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  1. Congratulations! Hope it all goes well for you.
  2. My brother plays these sometimes. The employees reset the machines often so you need to make sure you have a fair amount of plays on hand so you can safely get your prize. He won me a Golem this way.
  3. Started lyrica yesterday. It's pretty strong but it feels effective already. I have hope with this one. That looks fantastic!
  4. Looks nice. How well is it staying? Very well. Even after re-applying the front to line it up better
  5. Been alternating between a few different games lately Mario Odyssey Dragon Quest Builders 2 Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Smash Ultimate Bayonetta 2
  6. That's pretty cool! Also pretty remote. Sounds like a nice place to visit. I'm quite intrigued by the offer. I'm definitely tempted.
  7. Via email from a Nairobian princess in exile? Actually my friend is a pilot for Transavia and has a residence there that is almost always empty.
  8. Bring the maximum disrespect to all the haters. We should get #HoesMad to trend
  9. That still wouldn't be enough. They say he has too many moves, too much range, hits too hard/fast, etc. Smash players only want final destination, no items, Fox only on Melee
  10. Considering this would mean removing his down special and eliminating critical hits all together, I would say not going to happen
  11. I got an offer to move to Mallorca
  12. They say he's too RNG. Apparently one guy landed nothing but critical hits and got 0% instant kills with Whack/Thwack. Theoretically the same odds can be applied to Peach and G&W for their RNG (technically Daisy too but her turnips are a nerfed version of Peach's). If we want to be real though, no player worth their salt would risk the Whack/Thwack at that low of a percentage when you can use pretty much any other spell/ability for an easy 30% or do some quick combos for damage. And the actual odds of anyone being that lucky with crits is such a poor argument because it has to apply to all RNG based moves in the game. They banned Hero because they can't git gud. It wasn't. Essentially given how small the community for Smash is there they decided they just don't like him. He isn't popular enough to sit with them.
  13. Marry: Jade Thwack: Aurora Puff-puff: Fleurette Marry: Erik Thwack: Kiefer Puff puff: Angelo
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