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  1. For some reason the Den is laggy for me but everything else seems fine. How odd

    1. Woodus


      Depends on how hard the database is getting hit. To upgrade will cost me 3x what I am paying now and I am unsure if it is worth the cost at this time.

    2. Woodus


      Is it all of the Den or just the forums?

    3. Yross


      I Have also been lagging pretty hard for the past month or so, only on the forum though. Take ~10sec to load a thread / profile. Maybe it is because I'm European ?

  2. Looks like the site is back up

  3. Pulled another Debora from the Nera banner

  4. The Tact event has been trolling me. I pulled Debora and Bianca from the Nera banner

  5. I can get Debora in Tact soooo guess who started playing Tact now

  6. Party RPG. Think Candyland but you can beat up the other players and take their stuff
  7. I'm working on a game https://twitter.com/arsbinia https://www.facebook.com/arsbinia
  8. I think they're with my mom so they may be lost forever because she's a crazy psycho who would more than happily burn my possessions
  9. Players Cup 3 Qualifiers - Day 1 https://twitch.tv/thepinkiepat

  10. That sounds pretty cool. I only have one pack which I won on the Den years back. As for content related stuff, I made 6 new thumbnails and a twitch banner. One video is being processed for upload right now on my YouTube.
  11. Pokemon during the tournament seasons. In between I do other games. Been powering through Shantae lately. Beat both Pirate's Curse and 1/2 Genie Hero this week. Over the next couple of days or so I'll do the DLC then move on to 7 Sirens. I have Shantae and Risky's Revenge for the switch coming in a large order at some point. Still in production via Limited Run games. I'm also taking the VODs and uploading them to my YouTube. Other games in queue are finishing Mario 64 (all stars) then moving to Sunshine and Galaxy. I have a converter for HDMi so I can connect my GameCube to stream all those classics. I would say mostly Nintendo games will be streamed but I can use my PS4 to do some Dragon Quest as well. If I really wanted to I could also do N64 games but that controller irritates me a bit so I would need an alternative, My YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter are all in my signature so it should be easy to find them. Eventually I'll make up a fan Discord once I grow larger. Twitch is basically split into 3 things. A normal streamer is someone they don't really care about. You can't really do much beyond the basics. Once you hit affiliate you get access to things like subs, custom emotes, super tiny revenue. Partnership is basically affiliate but bigger and better. More revenue, more perks, etc. Larger channels like partners will show up more often in recommendations and searches because that's how they make their money. On another note, I had mentioned entering the last large Pokemon tournament for 2020. I made top 16 out of 147 entrants. My team has been posted around various social media circles. I gained quite a few new followers from that
  12. I live. The food poisoning didn't finish me off I got approved for disability so I got a huge increase in income I got $1000 in Best Buy gift cards so I used that plus my back pay to get a gaming PC and dual monitors. Spent the last couple days setting it up, downloading software, etc. My first big stream will be on the 26th. Will do a test stream before hand. I've been redoing my image a bit. Still sticking with the pink wooloo but I'm changing things a bit. 2021 I hope to make a bigger push with my stuff. Goal is to make partnership before 2022
  13. Dual monitor computer is swanky. I like it

  14. I accidentally poisoned myself a bit. Gg. At least I don't have to go out
  15. Been feeling not too hot lately but I won my appeal so I'm medically recognized as disabled.
  16. Welcome back! Been doing more videos and streaming. Really making that push this week.
  17. I have two more tournaments coming up. Definitely expanding and making a name for myself
  18. Played Steve in Smash. Was cool but not my style. Got another tournament this weekend. Battle of Legends IC for Pokemon Sword/Shield. Should be fun. watch my stream please Been sick the last few days but getting better. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I entered Salt Mines MSS for Pokemon Sword/Shield. Made 4th place provincially. Was cool.
  19. Going live in about 15 to compete in a provincial wide Pokemon tournament (apparently sponsored by Red Bull)


  20. Still not used to this new layout but I'm digging the background

  21. How'd you do? Currently 1577 globally. Won't know my NA results for a few days yet. I need top 256 though so it might be close
  22. Tonight is the start of the Pokemon Player's Cup 2 qualifiers. Check out my Twitch to watch live starting at 6MDT
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