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  1. I made top cut at a Pokemon tournament today! Making my way to London slowly
  2. Had an eye exam yesterday. My left eye needs nearly twice as strong of a prescription now. I've been going to Discord servers I'm in and streaming Dragon Quest: Your Story. The Spanish community seems to enjoy it.
  3. The direct got me even more hyped for the game. A lot of good stuff coming
  4. Yesterday was a pain but I managed to get my latest YouTube video up.
  5. Been doing esport stuff lately. I keep missing top cut by a merge smidge
  6. I'm hoping the campaign in my signature goes well. Replacing my switch means a lot more than just playing games for fun

  7. I'll definitely be watching the direct. I'm curious to know what kind of things can be unlocked
  8. My sister living with me has made for a long week
  9. My sister is staying with me for a while. This makes things interesting.
  10. I have new respect for streamers. I knew it wasn't easy but it is actually pretty exhausting when you start doing 3-4 hours every day

    1. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      I can imagine. It's like giving a presentation AND focusing on a video game simultaneously. That's why I figure that the Game Grumps, for example, deliberately break all their gameplay into ten minute chunks (also I think the grumps just don't stream, possibly ever). Makes it more manageable to do that.

    2. Democrobot


      I still prefer going live myself though. Makes my reactions feel more genuine and less scripted

  11. I'm going to try and stretch things out so I can afford the switch. I need a replacement anyway since mine is kinda dying.
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