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  1. In March I will be attending Canada's largest Pokemon tournament. I'm excited
  2. I bought a capture card. It should be here next week
  3. Anyone have experience with software used in restaurants? Looking to hear about experiences.
  4. I'm early for next year's day of birth!
  5. False. Pokemon will not be patched into the game. Pokemon that are not featured in SwSh will be placed into the future games with no compatibility to trade them to games they are not present in.
  6. So pre-downloads for the game have rolled out. This doesn't mean the datamine will happen. So for those who may have been excited for that, sorry. It's confirmed that it isn't just gen 1 Pokemon that can Gigantamax.
  7. Happy birthday! This is normal for once, I need a new schtick
  8. It's snowing here. Tomorrow I bake banana bread
  9. Our economy just took a huge hit. 20,000 jobs lost because of budget cuts. Students also got hit hard with tuition raises, budget cuts of 10-12%, and student loan interest going up.
  10. I doubt we would see Saber. Bianca summons Purrcy (alt name for Saber) so I just don't see it happening. Not to mention Great Sabercats are a token as well. As for recruiting monsters as full party members, as cool as I think that would be I don't think it is a particularly feasible option.
  11. I'm still waiting for Debora to show up. We have the other two wives. Now give us the best. I also wouldn't mind some more representation for VI. Maybe just one or two more at max but something at least. Lizzie would be a good choice honestly. They already kinda explored the concept of using monsters in battle so why not take it a step further? One thing I really want them to do is a couch co-op multiplayer. I want to be able to play with my friends without having to use multiple consoles. This should be the norm between all versions.
  12. 6 year-old Plattym4 spent time today explaining specifically what I was doing wrong with certain items in Smash. Don't hit the fake ball or you'll go boom boom
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