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  1. Wrapped up Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2, and Twilight Princess HD on Wii U. I really like the Bayonetta games, though the plot to the games are pretty stupid, but I do enjoy the game play part. Imagine Devil May Cry on cocaine, then you have Bayonetta.
  2. Ah, Bloodsport. Those 80s movies and their montages, great stuff. "You break my record, I break you...like I break your friend." For new movies, I've watched Star Wars and Deadpool lately. I bought them on Blu-ray a while ago. I think I was the last to realize that Unkar Plutt (the one quarter portion guy) from The Force Awakens is Simon Pegg. Blew my mind. I rediscovered The Monster Squad recently. I must thank the Nostalgia Critic for helping me remember. I saw that movie long ago as a kid, but I forgot its name over time. I ended up buying the Blu-ray and the movie poster.
  3. I can't drive so I'm gonna walk all over you.

  4. Here's some of mine. I tried to make some of them fun instead of incredibly hard. There's a few hard ones, though. * = might be a bit hard Mario's Final Battle* D075-0000-01CB-AC66 Mario's Turbo Tunnel* (inspired by that horrendously difficult Battletoads level) 4F8E-0000-0123-6CB3 Jump in the Fire 8B1C-0000-0121-582B Fight Fire with Fire* 8DF8-0000-011D-ED9D WE ARE NINTENDO - YOU CANNOT BEAT US (inspired by that insane Australian Nintendo commercial from the 80s. WE CHALLENGE ALL PLAYERS. YOU CANNOT BEAT US.) 8A8C-0000-011D-1E80 Where Did You Learn to Fly?
  5. Playing a new round of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. I think it qualifies as an RPG? I don't know. Well anyway, I'm seeing how far I can go without dying. I just barely made it out of Death Mountain by the skin of my teeth, now I'm on my way to the third temple south of the King's tomb.
  6. Been thinking about another round of Dragon Quest VIII but I hear it's on 3DS now, huh.

  7. Currently playing Smash Bros. for Wii U. Finally, I'm able to play as Bayonetta. I don't know why she's DLC. I guess they had to make room for nobodies like The Villager and the Wii Fit Trainer (*seriously?*).
  8. Been thinking about playing a new game of FFIX. Maybe I should try it on my mobile device next time. You know, just to change things up a bit.
  9. It's been about two and a half months since I decided to stop eating/drinking junk and alcohol. I know what kinds of proper foods I should eat, too, so I've been sticking with that. I couldn't tell at first, but I have lost weight in such a short time. One way of telling is being able to fit into old shirts that were getting too tight on me before (since I don't have a scale). This is just me without including exercise. Imagine how further I can go when I do. No beer is easy...but sometimes I can hear the calling of Pepsi or Coke and it can get hard to resist.
  10. I got blocked by the Soy Bomb on Twitter lol

    1. NecroBanana


      You know someone has reached their limit when they block you on social media.

    2. Faust


      It was my first tweet to the shirtless guy who - back in '98 - ran onstage during Bob Dylan's performance just to dance with "SOY BOMB" on his chest.

  11. Xenoblade Chronicles X It's supposed to be a game, I think, but so far I've been spending more time sitting there and watching cut scenes. Take a few steps over there, cut scene, and repeat.
  12. When playing Ninja Gaiden, get that blue spin attack icon and save it for the boss. Bosses usually fall in one hit with that weapon. Right now I just finished playing the first round of Legend of Zelda. I may go to Master Quest, but I think I'll play Adventure of Link next. And earlier today I finished Mega Man X. That hadoken made the Sigma fight easier.
  13. Perhaps my all-time favourite RPG battle (of any type, random, boss, big boss, etc..) has to be Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy III SNES. There are four tiers to the track, and in each tier you progress to, the music changes. So when you reach the very top, the music that you hear from the beginning of the game title screen plays, letting you know it's on and that music was obviously planned ahead of time for that moment. I love exclusive boss themes, such as Magus' theme from Chrono Trigger. Once again, the game lets you know the battle is going to be a serious one. There's a feelin
  14. *South Park ski instructor voice* If you get a fever and mild food poisoning, you're gonna have a bad time!

  15. Currently playing this Xenoblade Chronicles X game for Wii U that I picked up on Friday. I'm still learning how to play it. Since it's a modern RPG, there's inevitable flashy bells and whistles that you have to learn, that's what's sandbagging me right now. I'm starting to get the hang of it, so it's not bad so far. I'm only an hour in so far and the plot and characters are loaded with anime tropes. Amnesia hero, little underage cutesy girl, masculine comic relief pilot, mercenary girl who probably has a past that will be explained soon, corrupt leader guy, etc.. I'm not a fan of a
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