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  1. 6 year-old Plattym4 spent time today explaining specifically what I was doing wrong with certain items in Smash. Don't hit the fake ball or you'll go boom boom
  2. I went to a Smash tourney yesterday. Tilted pretty bad but at least I know where I need improvements
  3. We recently got a lot of stuff about SwSh through previews and such. It's all compiled in the spoilers
  4. I've been slacking in this topic as of late. Will probably up my game more when I pick up my copy of Shield next month
  5. My surgeon said my face is healed. Another step done!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving y'all. Had the dinner yesterday. It was a hecc of a day. Used the leftovers to make turkey stew
  7. Been working on my to-do list. It's not looking pretty. Just a lot to get done as I slowly chip away at it.
  8. Jack of Alltrades but Master of Nu'un
  9. 4 manuscripts done for children's books. I'm hoping to get at least 10 done. Then I'll get each one illustrated, edited, and published (either self, through a publisher, or both). Each one will be for sale and I'll do a bundle too. Audio book is in the air.

    1. Slimeknight


      Good luck.  I write too but I haven’t done a children’s book.

  10. Working on some children's books. I gotta say the art in the books currently on the market are dull and drab. Hoping mine turn out better.
  11. Good question! So, how it works is that you do age. However, due to being preserved in stone your body will not show any signs of physical aging. You end up physically aging more than Debora your bride; the reason is that between the time you regain your normal state and when you reunite with her there are ~2 years that pass.
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