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  1. Granted, but you now work 24 hours a day, for 1 cent per day. I wish I had every Duoforce, Triforce, Quadforce, and Pentaforce.
  2. Granted, burt your head exploads because of the sam esong playing over and over. I wish for for wish I
  3. Hello Sakura. I hope we don't end up throwing knives at eachother. :D

  4. granted. I'll give you a manga list later. I wish for Mahou Sensei Negima: Mou Hitotsu No Sekai to come out on youtube with english subs. I mean, look at the epicness! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwhJs2Ux69A
  5. Granted. But you feel too good. You think jumping off a cliff would be fun. i wish that Eva didn't get so hyper in Negima abridged 6.
  6. Granted. Now you are so aware, you read everyone in the world's mind at once. Your head explodes. I wish I had an elemental gerald.
  7. granted. now you are more tired. I wish for jrhbt545refdvcuekj4rmt5gf
  8. granted, but they disappear after one second. I wish for kghdhuenjth
  9. I was never a part of Slime Knights. Was it really that good?
  10. Granted. You now sleep forever, never waking up until the Final Judgement.
  11. granted, you go back to the big bang and you die. I wish for rof hsiw I
  12. GO NEGIMA Lol, Negi pwned Setsuna. And no offence to those who hate bunny girls since right now, Negi is in a bunny costume as well!
  13. Because to Korea, Starcraft is a national pasttime... RACIST To us Koreans.
  14. granted, but then everything you see breaks whenever you look at it. I wish DQFFF and Princess Lily would get on and post in Lily's RP
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