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  1. I like pkj you can ko them with thunder thrust, pressure pointer, hatchet man, assassins stab. also if you have the demon spear, some times it says: the demon spear hits the Platinum KIng jewel in the soft spot and it dies instantly
  2. thanx ill do that next time just testing if it actually works thanx anyways
  3. how do you expand? i cant find the button sorry
  4. im not. Im showing that the gem slime is cooler
  5. now which slime in the coolnessometre also known as the superspecialslimeojewelometer looks cooler? Gem Slime eh? Then vote for it! Youve seen what happens if you disobey the gleaming glistening golden grand great gold gem slime's rule...
  6. first up... slime - she-slime - metal slime - metal medley - liquid metal slime- slionheart - shogum - Prime Slime - Gem Slime - Platinum K J -
  7. Welcome to the coolnessometre! We measure the coolness of all slimes.
  8. I still like gem slimes no matter what. Im not listening to your platinum king jewel liking. *BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH* *IM NOT LISTENING* *BLAH BLAH* you are disobeing the gleaming glistening golden grand great gold gem slime you are forced to be locked back at the gortress *BANG* LATER Lethal Armour: YOU HAVE DISOBEYED THE GLEAMING GLISTENING GOLDEN GRAND GREAT GOLD GEM SLIME. I HAVE COME TO TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE ENDING YOUR LIFE TOMORROW AT THE GALLOWS. You : *Sob, cry*
  9. why is there nothing in any of the forums?
  10. but its the cool rich golden colour i like
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