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  1. Those are the best kind of shows! Haha As a bonus I happen to be friends with the female lead
  2. Did my first stream on Twitch today as a test. It was fun
  3. Magical Sempai! It's pretty funny and cute with slightly lewd undertones.
  4. Once the game comes out I think we should all exchange our fruits and get some orchards growing right away
  5. I hope this birthday post cuts it
  6. I hope this birthday post cuts it
  7. Nah. If anything, Haru Okumura would have
  8. I got a kitten. Named her Melony
  9. Between the holidays, renovations, preparing for March, and compiling stuff for the business I have been busy. Anyone here have experience with building kitchens? Not sure how much that would cost. A lot of stuff to go through.
  10. In March I will be attending Canada's largest Pokemon tournament. I'm excited
  11. I bought a capture card. It should be here next week
  12. Anyone have experience with software used in restaurants? Looking to hear about experiences.
  13. False. Pokemon will not be patched into the game. Pokemon that are not featured in SwSh will be placed into the future games with no compatibility to trade them to games they are not present in.
  14. So pre-downloads for the game have rolled out. This doesn't mean the datamine will happen. So for those who may have been excited for that, sorry. It's confirmed that it isn't just gen 1 Pokemon that can Gigantamax.
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