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  1. Yo! Tis okay, people. 


    No hard feelings, okay? Just, uh, please don't send me creepy personal pictures! That's all I really ask please. If you wanna talk you can speak however you want. English is my first language and my understanding of Spanish and Japanese is only basic. 


    Great, now I gotta save up gold to get the le awesome gloves. Uuuuurgh, I swear Sellma is not human. She is her own race.  :cry2:

  2. Yeah, I remember reading on the Den a while back that the Captain's Jacket is a DQVC only thing. Or maybe it's a quest thing. So many bonus quests.


    I bought it in my first DQ9 copy, but I want it in my second copy :whoa:


    Sellma can be a real B sometimes.

  3. Guess who finally remembered her olde password!



    Before I make my glorious comeback, I must clear the air of old rivalries and hatreds.
    I apologize to Mr. Woodus and his glorious site. I over-reacted a long time ago and left the site because I felt threatened.
    I am sorry Mr. Dwaine. I do love DQshrine. But your icon and your face scares me. You're like my father if he fused with Hitler. No offense to Germans. I actually am 40% German, 20% Native American, and 40% of my mother's side.
    I am deeply sorry, Geoni aka Mokomoko and Yangus's biggest fan. I insulted your lifestyle when in fact you're a hard working average person. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
    I apologize to my friend Deb aka BurgerPrincess. I made her a profile on DQ-HQ, but when she would not help me I took over the BurgerPrincess profile. In reality Deb lives in California and is a Jewish drama queen. She hates Akira Toriyama's artwork. On behalf of my younger, Cali friend, "Shut the hell up, Deborah."
    I am sorry 1337bleachfan and supercybertv but I cannot keep paying for DQ-HQ. I have yet to find a job in the real world, and I cannot support that site forever as it keeps growing. I would need financial support to keep the site afloat.
    And to the rest of you....
    Kiss my feet.

    Marm as a Martial Artist

    And since this is on the DQ IX area I have a quick questions.....
    Is it possible to make that snazzy cool pirate captain's coat in the alchemy pot? I got the guide book but I can never find the exact recipe!



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  4. Yo, tis JessicaAlbert13 back on the Den to tell you dwellers that DQ-HQ has a new address! No longer is DQ-HQ's address that weird annoying superywebtv/websblahblah. Now the site has a proper name! It's no longer a bastard child, it finally has a name it can be proud of!


    The new address is www.dragonquesthq.com


    Dragon Quest HQ. So simple and easy to remember, eh? Much easier to read off than the old address. I can't begin to tell you how much shame that old address use to bring me. I'd walk into Gamestops and guys would ask, "Oh, Emma, I hear you run a fan site. What's the address?" and I couldn't even copy it down because the address was so construed!


    Now the old address still works for some wonky reason, but stop using it. From now on use the new domain name. If you have the old one saved to favorites, delete it and add the new, improved domain.


    Hopefully the site will see more activity, and it will have more storage space for videos and photos. Yup, this could be the new dawn of DQ-HQ!




    Of course, this could all backfire and completely blow up in my face and leave the website into tiny charred bits, but heck, I've pulled the site out of worse. As long as people use the new domain name everything should be fine. At least I humbly beg it to be so.

  5. My favorite team has to have an armamentalist. It's the first class you can unlock that uses bows. The ranger class can use bows, but Windy, the long-winded armamentalist, can teach you how to harnass the FOURCE. Odval is found at Lonely Heights, and I do unlock the ranger class because of their Vanish ability. Being invisible makes metal slime hunting easier. :shifty:  


    I will admit my attraction to the armamentalist class is their snazzy outfits. That fencing frock is just so cute I left it on my hero for the entirety of the game! And their spell list does have its uses, with sap and oomph, and they can dazzle a group of monsters. And there's always THE FOURCE (they should have named Windy Luke... or just called him Luke Windy).


    Thieves would be next on my perfect team. Why bother buying weapons or equipment or anything if my thief can just steal what I need? Then just mix all the ingredients in the Alchemy Pot! Thieves have high agility too. And heck, early in the game their Heal spell is useful. And they know accelerate. They can equip claws too, one of my favorite weapons.


    After armamentalist and thief I'd have to say sage. I think just about EVERYONE who played DQ IX upgraded their mage into a sage. Just grind enough and you're sage will be fit enough for the final battle.


    Armamentalist, thief, sage, then lastly luminary. You cannot unlock luminary until the end of the game, I know, but they are still an epic class. Disco Stew! :overjoyed2: It's like summoning a harem of back-up dancers.


    But when I first played the game and wasn't able to obtain the luminary class I kept a priest, just for those extra healing goodness. 


    But now my favorite team is armamentalist, thief, sage, and luminary.

  6. Hmmmm, for me I'd say it was Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. But only my first playthrough. I was 12 at the time and RPGs were new to me, so I was constantly getting lost. I wasted four hours just trying to find Red's Cabin after Medea got horse-napped. Then when I got a ship for the first time I spent hours just exploring everything until I finally found the plot again. XD The total time it took me to beat DQ VIII for the first time was about 90 hours.  


    Nowadays it only takes me about forty tops. Dragon Quest IV and DQ V only took me about 45 hours the first time. But man oh man, Dragon Quest VI took me 72 hours! 72 hours! That's longer than Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 took me added together!  


    Longest - Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

    Second longest - Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation


    Currently I'm at 190 hours on my first copy of DQ IX but the main story took me about 50 hours so it still loses to DQ VI.  The other 140 hours spent in DQ IX was trying to find the correct grotto with that cat boss so I could finally have Aquila in my party.


    As for other game serires... they usually end up disappointing me. Dragon Age Origins is only about forty hours, and DA 2 even less. Fable's a great game but once again its strike zone is the forty hour range (although Fable does offer post-game quests).

  7. Send some post cards to me! I'll send a few off myself and ask my friend in Cali too. But just ship them to my address which I'll send to ya on Facebook.


    Hopefully these postcards will get Nintendo's attention. It's better to try something then sit on our hands and stare at our DQ-less 3DS games.

  8. Well, actually it's a Japanese Drama BASED on Dragon Quest, not a manga or anime, but where else could I post the topic?


    Ahem, anyways, thanks to my buddy laziarteest I now know where you can watch Yuusha Yoshiko for free! The Brave Yoshiko and Great Satan's Castle can be watched with English subs on gooddrama.net. The drama's protagonist Yoshiko dresses as the hero of DQ V, and throughout the series you'll see familar monsters, spells, and hear that good old DQ soundtrack. The drama doesn't follow any Dragon Quest game. The story takes place in a completely new world with its own characters and storyline. It's not actually a "Dragon Quest Drama" per se, but it's still a hilarious, heartwarming tale. Check it out. For the slimes at least.



  9. I remember seeing the manga re-printed, but I don't think they've ever re-vamped the anime series. On mitamaking2 youtube channel there are some subbed episode of the Dai anime. I could see the manga possibly released in English, but it would be a long shot for the anime. Better to appeal to fan directed subs if you wanna watch Dai no Daibouken.


    Still a worthy cause, I'll sign too. I'd looove to own every volume of the Dai manga! I'm a huge Pop fan!

  10. Maybe she just got an insight out of fate or somethin'?? But everyone can see that coming though. *gets Kafrizzled by nera Fans for being careless* xP ). b


    Nera did study at Heaven's Above Abbey for six years. She must have the closest connection to the Goddess out of all three brides (Debora actually admits to not believing in the Goddess at one point).


    Anyways I made this video after posting this topic :thumbsup:

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  11. I married Nera in my latest play of Dragon Quest V. She's really a lovable character once you start talking to her! So cute and childish at times, yet wise and insightful during serious moments. Also I love how she calls the hero "darling." :wuvwuv: I am so sorry Bianca! But the bride choices in DQ V all have their strengths and character moe points! It's mental anguish when you must choose one!


    (my only complaint about marrying Nera is that neither Bianca or Debora marry ten years later. I thought perhaps Crispin and Debora would marry but no. Bianca should marry that carpenter in Stockenbarrel! Maybe Debora and that bartender who calls her 'delicious Debora?')


    Anyways while in Fortuna on my honeymoon with my bambina bride I spoke to the bartender at the casino, the man who bets 1,000 G that the legendary hero will show up. I talked to Nera next and I swear I laughed so hard and long at her response my DSi lost its battery charge!


    Nera to her husband: "Do you think the legendary hero will just suddenly pop up out of nowhere? Or do you think he'll be born as someone's child and then realise his destiny one day?"


    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


    Nera! We have a rule against no spoilers!

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  12. Hello, I'm JessicaAlbert13 if you didn't already know. I'm a huge fan of Dragon Quest! I've completed every game, cept Dragon Warrior VII (grah, 82 hours in and still on disc 1). My website is DQ-HQ and I have a tumblr, both links are on my signature. I have a youtube by the same name. In fact if you find a JessicaAlbert13 that's not me I would be shocked!


    I would love to see more Dragon Quest in English, and not just Dragon Quest games. At home I have a HUGE manga collection. I'm a book nerd! I love Berserk, Sailor Moon (they're re-releasing it), Black Cat, FullMetal Alchemist, +Anima, The Legend of Zelda manga (by Akira Himekawa), Slayers (actually the light novels), .Hack (manga and light novels), The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (light novels), Dragon Ball, Sand Land (by Akira Toriyama), Cique Du Freak (by Takahiro Arai), Lucky Star, Ruroni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho... and the list goes on! I also have a collection of manga straight from Japan! I have 14 volumes of the Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden manga. Odd how I have the manga and the game yet I still haven't managed to beat DQ VII! :kiss:


    My Dragon Quest VII manga is in Japanese of course. I bought it at an Anime Convention. I've tried translating bits and pieces but my Japanese is...um.... lacking. I'm improving a bit! I can read hiragana and katakana! And I know Japanese grammar rules. I just don't have all the words memorized. (I'm bad at trying to learn languages on my own!)


    But this post isn't for Dragon Quest VII... you see thanks to ChaotikZ I have downloaded Dragon Quest manga on my computer! I have some 4Koma manga and Dragon Quest VI! Problem there... the Dragon Quest VI manga is missing some vital pages. Same with some of the 4Koma, but 4Koma manga is gag manga and doesn't need a fluid storyline. Each strip is a 4 panel comic. You can see examples here: http://superybertv.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=112426682


    However, there was one manga download that had every page included! The Dragon Quest V Heaven Manga, the manga that tells the story of Sora and Ten, the hero and Bianca's children, as they search for their parents. The manga is ten volumes total and every book has every page inlcuded!


    So let me get to the point of this topic.....


    I would like to translate the Heaven Manga and some 4Koma manga! I could try it by myself but I would feel comfortable if anyone here on the Den would be willing to help me! My understanding of Japanese is kindergarten at best. I would like someone confident in Japanese to help me out! And I'd like to know how to go about posting manga on the Den here or DQ-HQ.


    You see, my dream is to post the DQ V Heaven Manga and more 4Koma strips. With more Dragon Quest manga floating around the internet, perhaps fans will regain their vigor for the series! And attract new fans!


    The only fully translated Dragon Quest manga is the Dai manga by project Square Ocean. DQ has so much more to offer! I'd like to see more Dragon Quest manga available online!


    If you're willing to lend me a hand or advice email me at: jessicaalbert1992(at)yahoo(dot)com or send me a message on the Den or DQ-HQ!

  13. If we got Joker 2 I'm sure we'll get Terry's Wonderland and Rocket Slime 3DS! I just have a good gut feeling about it!


    Reinvigorating the fan base... posting fanart, fanfiction, business cards. All sounds like serious business! I'm here to do whatever is needed to spread Dragon Quest adoration abound! I could start working on some fanfics. Pick up my old Marcello fic and start the DQ II one that's been bouncing around my skull.


    If only DQ-HQ were more popular. The only people on there are Den's people. If Den dwellers could pass DQ-HQ around I'd love to welcome new members. ACTUAL members and fans of DQ. Not spam-money grubbers like the few I had to kick off. I don't have enough money financially to make DQ-HQ as functional as the Den. But DQ-HQ is always full of fanart, my reviews, and interesting forum posts. Not to mention videos! I might eventually build up enough points to buy a true web-name. That would be GLORIOUS! (stupid supercryber had to come up with the WORST web address).


    My JessicaAlbert13 and Dragon Quest tumblr has gotten more popular of late. I never imagined I'd get 33 followers so fast! I post DQ artwork, news, reviews, and my own blogs there. Hopefully my tumblr will create more interest in DQ and DQ-HQ.


    As for writing a letter to Nintendo, I'd love to contribute. Not to toot my own horn, but I can be quite the persuasive sweetpie writer.


    We need to gather the Dragon Quest fans of America, Europe, Mexico, and other countries! Not all fans are old men like you, ya know! I'm twenty! And I've met some younger fans, elementary kids interested in the Monsters series. We need a gathering point, a campfire we can all gather around and plan our startegy!

  14. I'm a moderator for the petition and everything but Mr. Steve is the one who originally set it up. I can't stop it if I wanted to. I just sorta got added on as a cheerleader. The number of Facebook Likes the petition gets is higher than the amount of actual signatures. Ya know FB people. They see something in the corner and click the Like button Sigh. I'm not a fan of facebook these days...


    I seriously doubt the petition will get any more than 200 signature by the end of the year. It's less like we're marching to Nintendo demanding more DQ and more like we're tapping Nintendo gently on the shoulder and suggesting that maybe they could release some more DQ games, pretty please with syrup on top? Perhaps we'll get the 3DS games. We got Rocket Slime on the DS already and the 3DS is lacking in some good RPGs and games. Terry's Wonderland and Rocket Slime 3DS would be an excellent choice on Nintendo's part to ship it over here.


    Hm, the point of the petition is to bring more Dragon Quest fans together. Unite in our shared love of the game. Create an army of Questers. I'm sick of going to Anime Conventions and seeing twenty fanboys dressed up like Cloud and Leon. Uck. Could someone please just throw me a Jessica cosplayer or Yangus?


    Peronally I'd rather focus on trying to translate the Heaven Manga. And finding more DQ manga. And getting them into ENGLISH.

  15. Reading Derpametric and Megalosaro's posts made me sad.... Actually I was hoping if we got enough notice and Nintendo saw all us fans together they might think "OH! Dragon Quest will make us money over here!" Then start releasing DQ X, Terry's Wonderland, and Rocket Slime 3DS across other countries. Those are the games the fans want! That's what the petition is about!


    But I don't think there will be such a big ruckus as "Occupy Nintento." That sounds like bad news. We'd all have to get plane tickets and tents and someone will have to bring snacks... I think a petition with about 150 signatures could do the trick. 500 signatures would be better...


    But onto the subject of DQ anime and manga. Sadly we'll never see Dai manga or DQ 4Koma hit American stores. We'll have to rely on dubbers and translators.


    Hm, I don't know about dubbing DQ anime... But I could gather a team to try and translate the Dragon Quest V Heaven Manga! I have every page of that series on my lappy and computer! We can release it here and on DQ-HQ! Maybe even mangafox! Perhaps I should start another post in the manga section and see if I can gather support?


    If Mr. Dwaine and ya'll shoot it down I'll give up, but if there's a small chance I can find some talented Japanese-speakers willing to help me out. I can only translate into romaji and you can't just type in romaji and get a pure translation. I'm still studying Japanese grammar. (Noun, verb, object in English. In Japanese it's noun, object, verb and the past tense and negative of verbs! MASHITA! MASEN! MASEN DESHITA! WA! WO!)


    (and don't even get me started on my pronunciation :kiss: )


    The "We Demand More Dragon Quest in the USA" has... 21 signatures. Hey, yesterday there were only 17! Maybe in about two months time we'll get up to 100! Though I'd prefer 500....



  16. Why is no one drooling over me?!


    Sorry Jess, are you of legal age? Local to my area? Single? Then we can get to talking and if you play your cards right, drooling ;)

    Why is no one drooling over me?!

    Because you freaking look like my crazy ex, that's why.



    Born May 1, 1992. So yes, I am in season. :overjoyed2: And welcome the drooling.


    My home is Dallas, Texas. I go to San Jose, California, about once a year and spend time there. Mostly I live in Dallas or the middle of the Texan Hill Country. Random nameless country towns, ya know, off the map places. Got family and friends all across the state. I sometimes hole up in random Gamestops when they allow me inside. If you're ever in Dallas shoot me an email, fellows. :blush2:


    AS FOR YOU MISTER DEMOCROBOT I AM NOT CRAZY! :possessed: All my ex-boyfriends were useless Final Fantasy nerds and chester-molesters! I've never dated a fellow DQ fan. I would treat a fellow DQ fan like a prince!


    And the last I saw of my former boyfriend Justin his hand was hanging out of the trunk of my car!

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