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  1. A great video that a friend of mine made after his visit in Dragon Quest Museum this summer.
  2. To unlock Hero Class which Intermediate Classes would you recommend?
  3. I reached to the point where I am about to choose classes for my party. So...which advance classes would you recommend for each character? Champion for main character and Summoner for Maribel? Should I choose Champion for Ruff as well or should I go for Monster Vocations? And what about the later characters?
  4. Someone should definitely become a Priest right off the bat; spells like Zing and Fullheal will soon be very important. I'm pretty sure the fastest way to unlock the "ultimate" vocation is to master Priest/Mage/Warrior/Martial Artist, and then Paladin/Gladiator/Armamentalist. By ultimate vocations you mean Summoner/Druid (I don't know which one is the official english name) for Maribel and Champion for the main character? As I can see, I can unlock Hero Class after the normal ending of the game, right? As about Ruff, should I go for Champion Class as well? Or should I go for Monster Vo
  5. I finally reached to the point where I can choose classes for my party. So...which classes would you recommend for each character?
  6. I like Maribel. She is quite enjoyable, interesting and funny.
  7. 6,22 Euro are too much for a FF/DQ rip-off on Android. Better play old jrpgs on emulators on Android.
  8. Which are your favourite rpg for Android? Personally the only rpgs I like for Android (yeah, I'm a very picky gamer sometimes) are these ones: - Pixel Dungeon, an addictive dungeon crawling rpg which charms you with its simple and straight-forward gameplay that is ideal for playing on the go and its difficulty which is hard yet challenging, ideal for both newcomers and hardcore rpg fans. The controls are perfect, the graphics and soundtrack are likeable, it's 2,2 MB only and the best part? It's totally free, without any advertisments or requirement for playing online. Without doubt one of the
  9. Vetus

    Grandia 3

    Unfortunately there is so much hate for this game only because the story and the characters are not as memorable and beloved as in Grandia 1 (sorry Grandia 2 fans but its story and characters weren't that great). At least they do their work fine and they are faithful to the series and the same goes for the soundtrack. Graphics, atmosphere and gameplay is where the game really shines and is so much superior than the previous games. And the graphics are from the best ones I have seen for PS2 and the gameplay is so much improved, fresher and it's harder than the previous Grandia games (difficulty
  10. Since turn-based rpg can be easily enjoyed on smartphones it's a nice idea to port the main DQ series till the 8th one. Of course in Japan only. Maybe if we are lucky enough we will see the new Dragon Quest Monsters. Yeah, I know that SquareEnix don't give a damn about Dragon Quest at the western market unless they give it a chance with the thought that the smartphone market is bigger than the portable Nintendo consoles market where the Dragon Quest series is mainly focused. That and because of the fact that the retro-style rpg sell like hot cakes at smartphones even if they are crappy 8-bit s
  11. And I had high hopes for the 3DS remake of DQVII. But after reading this article I started to have my fears about the future of Dragon Quest francise in the western market, expecially since we haven't seen games like Slime Morimori Dragon Quest outside Japan (probably because they were disappointed with the sales of Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime) and there are no official announcements for games like Dragon Quest X (which was highly hyped at the western media) and Dragon Quest VII. Still I was always trying to be more optimistic. Not anymore. I thought that the sales of DQIX, DQVI and
  12. If you have read the description at AniDB.net it's a movie.
  13. http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=2095# Dragon Quest: Crest of Roto finally got an english fan translation few days ago. You will find it easily at well-known anime torrent sites.
  14. This is how DQ3 would be if it was multiplayer with microphone: Btw, has anyone seen a japanese gameplay video with a player fighting the final boss of an old DQ on Snes (DQIII I guess) with just a slime?
  15. OMG! Is she really turns into a giantess at the game?
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