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  1. I mean, one of the big selling points of Fire Emblem is Support Conversations, so that makes sense.
  2. Like I mentioned, I only play Love Live! SIF, and it’s incredibly generous when it comes to its premium currency, but I see people dump hundreds of dollars into it so that they can reach the highest tiers during events for their best girl and it just seems so ridiculous to me, they give these gems out in bucketfuls. Not a gacha but if you wanna have a good time, look into the Star Citizen fandom if you really wanna see what reckless spending looks like.
  3. My life has been made 1000% easier since I stopped using Photobucket and just post my pictures on Imgur.
  4. The last thing we need is more gacha games. The thing about them is they all play the same but it has characters from a series that is popular so they become popular for that reason alone. Because fans want to get JPEGs of their favorite characters in different outfits. The one I happen to play (Love Live! SIF) I haven’t dumped any money into, but it’s the only one a play and I have the self-control to not spend money. This is not the case for everyone and I actually dropped The Simpsons: Tapped Out because I was invested enough in The Simpsons to put money into it for characters and buildings. These games are funded by whales. The sad fact is, they’re built on predatory gambling mechanics and are ripe for severe levels of exploitation, and I’d hate for Dragon Quest fans to be exploited. lol sorry that wasn’t the positive or hopeful answer you probably wanted. I find it especially weird that video game franchises need these kinds of games.
  5. I live by a modified George Costanza philosophy that if I believe something bad will happen, the opposite will occur.
  6. They’re exactly the same right down to like where the bandages are wrapped. Like, look at all the black spots and where all the bandage ends hang compare. I would legit accuse them of plagiarism. Quick! Someone take that Office meme of Pam comparing pictures and make a meme of this.
  7. Summer Wars was from Funimation. They did all of the Mamoru Hosoda movies up until Mirai, which was GKids. GKids does all the Ghibli movies and potentially the Satoshi Kon movies (they released Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress this year, leaving Tokyo Godfathers as the only out-of-print movie in his catalogue). They do a lot of non-Japanese foreign animated movies too. I’d like to see A Cat in Paris at some point.
  8. Shout! Factory has also been doing a ton of anime movies lately. Penguin Highway and A Silent Voice and all those Digimon movies for example.
  9. We got a movie produced by a religious cult released here just because it was an anime. It even had Dylan McDermott in it. Nearly every movie makes it here nowadays, there’s no reason the same can’t be said for this one.
  10. I think you were just getting yourself too hyped up, honestly.
  11. eal

    Vita RPGs...?

    Death Mark opinions! I’m about halfway through. Pros: Spooky, #$*!ed up art, getting to choose and bring a partner, evil spirit storylines are interesting. I especially like that gathering info on those spirits and understanding it are required if you want to defeat it. So you can just skim it. Cons: It can get frustrating trying to find every scrap of info (because you can’t trigger a confrontation with the spirit until you’ve got nearly all of it), sadly repetitive music that loses its punch after a few listens, it tries to do too much (visual novel, mini-point and click adventure game, boss fights, various segments where you need to pick the right option in a multiple choice prompt or you die). The whole thing is just the right length, 11-12 hours. I’m willing to get the next game in the series (Ng, I think it’s called?) if I like this one enough by the end.
  12. I wouldn’t write off playing old games again because of one bad experience. Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire became one of my favorite games after a replay. I certainly did not have strong feelings for it in the past.
  13. After getting through the game so far in 2D, I 100% get it. They really made 2 games. Sure they had dialogue and story ideas, but they had to make 2D mechanics made for a 3D game. They made two 100 hour games at once. Quite unbelievable in retrospect. Which is funny because I remember when everyone was made about the delay in the Switch version.
  14. I would be shocked if we got a voice drama here. I can’t think of the last one we got. I think there was the Code Geass one?
  15. Honestly, I’d rather get Dragon Quest Walk, but I get the impression a Pokemon Go clone wouldn’t go over well when there are already two hugely beloved franchises (Pokemon and Harry Potter) with games with a similar idea.
  16. I swear, every work-related post you make is something totally different from a previous one. You truly are a Jack of Alltrades.
  17. If this were targeted only at that market then the western DQ Twitter acct wouldn't be tweeting about it though. I said I agree. I’m just saying that there’s an English market for Dragon Quest in Asia.
  18. That's because that was published for Southeast Asia and not the west. This release is for the west. I know, I’m just pointing out that there is a precedent for the conversation to be about Southeast Asia when it comes to English translation. I mean, people here had pre-orders for the Asian physical of DQ 1-3 on Play-Asia until it was announced here. If you wanted a physical copy of Builders for Vita, you had to get the Asian English version.
  19. I mean Europe and US are pretty much it when discussing English DQ. The DQ Twitter wouldn't even be announcing this if those regions weren't a part of the beta. This seems more like a mistake to me. I mean, I agree, but do remember us iOS users had to get a Singapore iTunes account to download the English version of Super Lite.
  20. I get the impression this was all timed. Hero in Smash, the original trilogy on Switch, XI on Switch, Builders 2, and now this. All in, what, two months? They wanted to keep momentum going with a bunch of stuff all at once.
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