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  1. Maybe getting a Stella photo from another user through streetpass made her quests appear on my log. Anyway, I am worried since maybe this bug could prevent her from appearing later, meaning I'm screwed during the rest of this playthrough.
  2. But, is it normal that the photo quests show up in my quest log since entering in Neos after getting the ship? This is my second run on 3DS and the first time those quests were available during the postgame? This makes me think that there could be some kind of bug.
  3. I unlocked the desert spot. Right now I am at Arcadia after doing the Evil Jessica part and the quest with Cash and Carrie in Baccarat. So I will unlock Orkutsk and Empycchu soon. Today I tried several times and no trace of Stella. Each time I was around 15-20 minutes. I wonder if this quest was temporary or bugged.
  4. I unlocked Stella photo quests on my first visit in Neos, just after getting the ship. I tried to do the trick to make her appear (15 minutes just entering and leaving a town) but she won't show up. Do I have to wait until finishing the game or are there any additional or alternative special conditions to unlock her?
  5. I am trying for 3 hours or so and nothing.
  6. Do you need to beat all Dragovian trials for Stella to spawn? A simple YES or NO
  7. I reached the Haven on 29th September and I connected to the Download Bar and there were 6 Traveler's Tablets available. I checked the list and 3 of the tablets I downloaded were the ones that started to be available on the 30th. No trace of treasure Hunt, feral forest or tough nuts. I don't understand why I missed them since I connected before the deadline. I live in Europe, maybe the maps are different there? Thanks in advance.
  8. It will probably be Dragon Quest VII, but let's be cautious for now, since odds are the most likely version to come is the mobile one.
  9. Yes, I am from Europe (Spain). I totally forgot about the American releases when I wrote this, but I was perfectly aware of their existance. Subconsciosly I was thinking about the new dialect-based translation, which was done accordingly to the other Dragon Quest games released after VIII. It's a shame the mobile ports don't admit a proper gamepad control, since I was curious about the Erdrick trilogy ones at least. However, I had the chance to play DQIII a bit and I do not consider the best version around: no introduction video, there are no longer any monster animations in battle and the pachisi tracks were omitted. The updated music it's certainly something, but little more could be praised compared to the SNES version.
  10. I am planning to download the mobile versions of the Dragon Quest games, at least I, II and III, which were never released before in the West. I don't like touch control so I was wondering if it is possible to plug a wireless controller (or an adapter) and play the old-fashioned way somehow. Anyone could help me?
  11. That explains everything. The first hours of Bravely Default are just fine, but then it gets boring once you figure out that you are repeating the same over and over, which happens way before the notorious endless cycle begins. I agree, it has way much content than DQ I and II, but they are just fillers or uninteresting stuff whatsoever. I completed DQ I and II just a week ago and I consider them quite enjoyable if hard to get into. They are simplistic but demanding, thus compelling if you are willing for a challenge. BD has a fine battle system, which is just a rehash of the old Final Fantasy ones. It would be fairer to compare BD to FF III or V, which offer a similar turn-based job-oriented gameplay. Moreover, BD tries to be an old-school RPG, with all the mannerisms, but in the end it is lacking in some basic features so the result is quite dull. BTW, DQ IX story is fine as it is: straightforward but touching. Don't turn it pompously epic and thus bland and forgettable, please. P. S. It is a pleasure to discuss these topics, even if we do not agree.
  12. Did you play Bravely Default or you praise it based on reviews? I completed it, unlocking both endings in the process and I insist: it is mediocre: a triumph of style over substance. Art and OST are superb (main character designs are a bit bland though), but the gameplay is so streamlined that hurts. In Dragon Quest I and II you have to figure out where to go by talking to people and exploring, in BD you only have to follow the arrow, just in case you get lost. In the first two games in Loto/Erdrick's trilogy there is also a strong sense of adventure, absent in the title designed by Silicon Studio. The script in Bravely Default is pretentious and cliché. The heroes are dumb enough not to figure out the main villain's plot, so you are forced to repeat the very same things repeatedly once you reach some part of the story. It is plain $#!&. Not only that, but all the game you are taking the same course of actions over and over: that is, defeating some Eternia army high ranks to claim their asterisks and clearing the temples to awaken the crystals, all of this seasoned with neverending and uninteresting dialogues. So, to sum it up, I consider that whoever who enjoys real old-school RPGs such as the DQ series should find BD unappealing.
  13. Square-Enix executives must think that people in the West are dumb, so they give us all this Final Fantasy crap instead of good Dragon Quest games. I hoped that Bravely Default's (which, BTW, is a quite mediocre game that doesn't stand a chance against even Dragon Quest I and II) sales were going to help bringing more RPGs to western audiences. I see I was wrong. If we want to play more Dragon Quest entries in the future we should begin learning japanese.
  14. Dragon Quest III looks good enough on the SNES version. However, I think it should get an official western localization, which only would be posible if a remake is done. I longed for a worldwide release of the Wii recopilation of the three first titles of the series, which would be enough for me, but not luck whatsoever.
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