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  1. These photos are beautiful. 10/10 IGN
  2. I've been so burned out on games but I wanna do the third act of DQXI

  3. Applied to a Costco job and I have a guy on the inside so here's to hoping. I think I'm going to get a property management license
  4. Saw Detective Pikachu. Good movie.
  5. Well that job isn't happening so yeah. Time for plan H or I
  6. Applying to a car wash job. Hope I get it. Would be nice to get back to work again and the job would pay enough to let me fund my games enough to get a demo for review. Saw the trailers for Persona 5 The Royal and Persona 5 Scramble. I'll be getting both of them. No surgery date yet so I gotta wait on that. My liver should be fine so that's something off my list of worries.
  7. Health has been poorly as of late but trying to get better. May have liver problems now so that's always fun....
  8. I'm alive. Brother has moved out, dad moved back in for a while, and I started new medication that is really strong. Had a baby tooth removed a few days back so I've been kinda out of it for... almost 3 weeks. Oh yeah and I have high liver enzymes. In other life news after speaking with some people in the gaming industry... it probably won't work out due to financial reasons so I need another backup plan for the meantime.
  9. Finally got my next appointment with my coach booked for the 18th.
  10. I'm wishing you an early happy birthday for 2020
  11. I've been dealing with a massive headache for a couple days. Pretty sure it's from a lack of good sleep
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