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  1. Awesome can't wait until I can see the comparison
  2. I would be very interested in seeing the stats on your King Slime when its max level'd vs a standard king slime at max lvl
  3. I was just going to make a joke about now do it 4 more times and make a max king slime evolve to king cure slime lol I bet if you did that 5 times the resulting 4 star king cure slime would be a beast
  4. Awesome, thanks for posting the slimes for us to see, I haven't really played DQMSL in a couple weeks. Seeing the stat difference is nice.
  5. I really enjoyed the Den Vinci Contest I participated in a long time ago, that was fun... Maybe some other obscure puzzle or easter egg hunt type contest...?
  6. Seaslime #19 on the monster list... OK so now we know the 22 Slimes we need
  7. Would anyone be nice enough to happen to be able to provide a list of the Slimes and Beasts they know I am currently at 17 Slimes and 23 Beasts... The DQMSL monster list section only lists 21 Slimes... I want to try and get both of the top prizes for the collect monsters contest... Slimes I know I need a King Cureslime, Metal Slime Knight, Dark Slime Knight, and the S rank slime for getting friends to join... Not sure what the 22nd Slime is? I added 41 beasts from my book of beasts... I know there are more like Whole Hog, Hell Hog, Balzack?? Slimes Beasts
  8. Did all the ones I can, I'd love to buy gems to have all 12 but still can't find a way to do it on iOS
  9. Yes your new monster comes out at level 1 so you do have to max level it again, but it seems to inherit a percentage of the original monster stats
  10. Happened to me too, I play as guest also, my data was fine, even though my game decided to make me download stuff for a minutes too as if it were a patch or had to re-download...
  11. A monster is maxed when he has 4 Stars... You get one star each time you boost him with the same monster. For best stats level up both monsters. I prefer to wait until they are all maxed level, takes 5 of the same monster to max buddy boost Rank has no bearing on buddy boosting, still 4 stars max regardless of rank
  12. Ugg those numbers suck lol 100 medium runs to get one... or 20-33 Hard runs yikes!... In other news I made it to 14-2 so hopefully I can beat 14-5 by the deadline and make an 11/12 SS Rank since I can't buy gems on iOS
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