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  1. Currently playing Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. I....*tears up*....It's so beautiful.
  2. Whenever I'm not playing GS: The Lost Age, I'm now getting addicted to Bejeweled Twist on my DS. Also doing random Item World crawling on Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.
  3. Currently closing into the halfway point of Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Currently in that arctic tower trying to get the Burst Brooch. With that in hand, I'll be able to go for the three parts of the Trident of Ankohl. I seem to be having a much easier time this time around. Possibly because I've been getting such good stuff from the blacksmith.
  4. Working on my game!

  5. Groovytasticular.

    Any suggestions?

  6. I accept your help in making custom sprites for my game. ^^

  7. Well around here (Puerto Rico) its a derregatory slang term used by rockers, geeks, etc. when referring to a person (mostly a teenager) who is obsessed and/or addicted to regueton music. [Regueton is of course the puerto rican version of rap, not to be confused with reggea music] Some are know to be a tad bit obnoxious and ignorant. Though I kinda doubt it would be that. Huh, really? Well, learned something new today, I suppose.
  8. Probably should also add "Kako" to the list. I tried inputting that, and it didn't work. Wonder why...
  9. is playing Dragon Quest 9.

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