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  1. Is this The Lost a Child game dungeon crawler? I own it but I think I decided to sell my copy because it looked sorta mediocre. I remember a couple months ago hearing the English dub and trying to figure out if I could recognize a particular voice. I never did find the answer but one of the first places I looked was the credits on YouTube, and I could swear that the song they used was O Come All Ye Faithful.
  2. We’re not in that fandom so this isn’t a conversation we normally have so now we’re having it.
  3. I would say another reason Persona is more popular and mainstream than SMT is how much more relatable and down to Earth they are. I could be off-base on this since I’ve only ever played a bit of SMT IV, but when I look at that series, I see post-apocalypses full of ruined cities and demons. Persona still has fantastical settings for the RPG combat and repackaged the demons as “Shadows” and “Personas,” but it balances out this portion of the gameplay with an everyday life system where you talk to people you encounter, develop bonds, and go to the beach or restaurants or a summer festival or wha
  4. Just started Blue Dragon. It got a lot of flak for being a bog standard and traditional JRPG, but that’s exactly what I want to play. Not everything needs to reinvent the wheel. I will say, the protagonist is pretty annoying.
  5. I second this. We gushed about it in the Slime Time side quest on our favorite games of 2020.
  6. I just polished off Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, so I guess I’ll add to the discussion by recommending the Mario & Luigi series. Even though I’ve only played the one game haha. There are a few ways to play it. There’s the original GBA game, which is available on the Wii U Virtual Console (where I finished it), and there’s also the 3DS remake that I’ve heard mixed things about but still looks pretty fun.
  7. I must have gotten Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga either the year or the year after it came out, and yet I was too unfamiliar with non-Pokémon JRPGs at the time to really grasp all the mechanics. I had a series of stops and starts, and I even got all the way to the final boss, but try as I might, I just couldn’t beat it. I remember a few years ago I tried once again with all the knowledge of JRPGs I’d accumulated over the years to help guide me through. However, my GBA was starting to become unreliable and would routinely not read a cartridge, turn off unprompted, or the sound would cut out
  8. Today I’m taking care of the cat while my parents are out of town. When I woke up this morning at home, I had an old update for The Last of Us: Part II downloading in the background. Some of it was downloaded the other day, but today I had 2.5 GBs left, which took about 3 hours. I went to my parents’ house and brought along my XBone to download some games and updates to take advantage of their wifi. About 450 MBs in two minutes for some small updates to backwards comparable games and 4 GBs in less than 20 minutes for State of Decay 2.
  9. Mobile gacha game bloat in general. I was playing that FE game for a bit until downloads couldn’t fit on my phone anymore.
  10. My understanding is that the stream shown to Japan only beforehand were all things that were announced previously and have not been confirmed for the West. Thus, it would have been pointless to include this as part of the stream for us. Everything we got English interpretation for were new game announcements. It was just a polite consideration to the English-speaking fans since a few games on the docket ended up being planned for a worldwide release.
  11. This is the same with us. We have to assume that if a person isn’t wearing a mask, they’re fully vaccinated. I’m willing to take this on good faith currently since most people that’ve gone maskless that I’ve seen are older people. At work, we’re actually supposed to treat vaccinations like religion and politics and not discuss it, but it has sorta become another form of small talk with customers and they willingly bring it up and I don’t really mind; they’re actually pretty receptive to a quick chat about our vaccines to be honest.
  12. Today is the first day that we can go maskless (after being fully vaccinated), and yet maybe...15-20% of people I’ve encountered today have taken off their masks. This is kinda wild to me since the week before all anyone could talk about was the day we could take them off. It’s sorta like when the dessert comes out and no one wants to be the first person to go for it.
  13. The poll didn’t have my choice, which is Dragon Quest VIII. I’ve long wanted a demake in the style of the DS games. The Switch version’s 2D mode gave me hope that we might get something like this, and now that I know they’re making remakes in a similar (but more modern) style, I think this far off dream game is a lot closer to reality than I could have hoped for.
  14. So it sounds like the first portion that was not in English were details on games that have been announced but have not yet been announced for outside of Japan, if ever. The part that we got to listen to were announcements of new games. X was also in the middle of the English stream, so they probably weren’t going to go to black for 10 minutes while they talked about the X expansion and the offline version. They clearly considered an expansion similar to a new game. As for what they announced, I’m hyped for that remake, hopeful for the offline version of X, and the only opinion I have abo
  15. What was different from the English version of this stream aside from an interpreter? And did they announce Eraser was coming to the West?
  16. I guess I’m a little lost. This was a Japanese livestream that we were just getting a live interpretation of, so I don’t see how people could have expected when Dragon Quest X footage started rolling that they would be saying something about an international release. Especially when the presentation started with mobile games with no international announcement. Japan doesn’t care if X is available in English. The only confirmation the West got for anything was Yuji Horii saying they’re shooting for a worldwide release for specific games.
  17. Okay, so Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga is the game I’ve done the most restarts and never finished. First, I’d get stuck on the Queen, then Bowser (that one in particular seemed to halt progress most often), then many years later I was able to get as far as the final boss, but try as I might, I couldn’t clear that hurdle. A couple years ago I committed to getting it done, but my GBA is very inconsistent and can sometimes just turn off (or struggle to read a cartridge), so I ran into issues getting the game to play. That ends now. I bought the version on Wii U Virtual Console and I am fin
  18. So wait. He’s missing an arm and also a hand, making him completely handless and only having one arm? He didn’t lose an arm so naturally that means the hand is gone as well?
  19. Best we can expect is some artwork for the next mainline game and a trailer for a spin-off.
  20. Depending on the game you could still make a decent profit on it or break even. I’m sure a Castlevania collection could easily retain its value opened.
  21. Most Limited Run Games releases are “worth” the cost if you decide you don’t want it and haven’t opened it and sell it on eBay. In that sense, they retain their value, or even rise in value. But usually their prices are higher than only a fan might want to spend for a physical copy. So you have to ask yourself if you care enough about the particular game (or in this case, games) to spend more than it’s inherent value to own it. Because otherwise I’m sure the digital version is just as good.
  22. eal


    I’ve cleared the story in New Pokemon Snap! Really love all the stuff you can do. Every time you go through a course, you’ll find at least one thing you didn’t before, such as a hidden Pokémon or a Pokémon doing something unusual that you can take a picture of. I believe I’m missing about 40 more Pokémon to photograph on top of all the alternate pictures for each Pokémon. I want to see how much I can do before I move on to something else.
  23. It’s incredibly easy, but the appeal is getting to roam around South Park and talk to a vast array of characters and see all the references to the show up to the point before the game came out. So I’m guessing the reason it’s not all that hard is because I think they made the game with the intentions for any South Park fan to be able to play it. On the highest difficulty, I still had no issues. The bosses were also pretty fun in how ridiculous some of them are. Think of it like a full season of South Park basically.
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