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  1. Couldn't you play as most of the characters and villains in DQMBRV? Too bad we didn't get that one
  2. Also, Alena seems to have forgotten her pants. Oh the trailer wasn't posted here
  3. This doesn't work that way, they're add operations but they're limited to 0-7. If you use 1E00 it becomes a subtract operation. 1205CE70 000030xx 1205CE8A 000030xx xx can be a number from 00-FF (0-255).
  4. if you're in LA by now let me know, I'll hook you up
  5. King Zenith links to roms sometimes, and nothing's happened to him so far so I guess it's allowed.
  6. The game has been out longer in Japan, they didn't get revocation medal week until 2 years after the game came out.
  7. Those are the ultra special black and brown orbs.
  8. Those are regular items, not important items.
  9. I remember getting up super early on a Saturday to watch this. Hopefully they finish it someday.
  10. The Japanese DQVC is selling chronocrystals this week. And wedding items. So who knows...
  11. 0.) Cannock Helm 1.) Kiryl's Kamilavka 2.) Templar's Tresses 3.) Cannock Cloak 4.) Kiryl's Clothes 5.) Templar's Togs 6.) Cannock Gloves 7.) Angelo's Gloves 8.) Cannock Trousers 9.) Kiryl's Trousers 10.) Templar's Trousers 11.) Cannock Boots 12.) Kiryl's Boots 13.) Templar Boots 14.) Mystifying Mixture 15.) Malicite 16.) Sage's Elixir 17.) Yggdrasil Leaf 18.) Saint's Ashes 19.) Astral Plume 20.) Lucida Shard 21.) Enchanted Stone 22.) Reset Stone 23.) Perfect Panacea The Japanese version has shield festival, including Rusty shield and brain drainer.
  12. That isn't true, our lists aren't exactly what the Japanese ones had a year ago.
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