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  1. Does anybody know the exclusive equipment to the DQVC? I heard there were a couple things you could only get from there and I was wondering what it was. Thanks.
  2. bored... I think i am going to shoot my walls.

  3. I feel so strange to be among so many people who started with the first one. I did not start playing until a couple years ago when I got the remake of number four on the DS. I then imeidietly fell in love with the slime and since then I have played dragon warrior three on the GBA color, and dragon quest nine. I may be kind of a noob to the sieries but I am hoping to pick up a copy of five for the DS, and I am also hoping of playing six when they bring it to America next year because that is the rumor. I also will eventualy play seven since I have a PS1 but I hear that seven is fricken huge and is a $#!&@ to beat. Sounds like my type of game...
  4. Not wanting to get out of bed...

  5. So recently I picked up a copy of Dragon warrior three for the gameboy color and I played through it. I managed to beat Baramos and now I am in the dark world. I have never actualy played through this game so I am exited to see the ending. I am hoping they will one day make a remake of the first second, and third dragon warrior games on the DS as a remake.

  6. Hey I am new here so.... WAZ UP?

  7. I want to go kill some slimes...

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