist. - One is official Dragon Quest XI profile. The other is the imported Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age profile. - To enable SLI, I should delete official Dragon Quest XI profile. - Graphic card: GeForce GTX1070 x2 SLI vs GeForce GTX1070 single card. - CPU, Motherboard & Bus: Core i7-6900K, ASRock X99M Killer/3.1, PCIe x16 + PCIe x16 - GTX1070 Single Card - 31FPS. - On Windows 10 & Driver 436.02, GTX1070 x2 SLI - 38FPS (+25%). - On Windows 7 & Driver 431.60, GTX1070 x2 SLI - 31FPS (Not work!). - Although SLI increased the FPS, it had more lags than single card. - I cannot register the source forum to give any feedback because I don't know German.
  5. @Liamland A new NDS PC Emulator called melonDS has appeared for at least 2 years. Someone tried opening 2 DQ9 progresses of this Emulator in one PC (with different savedata), then succeeded tagging & local multiplaying. Grottoes & Zero-star items can be traded by this method. So does historical DQVC multiplay-shopping. I don't know whether it's a good news or a bad news for real players though.
  6. We succeeded hosting the 10th Anniversary events in Akihabara Tokyo. We appreciated that over 60 players came to our event, including DQIX Legend players, Kansai & Tohoku players, and Mr. Fujisawa, the DQIX director Unfortunately I haven’t tagged Mr. Fujisawa but most of my seniors had. BTW, there are no foreigners in the event but myself. So I don’t need to speak English or Chinese to serve anybody. Also congratulates Liam for a successful NYC 9th Anniversary event!
  7. Hope you make the NYC 9th Anniversary event successful For the Tokyo 10th Anniversary event, we changed the start time from 13:00 to 15:00. Others aren’t changed. For more details, please see the following page (Japanese). https://jbbs.shitaraba.net/bbs/read.cgi/game/48854/1520766679/542- If anyone come to our event but can’t speak Japanese, please find the guy named “Gokuu”, then I’ll help you.
  8. Update: We’ll officially start at 15:00 which will be 2 hours later than first announced.
  9. Hello everyone. If you travel to Japan and stay at Tokyo in Jul.13 2019, you’re very welcome to our DQ9 10th Anniversary Grotto Distributing Event. I’m a member of this event. In this event, you can simply receive maps by entering your DQ9’s Tag mode. We’ll have 30+ different consoles distributing different grottoes simultaneously. Our event is going to be started at 13:00 15:00 JST on “Slurry Quay” located in Izumi Bridge, Showa-Dori, Tokyo (nearby the JR Akihabara Station’s Showa-Dori exit, Akihabara Station of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (Exit No.5), Iwamotocho Station of Toei-Shinjuku Line). But if Jul 13 is rainy, we will NOT host the event on Slurry Quay, but move to JR Akihabara Station’s Showa-Dori exit. You can see the Circle for finding “Slurry Quay”, the Triangle for finding “Rainy Day’s Event Location” in the following picture. For details, you can see the promotion video made by our boss 勇気ある旅人さん (Japanese only)
  10. Sad to see that it doesn't improve graphic cards' FPS .....
  11. According to the article, Tag mode will be downgraded to a special-App-related mode. This may affect several systems including Grotto - what hardcore players collect & enjoy. But even if it doesn't change, the game program may have something different - the random seed used by Chest Timer may be changed and the wandering monster bug may be fixed. The Grotto features are seriously relying on these two things. If the Chest Timer changes, then Soma/Ethereal/Millionare maps are all not working. If the wandering monster bug gets fixed, then MKS LMS GS only maps are all becoming useless. I wish the remake can keep every feature the same .....
  12. I'm sorry I still postpone my US travel plan for an unlimited time ..... Last 3 years I went to Japan several times. I hosted DQ9 Grotto distribution 3 times in Tokyo & Yokohama and joined several Grotto distribution & multiplay events. The frequency of announcing a Grotto distribution event has been turned into once 1-2 months and tend to be alive only in Japan big cities. Multiplay events are almost being private and everybody gathered together for Grotto mining. In Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, all of us stopped DQ9 stuffs unless someone posted a request for anything. But non-DQ9 meeting continues.
  13. https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Performance_Analysis/Dragon_Quest_XI/4.html TechPowerUp already had the benchmark. For 2080 and 2080Ti they also put the benchmark results on each graphic card's detail page. Average: 2080: 62.5 / 2080Ti: 81.6 Reference: 1080Ti 55.2 ....... 55.2 for 1080Ti should be the FPS of Hot Spring outside the Hotto. If you bench Heliodor's fountain, it results 43 FPS on 1080Ti, which is 28% lower. Suppose that Heliodor's fountain is the entire game's the most glitching place, then only 2080Ti can perform a 81.6/1.28=63.75>60 FPS here.
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