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  1. May he rest in peace, and bless Nintendo at all times.
  2. Sorry guys...I really haven't got any touch of DQ, other than this cute game where you get to raise your own pet slime on the Japanese Square Enix site. You can push me for some DQ art for some ideas if you wish. And some two few other artworks which is not related to the game I have been playing. So here is how the story goes: Recently, I have been playing this really awesome app version of Konami's arcade game called Monster Retsuden Oreca Battle. (Japan only.). It is a kids game, but because of the deep background of each monster/character, gorgeous music (Hell, Konami's music is just win.), and commands which are chosen by random (You cannot choose the command.), I see it as an atypical kids game, meaning it isn't so kiddish. Yes. It is comfortable enough for adults to even play which is why I can play it with ease. When I played it, and found out it was a kids game, I was like "what? This is a kids game? No way...". I can put up some game footages if you like, so please reply if you are curious. The reason I played it was because there is a moe-fied version of Dracula and Alucard from Castlevania. Yes. You can have Alucard and Dracula as your own pets to a certain degree. So, here I go with the fanart I have made specially related to this game: This is White Knight Cuchulainn. He is the evolved form of one of my starter cards on the app version. This is Michae, the false form of Archangel Michael. This is the Illusionary Gunslinger Dartan. The one on the left is his dark form, while the right is his normal form. In case you are curious about music, here are some of my favorites floating on the net. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfHKQG6qqn4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0_kggc-gWc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCGSc939uAs And for some non related works for this post: I drew this drawing of Yue during my summer vacation. Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my most favorite animes of all time. And truly a non typical shoujo manga, and perhaps the brightest gem among this demographic. And, Alois Trancy from Black Butler. I finally got around to finish watching it. I wish I finished watching it earlier.
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  4. Thank you! I used to have that drawing of Flan, but I didn't like it so its discarded <.< I colored a pic of Reimu and Flan. You can take a peek at it on my pixiv account. And drawing them? I wish, but I just feel like I should leave it for now cuz there is so much fanart of Touhou already...I will draw some other time.
  5. What I am watching now is damn ancient (Its 30 years old! ), which is Armored Trooper VOTOMS. I think some of you may have guessed that on my recent post of my art dump. And, on my watch list for upcoming shows, I am getting ready to see Diabolik Lovers.Hot vampires. Yeehaw.
  6. I bet everyone forgot about me! But if you do, go see my newest posts please! :)

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      Not me. Regarding the forgetting, that is.

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      how's days aoi?

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      Cor blimey! 'Guv! 'Ee's alive!

  7. Sorry guys, no DQ works again this time. Been playing or watching way too many new stuff. Ooook, so here is the exhibition... These are characters from a new popular otome game series known as Amnesia. The two here are my personal favorites, Ikki and Ukyo. And yeah, I botched Ukyo's arm there These two are characters from another popular otome game known as Meiji Tokyo Renka. The awesome thing about this game is, it is awesome quality, and FREE to play. All the characters are based on famous historical figures of Japan (Like Lafcadio Hearn if any of you heard of him. He is probably the most famous among the figures they based on.) The one painting is Shunsou Hishida, a Meiji era painter who is famous for this very famous painting of a black cat. Go google it. The painting is lovely, yet somewhat cute, cuz it is a cat! The one with Sakuras is Goro Fujita, or better off known as Saito Hajime, one of the samurais from the Shinsengumi. Goro Fujita is the alias of Saito Hajime. Rumors say that this samurai was known to fight with his left hand. Shuu Sakamaki from another popular otome game, known as Diabolik Lovers. He is that real lazy vampire who does nothing but sleep and listen to music. He is so lazy that to the point that he even sleeps inside the water in the bathtub that the main chara would have to drag him out of the bathtub! XD And finally, for those who love the 1980s anime! Ypsilon from the famous Armored Trooper VOTOMS (Famous in Japan tho.). It all started when I saw him in a dream and got a urge to watch this famous thing. Just started watching, so I drew this. I realized this is the first time I ever drew mecha. I tried. Sooo how was the collection this time? Critique or comment welcome!
  8. Hey guys...I know it is a long time since I have been on this forum, I bet many of you have forgotten me lol. Anyways *clears thought* for me, summer vacation is coming next month on the 11th. So I was wondering what is everyone planning. For me, as I am going to be a senior soon (Shoot. I am gonna graduate soon.), I am going to spend half of the summer back in Japan with dear family, and other half with an artist to make my portfolio. I am planning to go to Canada for college. So whats up with everyone for the summer? Anyways, I also upped some newer works to the art section of this forum. Don't forget to see that if you like! EDIT: Upped! http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=26677
  9. Right now, these are the music stuck in my brain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_WANdSNQWc& Ryuseika: Jikuen (Sung by Saori Hayami) Yep, even after one and half years, I still have this stuck in my head. And the new music stuck in my mind: Reflection from Mulan, I like the one sung by Lea Salonga. The lyrics are so powerful, especially at the part "Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me? Why is my reflection someone I don't know?". I realize that probably many people, whether a man or a woman don't feel like who they are seeing in their mirror is themselves, whether it is because not at their full expectations, or to realize they cannot follow the family's wishes, etc.. I do too sometimes; I just feel like I am not at my full. I love singing this song too. If I can, I wanna try recording it, both in English and Japanese.
  10. This time I am doing something completely different. Animals! Featuring, my birds and cat! I will take pictures of my dog next time. My lil cat Sasha. She is a real beast on my bed. My two lovely budgies Patchouli (Purple) and Chrome (Blue+White). I am currently conducting an experiment to see how dolls around 60 cm would look with my pets. So today, I have tried with my two budgies. Results are that they appear to look like the size of macaws lol. I still like it tho. Anyways, these pictures are on sale as prints on deviantART. Wanna buy one? Go right ahead! Portions of the profits will be sent to charity I care for. Go to my deviantART shop here. Buy stuff if you like. -> http://xaoibarax.deviantart.com/prints/
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    Aoibara's various Pics. From dolls, anime figures, etc.
  12. Apparently I had some internet failures and it double posted! Woodus, can you kindly remove the copy for me? Thanks!
  13. Title says it. Happy valentines day. But I didn't get any chocolate. Other than that, you can have my Valentines day card:
  14. No party. F**k the SATs!
  15. Just a joke on the movie title haha.
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