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  1. It's a combination of a shooter and an action rpg.You play as a female cyborg who can transform into a spaceship. Did you ever played it?
  2. EnergonBlade

    Forum Bugs

    That post above it's not written by me.Please delete it. Damn you,hacker!!!
  3. EnergonBlade

    Forum Bugs

    One issue I found recently is when I log out and then return after a while,it already logged in with my nick!! What's going on?
  4. Congratulations to your son,dude!! DQ2 indeed is hard and perhaps is the most hated by most players due to the features mentioned above;those Green Dragons in the cave to Rhone are a pain in the ass especially when they are in groups and the other monsters too are no joke,not to mention those outside the cave,they're the strongest in the game and even at max level they still give trouble!!!
  5. Unfortunately not for what I know but you can find a Strategy Guide at Emuparadise in PDF Format. It contains information on how to play also.
  6. The SNES and GBC versions of Dragon Quest I and II are remakes of the original with improved graphics and sound and were never released outside Japan (the SNES version only).I never played those releases,which is unfortunate for me but from what I read in the web,they are much more easier compared to the NES version in terms of Exp and Gold. Also,there are seeds that increase stats and a vault to store the money so you are safe from the loss of it in case you die in battle.
  7. Those gamescripts are very beautiful,I was searching for them for quite some time in the web,especially DW2 but couldn't find them. Thanks for posting them and please make DW 4,5 and 6 gamescripts also in the future if you can and if you have time.
  8. The Breath Of Fire series is one of my favorites in absolute!!!Story,characters and graphics are beautiful;I only played III and IV at the moment (I hope to play the previous two games someday). It's a classic but is still great in my opinion and Ryu and Nina are definitely my favorite characters.
  9. Hello!! And welcome to the Den ^__^
  10. My username simply comes from the main character of the "Emblem Of Roto" manga and "Prince" is just a title that fits perfectly with my avatar. Also,it's the name that I used in Dragon Warrior 1 ^___^
  11. For me,ZSNES is DEFINITELY the best emulator ever and the graphics,sound etc are very good.However,I noticed a problem playing the Dragon Quest I-II remake:during gameplay,the music suddenly stops and gradually lowers,but you can continue to play. Is it the rom or the emulator?
  12. I was wondering if in this series are those typical enemies that you cannot defeat even if you are at high levels;I mean the ones which you must necessarily lose the battle in order to proceed with the story. Are there any? P.S.:Glad to be here again
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