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  1. I sent them information on one of their support pages, and it seems like a few other have as well. I don't know if that will be enough to get their attention, but one can hope
  2. Well, has anyone else who is at end game tried taking a 4-person party that includes Maribel, into past Vale, and seeing if it boots her from the party once you arrive? Also, I remember something that could be relevant. Right after the scene where the final dungeon rises up from the ground, I recall the story entry saying something about needing to find the roamers in the present day. But that entry seems to be gone, and even though I've been as far as face-to-face with the final boss himself, my latest story entry just says that I met with the king of Estard and Maribel went home because
  3. With the exception of DQ8 where a few seeds should be saved for recipe completion, I always just dump all the seeds into the hero.
  4. I don't see an option to copy files. Eh, it's not the end of the world. Annoying, yes. But it only took me 60 hours to unlock the final dungeon. So I'll be able to do it faster the second time, since I won't stumble around trying to figure out what to do to progress, and I'll be better prepared for boss fights that cost me time from dying to them multiple runs (like the pig and tiger duo in the Alltrades Abbey arc). Plus, now that I know what classes I like everyone in, I'll be able to have them in those classes earlier in the story.
  5. Just tried a DLC tablet, and I'm still stuck with three people. Looks like I'm going to have to start working on a do-over file, and hope a patch is miraculously released over the next few days
  6. Nope, no changes after watching the cutscene. Someone on GameFAQs suggested I visit the Yggdrasil dew shop in present Grondal, as that technically disbands your party, but that didn't work either.
  7. Something I discovered, there was a custscene in past Vale that I hadn't yet watched. It was just random fluff (a winged boy offers to carry the wingless girl - I forget her name) that gets put there after you beat the area's monster of the week problem, Cumulus Hex I think it was. I never saw it back when I was doing that episode, because the scene happens on the side of the Vale with the items shops and path to the sanctum, while the last story scene for that episode takes place on the other side - the side with the mayor's house, inn, church, and most notably the path back to the portal hom
  8. Well, I was hoping that beating the game would cause cutscenes where my party is disbanded and then they stick 3 randomly from the 4 back with me, but with only a 3-person party the game crashes whenever you reach a specific point in the final dungeon
  9. I feel like, in theory, this issue should be pretty easy to patch out. Just have each of the party members stand somewhere different in Maribel's room, and if you have less than 4 people in your party, they will just add to your party instead of still forcing you to swap someone out.
  10. Yeah, I was planning on trying to report it, so this helps a lot, thanks! I posted links in that topic, but for anyone here curious to see: http://m.imgur.com/22CFQcj http://m.imgur.com/xfwO5JN
  11. I don't know if this is noteworthy, but you know how when you drop off a party member or a party member leaves you, they place all their non-equipment items in your bag? Well, it seems that when Maribel was forcefully ejected from my team, she didn't put her items in my bag (in this case, just a bunch of "free spell" staffs - magma, divine wrath, etc), and when I swapped out one of my remaining three characters for her, she still had them all on her.
  12. Probably because it's really specific. I don't even know why it ejected Maribel from my party when I went to Vale in the past. Especially since I tried taking her back there in my new 3-person party, and she didn't get ejected again. Perhaps someone can try taking Maribel in a 4-person party to the Vale in the past, and see if it kicks her out?
  13. So it looks like this glitch is actually game-breaking. When I tried to go fight the final boss, to see if that would fix things, the game crashes when I get to the cutscene after you use an amulet in order to reach the final areas of the dungeon. So I can't even beat the game now :/ I really hope there is a fix for this. I've already sunk 73 or so hours into this game, and would hate having to start over
  14. So after reaching the final boss, I decided to revisit all the locations in the past, to collect any mini medals I missed. However, when I got to Aeolus Vale past, I noticed that only Ruff and Mervyn were with me - Meribel had somehow been booted from my party. I didn't notice this till after I saved there. I didn't think much of it at first, assumed I could just go back to Pilchard and pick her up. But she forces me to swap someone out, even though there are only 3 people in my party. She is also stacked on top o Aishe, and I don't seem to be able to talk to Aishe anymore. And I've tried swap
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