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  1. Hello Sakura. I hope we don't end up throwing knives at eachother. :D

  2. I was never a part of Slime Knights. Was it really that good?
  3. GO NEGIMA Lol, Negi pwned Setsuna. And no offence to those who hate bunny girls since right now, Negi is in a bunny costume as well!
  4. Because to Korea, Starcraft is a national pasttime... RACIST To us Koreans.
  5. ooh! another Korean!

  6. hey, in Lily's RP, should I wait for her to approve my SU or just go ahead and start posting? cuz I didn't see anyone else's sign-ups.

  7. oops i accidentally un-friended you. XD

  8. it is. some people are just that stupid.

  9. Sounds like a huge waste of time... XD

  10. try imagining this.

    a character from maplestory, no stat raised, ever, playing at level 30+. hardcore gaming.

  11. They must not have time to do much else these "Hard-core" players (I can't see hard core players playing MS, as opposed to W.o.W.) O.o

  12. more hard-core players joined.

  13. Why would they make it harder? That's just dumb

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