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  1. Sorry about that, my ID is RL943-841
  2. Heyo! I found out a few days ago that Dragon Quest X is free up to level 50, so I jumped at the chance to make a new account. My main character is a female Ogre martial artist with the name ゼリア. I can't read any Japanese, so sorry in advance for the barrage of questions I'm bound to ask.
  3. I'm curious as to how you were able to set the game to 60 FPS with smooth Dragon Warrior-like walking speed. Whenever I try something similar, my game's menu freaks out and partying looks awful (all party members are stacked on top of each other.) I really want to move away from the default movement for Byond.
  4. What time is kid's time anyway?
  5. Thanks a bunch for bumping the Wedi stuff!
  6. I recently started playing Dragon Quest X with a few people from a game I host and I've got a question about the Wedi intro questline. I already have the glass bottle and I've seen the cutscene at that beach memorial. My question is: what do I do next? I'm already level 10 and I've poked around most of the areas I can survive/sneak past monsters.
  7. Glad to see some life from the Dragon Warrior byond scene again. This game'll put everything I'm doing with Shadows of Erdrick to shame. Looking good man, definitely going to play this once it goes live.
  8. I bought Dragon Warrior 7 last year and beat it fairly recently. I'm tempted to buy the remake, however.
  9. Man, I really want to try out DQX.

    1. mdb510


      Me too! I wish it had been a world-wide release so no one has a level advantage ;)

    2. Saigan


      It is soooooo good!

  10. Uh, okay? Just dropping names off the top of my head, dude.
  11. You could always use LackyCCG in place of making a standalone game. It's not as user friendly as, say, Duel Network is for Yu-Gi-Oh!, but it gets the job done. Regardless, great job scanning these card images, and can't wait to play some Dragon Quest CCG.
  12. What happened that turned you off to SoE? Shad's trolling?
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