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  1. I managed to get all prepped for the upcoming Pokemon tournament. Hoping it goes well this time around. Ex and I have been reconnecting. We both admit to making mistakes last time.
  2. Next week I get my new router. I should be able to stream more without my net dropping. I'm excited
  3. I've been getting professional coaching from Paul Ruiz (Pokemon VGC world champ). There's an upcoming online tournament I'm hoping to qualify for so I'm training to do better than last time. No tilting for me
  4. Happy birthday! I know you said you still lurk here from time to time
  5. You haven't met my mom then She is always angry
  6. I've been practically bedridden the last few days but I'm back. Still sick but able to move more
  7. I probably could figure it out but honestly I'm not confident in my skills enough to try. I'm a performer more than I am a tech wizard
  8. Gonna be for streaming and content creation. So I guess both I have parts in mind based on the recommendation of a friend. I'll see if the local PC hardware shop has them in stock and if so I might pay a little extra to have them assemble it. Hard to say right now. I also got my tax return so now I'm up close to $700
  9. I'm working towards saving for a computer. I have about $200 set aside already
  10. I finished Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun. Good anime. I'm excited for season 2
  11. Starting watching Welcome to Demon School! So far it's pretty good
  12. Got denied disability so I've been collecting records and letters and filling out forms for weeks. I feel sick from the stress to the point my normal body functions are messed up.
  13. Tesla is the one who made it. As for why, I do not know. But if enough people want it I can make a new one
  14. I'll say this. The game is rather rich with all the different places you explore but the pacing and how they spread out the content is what hurts the game the most.
  15. I think Tesla deleted the Den's Discord. Would anyone want me to make a new one?

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    2. Democrobot


      I guess this one would be more tailored towards the Den specifically

    3. Glaceon Mage

      Glaceon Mage

      I was wondering if I had accidentally left it or something.  I suppose it being deleted would explain where it disappeared to.

    4. Democrobot


      Yeah when I saw it gone I figured he had deleted it. If enough people want it back I'll structure a new one

  16. What's this, I'm playing a mobile game? Why not seize this opportunity and add me at ALWSQV8234
  17. The new Paper Mario looks pretty neat. I like the circular battlefield. Wonder how exactly it'll work. Story also seems a bit darker.
  18. I decided to give DQotS a try. The fact I can play without holding my phone is nice
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