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  1. good to see ppl older than me still playing DQ :P

    its funny cuz DW3 came out a lil before i was born (oct 20 1988, and DW3 is my fav by far)

  2. Metal Masher and Heralded Hero looks so cool.
  3. add me as friend

    r u rly 45

  4. Who is Elgios? I've completed the game but never seen that name before. Anyway, cool pic.
  5. Cool. Still stay with the slime stuff though as I like them. (Maybe not the slime emperor or the grandpa slime). There should be Slionheart, Shogum, Man'O'War, Prime Slimes etc.
  6. I don't do 13 posts every 13 mins. I've done 10 in 20-25 mins though.
  7. Hello. I may seem nutters as many people hate the tunes but not me. Any song would do. It would be nice if you managed to find one of each. Free. I play the piano so sheet music for the piano which I can easily print off would be nice. Thanks. That is all songs, Erinn's inn song, Out in the field song, ect. You may find them a pain to listen to but I really like them. Ooh. Here's a book of songs from the game. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=NEOBK-589874#. Wish it was free though. If anyone owns it can you scan it and send it to me? Thanks.
  8. Indogutsu says king healer to me too. I just checked on a forum on Dragon Quest IX. Strange. And I thought it was king cureslime. Also, I recal seeing Indogutsu's rank saying something else before that. That is I think it was different before. Anyway, does anyone have all 16 ranks and the title Slime Master?
  9. Cool. Does anyone currently have all 16 ranks and have the title Slime Master?
  10. Thats what happened to me to a few days ago. Also when I post, sometimes it double posts which makes me worried incase people start saying that I am spamming. Thanks.

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