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  1. So how would one get all of Morrie's stuff, ragazzo?
  2. Sweet, got another Victorious Armor!
  3. Meena's Bracelets and a Hallowed Helm for me today. Very nice indeed.
  4. Oh, this DQVC will be fun if I can get another Victorious Armor and Brain Drainer. : > Also, this week's quest will give you Zoma's Map. You'll need a moderately high rank Volcano grotto to finish it, though. Also, I got Nera's Bracelets. Sweet. : >
  5. I can definitely see this week's sale is giving me a prime opportunity to make a bunch of Agates. I'm actually gonna see if I can make 9 Agates at once. ...Which requires 18 Somas, 18 Ethereal Stones, and 9 Chronocrystals. I actually mainly need the 450k to buy said crystals. *picks up Bad Axe* Now where were those Gem Slimes at...? >: 3
  6. Hey, cool. More chances for Erinn's Hankerchief! Yeah, long as you have a grotto map with Elusid, eight turns is more than enough. And the prize for this quest is more than welcome. COR BLIMEY! Yangus! ^__^
  7. Well...poop, no Dragovian Claws or Meteorang for me. But, I scored a second Critical Fan, so it's all good for me. Now to patiently await to see what Friday gives us. I know we're getting another special guest, so I'm wondering who it is this time... While I wait...I must farm Orbs!
  8. Not been having much luck these past two days on the DQVC. If I can at least get the Dragovian Claws, I'd be happy enough. At least I've been getting a decent surplus of Enchanted Stones and Astral Plumes, so it's not a total loss.
  9. I'm kinda balanced between Ethereal Stones and Sainted Somas...though I seem to usually have a lacking of Ice Crystals, which are needed to make Enchanted Stones (which in turn, is needed to make Ethereal Stones).
  10. Critical Fan get! Awesome! Now all I need is the claws and boomerang.
  11. Not much for me today. Already got a Bad Axe yesterday, and I got a Groundbreaker from an S-rank chest long ago. Oh, well, 4 Astral Plumes for Alchemy isn't too shabby either.~
  12. I wouldn't worry about it since the reward is a metal slime sword and you probably got it last week on DQVC. Or rather, I've gotten Metal Slime Swords out of chests in grottos, so yeah. But, I like to complete all the quests, so there's that too.
  13. Got a Bad Axe and a spare Heavy Hatchet! Thank you DQVC! ...And dang...I've yet to have a grotto with Prime Slime...this could be a problem. : (
  14. SCORE! I got a Poker! That means I got all 6 S-rank weapons from the list this week. *awesome face*
  15. Scored me a Deft Dagger. Just need a Poker and I got all the top-ranked items for the week. : 3
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