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  1. Ooooh, it's a snail. And belated Happy Birthday, yo.
  2. Thanks for the well-wishing, folks. It was a pretty nice day, yo.
  3. I've never played any of these games before nor know anything about them aside from looking kinda anime-y, but what the heck, I'll throw in my lot. Name: Celosia Gender: Female (option 2) Class: Yggdroid Color 1 Robots are my thing, so I'm going with the robot-y sounding one.
  4. It's been a while since I've given the game a good playthrough, but I do know there are metaly / metal slimes near the end of the gate that's in the well. Mind, that gate can be accessed a good while before reaching A rank so the experience you can get from the gates you got for beating B rank might be overall better. (a normal battle in the well will give you around 50 - 100 exp, while each metaly is worth a little over 1000, at least when you're using a full party)
  5. I'm no professional, neither, but I'm gonna agree with trying to rest up and seeking help if things get worse. Try to take things easy.
  6. Can't play the game, but I appreciate how they make the golems a bit more fitting to the world of FFXIV. I remember seeing images of DQX's FF event and it kinda let me down that they basically recycled models directly from the FF side instead of Toriyama-fying them. Guess that'd be more work, though, ehh...
  7. I had actually been meaning to comment on that some time, so THANK YOU for bringing it back up, yo
  8. While I can't recall too many quotes from VII right off the bat it seems ludicrous to say "no, it'll limit folks" when the game's script took up most of a bookshelf. It IS a bit of a monstrous game to play through in search of quotes, though. Still, the original translation and its... charms, I'll say, do provide a lot of material throughout, even near the start. EDIT: Well, I guess there's also the matter of folks who don't have the game and it being kinda rare and expensive last I heard, but aren't there text dumps and such to go through? Or would that be kinda cheaty?
  9. I hope you're able to get things sorted, yo. Good luck.
  10. I was a Platinum member LAST year, of course. Makes me sad and a little frustrated looking on my 3DS to see a den bloke playing the 'special' demo of Smash. Grumble...
  11. I guess the wizard enemies in the original and the ones in V are the same after all? I remember hearing something like that back when that book of monsters got released. (although... isn't vis mager in IV? I'm getting a bit confused now. Visual retconning, gah.) Still, nice to see the remaining original monsters getting newly localized names, even though I'm sure some folks will take issue I like what they did for the knights, ha. EDIT: D'oh, and thanks for putting that together, yo.
  12. Cool to get new fans of the series. Welcome to the den, yo.
  13. Two thumbs up to the winners and all the folks who got in on this, yo! The good thumbs up, by the way.
  14. I'm gonna throw my lot in for VI, but I'd hope for more than just the graphics being enhanced. Still rubs me the wrong way that IV and V got a bunch of new stuff across their remakes while VI is mostly what it had been. Mind, I guess that's not really in the spirit of the poll here VI does have some awesome monsters and areas that'd look great with an VIII-styled makeover.
  15. I always took the brown / yellow coloring to be sort of a bronze or copper hue. I think that stuff goes greenish after a while Don't know any official explanations, though.
  16. Welcome to the den, yo. Hope you get setup and start having fun soon. Game looks great from what I've seen, especially now with a lot of the new stuff they've been introducing. That malarkey about the IP block coming back sure does stink, though.
  17. Hope you had a great one, yo. And are maybe still having one. There's, like, 18 minutes left in the day where I am as of this typing. Oop, 17 now.
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