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  1. The Trials book is available after Version 1 (I think you have to have done at least one gate trial boss in the story of v2, though), however the ones you haven't done will be locked. You can cheat it by partying with someone with all of them unlocked, and when they ferry you into the boss it unlocks it in the book for you even though you haven't done it in the story yet. If you bring a Superstar AI you can easily knock up the EXP gained from these to 700-800k total, depending on if you can do the harder ones like the Platinum King boss. This is because Superstars have a cooldown skill th
  2. I honestly don't remember, I know they reduced their verification steps a while ago but I've been using them for years. When they ask for Driver's License and stuff like that, you can black out everything that's not basically just your name. It's a verification step to ensure you're not scamming them with someone else's information. If they get chargeback-ed they completely lose out, so they try to mitigate it as much as possible.
  3. I usually just get it through SEAGM: https://www.seagm.com/japan-webmoney-prepaid-card
  4. Yeah that has almost no chance of happening. The fan base for DQ just doesn't exist in NA/EU in sufficient quantities to warrant an MMO release. We're lucky we even get any releases we get now.
  5. This should be in its own stickied thread, where we can flesh it out a little bit. Every JP MMO I've ever played (and there's a lot of them) have these kinds of etiquette expectations.
  6. Hopefully those Double Silver Devil fights won't be unnecessarily hard now. They can wipe you even if your entire party is playing correctly. Maybe the set AI won't be completely useless now.
  7. Holy bejesus that price. Can anyone say money sink? Thanks for all the 3.2 information, krw! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we really appreciate the effort you put into doing this every time.
  8. I think that's perfect, Erdrick. Thanks a lot for your help and effort in this!
  9. To be fair, I completely forgot about Metal King Coins, but that's because I've been stockpiling them since Fortune Teller was revealed so that I could quick level it to the cap. I have like 22-23 coins. Of course, I have less to complain about because of that, but it's still a very grindy game even with them. Plus it doesn't help that ever since Metal King Coins became alchemizable, the price for Metal Slime Coins (and now Liquid Metal Coins) have shot up through the roof and I'm not all that rich. When Fortune Teller gets released, if I level it to cap and still have coins left over I'm
  10. Not really. That's why I don't have many classes at 85 (and honestly why I don't play as much as I should/used to). It's just too boring after a while. There might be a new target that people set for mass grinding, but other than just grinding the same monster, whatever it is, over and over, I'm not sure that there's much else when it comes to leveling. Once in a while you can happen upon a good lab grinding team, but for the most part it's just that.
  11. As Bunk has mentioned, you just have to set the time on your system clock to JST. Don't ask me why that makes a difference, it just does.
  12. When you check up on a monster before fighting it (you can use the talk button and get a popup related to their strength compared to you) it should say, I believe, æ ¼ä¸‹ã¨è¡¨ç¤ºã•ã‚ŒãŸãƒ¢ãƒ³ã‚¹ã‚¿ãƒ¼ä»¥å¤–. If it doesn't then they're not strong enough.
  13. This doesn't really surprise me. V3's content has been lackluster at best, and that's being generous. It's not really worth the expansion price tag right now.
  14. Congrats on hitting 20mil you rich bastard.
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