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  1. DQ limiting :\ hmmmm I guess I could dig up the Trials of Loto character and modify it a bit.
  2. oh comeon sub par? It's just not overdone like the nerd boy/6 girls animes. characters are a little more real.
  3. Oh comeon matt this is like straight off of sword art online watch like 2 episodes and you'll see.
  4. Ah, how I missed this storyline... I think we should like PDF it
  5. I'll necrobump this and join forces and me and Matt did so greatly at one point.
  6. Honestly I'm just gonna emulate all mine, Matt. Less issues at that point. Otherwise I am going to go and find original copies if I can, but I don't think I'd do mobile.
  7. Lol Ryu was his RP name. That was an RP quote from a massive RP
  8. But I was talking to Mattcraft. Said the site was still going strong. I remembered my login info and am back here to participate.
  9. I wanna play! I have been waiting foreva!
  10. sorry for posting in the actual forum couldnt resist
  11. That bro love thing is such a signature quote. *pokes Funny Quotes in sig*
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