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  1. Looks interesting, Ryu. Sign me up.
  2. Sorry guys. I had writing problems these last few days. Eventually I scrapped my old post before starting an entirely new one tonight. The old one wasn't particularly large, and neither was this one (okay, it looks a little longer than I thought after posting it), but I really had trouble getting the old one up to an acceptable level, which kind of drained my momentum. I ended this post before the guards' explanations to give a chance for everyone to make it to the war room. Again, sorry for the delay.
  3. "Waiting for you all, Your Graceless." he responded to Brangwen. The mercenary had been leaning up against the wall, arms crossed impatiently. "Of course, if you would rather go back for seconds, I'm sure the war will wait for you." he motioned back towards the breakfast hall patronizingly. The time it took to throw out that insult was all the time he was willing to waste at the moment. He pushed himself off the wall and began to make his way towards the war room, not even getting halfway there before a voice echoed out in the hallway. "GOOD HEAVENS!" Wolfgang bolted, the ever-present tensi
  4. Would anyone mind too much if I took an extra day with the post? I have it in a rough draft, but I wanna' take some more time to get it above par before I post it.
  5. Just keeping everyone updated. I'll be making a post late tonight or early tomorrow morning to get things started on a situation that'll give the team actual things to do and react to.
  6. I would've had it up sooner, but I was having trouble getting my head into it until today. I had a post since yesterday, but I wasn't too happy with it and wanted a second opinion so I could improve it. In any case, sorry for the delay, folks.
  7. Today was a busy day. People coming and going, guards bustling about the castle, preparations being made. Too much going on to keep track of everyone, even the guards. It was poor military discipline, he thought. If you didn't know where all the moving parts were at all times, then you wouldn't know when something that didn't belong found its way in... All it took was a uniform, a salute here and there... if you looked like you belonged, many people would assume that you did. Their mistake. He moved past the guards, easy; past the officers, also easy; he even passed by the King of Midenha
  8. The mercenary weaved through the morning hustle and bustle, seemingly unaware of the frustrated messenger trying to track him through the crowd. The errand boy elbowed his way through the townspeople, attempting to get Wolfgang's attention, but his calls got him no response. He was sure he had the right man and redoubled his efforts... even though he looked a little too gruff to be a noble knight of Cannock. Just as the royal messenger seemed within a stone's throw of his target, though, "Sir" Wolfgang vanished. His line of sight had only been broken briefly, but that was all it took for
  9. This is the old OOC thread you've posted in... Unless you're really considering the first thread a separate RP? I can understand starting a new thread, but I didn't think it was a straight-up new RP.
  10. Would this be it? It's in this thread: http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16935 There were Youtube videos where the themes were in the profile, but since the thread was locked I couldn't quote the post to get them.
  11. Yeah, he's permanent, and his loyalty will grow stronger. He probably won't be terribly friendly at first, but he won't be overly hostile or particularly irritable over small things. He's a person and everything, he's just a person in a violent profession who doesn't stick around one group of people long enough to really care. Still, there will definitely be some friction! But yeah, no worries. I wouldn't introduce him just to have him not grow at all. Otherwise it would be like, "Yeah, this character was part of the story, he came and went, but what was the point?"
  12. The party has been a little lacking in dedicated damage dealers, no? Especially so now that Mindjask is gone. We really only have one legit front line fighter now. Well, no longer! A new party member will be joining soon who will fill that gap.
  13. Aw just let them on the balcony. Enough of this "elite chosen heroes" baloney.
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