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  1. Just saw Looper. Great film.

  2. Canada is gonna rock the Olympics!

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    2. Kaizzereich


      Yeah, they rocked the WINTER olympics. That is kind of their forte... Summer, not so much.

    3. megabob555


      I said they rocked the winters becuase dwaine said they dont rock anything. i know that summer isnt canada's strength

    4. Democrobot


      Canada isn't exactly crap in the summer olympics. We've held our own

  3. I really want to play through Dragon quest 4 or 6 again but i just can't find the time

  4. Just beat chapter 9 in kid icarus uprising and MAN what a awesome surprise at the end!

  5. Got my Nintendo power Kid icarus AR cards! wahoo!

  6. Cant wait to get posiden, thanatos, and medusa(battle) AR cards in the april issue of nintendo power!

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    2. Gooptek


      To Ruesen:

      Sorry, but no... that's cheating!

    3. NeohopeSTF


      Thanatos I think is the best out of those 3 to do you know which Thanatos it is?

    4. Gooptek


      Yes, Nintendo Video gave a me a hint. :P

  7. Gaol is a female? D:

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    2. Havoccultist


      Spoilers is spoilers, bro. :P

    3. megabob555


      Well if they dont have it yet, they deserve the spoiler. I mean come on! there's no reason why somebody shouldnt have the game

    4. Gooptek


      Oh yes there is... In Brazil, the games have to be approved before they get here. So, the more the game offers to play, the longer it takes to approve it... the only game that released on the same day as the rest of America was Mario Kart 7, wich I'm not very fond of the Mario Kart franchise to begin with. :/

  8. Add me on LOTRO. I am a Dwarf named Ildof

  9. Just pulled out my old recorder. Im satisfied that I can still play the AVGN theme song!

  10. Revisiting DQIX

    1. Quart20858


      great game, still stuck on trying to finish the last story quest and get Aquila

    2. Ruesen


      Remember to mind your manners when visiting!

  11. Dammit I want the Razor Blade laptop

  12. Playing Skyward Sword and Mariokart7

  13. playing super street fighter IV 3d edition.....

  14. epic profile movie/gif

  15. congratulations on your winning of the wheres woodus contest. you got perfect. you must really know your stuff.

  16. hey i just got my dq9 party on my sig. U think they look good?

  17. i see you like castlevania(your avatar). very nice.

  18. so is a high number of awards good or bad?

  19. what is the "previous fields: awards" section?(left side of screen) did you really win 4542 awards?

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