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  1. The comics have always been on a sliding timescale, or, in the case with DC, rebooted altogether. As far as I’m aware there’s no storyline to explain because this hasn’t happened with Steve Trevor before. I can only imagine they either copied Captain America (frozen in ice and thawed out) or its some villain’s ploy and it’s not really him.
  2. Damn, inject Wonder Woman 1984 right into my veins:
  3. Kinda in the same boat. DQXI S came too soon. I'll get back to it next year, I'm a little DQ'd out after so much lately and I already put 100 hours into each DQH. This is not a bad problem to be having.
  4. So who would be the “baby Yoda” of The Dragovian? King Trode? Munchie?
  5. I can honestly say I haven't probably booted up a game on my phone in over 2 years or even have your 1600 times total on 10 years. Wow! Also worth noting that it’s a F2P game and I haven’t spent a single dime on it.
  6. If you don’t care about having a physical copy, see if digital is an option. I know that might be tricky though considering Marvel has the Star Wars rights and wouldn’t be keen on other company’s sell their Star Wars books.
  7. I just earned a reward in Love Live! SIF for logging in a total of 1600 days. That’s just counting the days I’ve booted up the app. By early next year, somewhere around late March, I will have been playing for 5 years.
  8. Too long, not enough time, I thought the 3DS game was kinda ugly and I didn’t like how tight the camera was on you, and the overworld was...bizarre. I remember it feeling like I’d take 10 steps and end up on a loading screen putting me on a different chunk of the overworld or something. I got all the way through the “stone” island (to avoid spoilers). I think a game came out right after it and took my attention.
  9. What I played of VII really wowed me too. I just couldn’t believe that someone would create a creature like Maribel.
  10. Who are you voting for? What religion is the best? These are all questions you could ask.
  11. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    Taking a short break from Pokémon Shield to play Will: A Wonderful World, a visual novel with a twist. See, the premise is you’re a god who can bend people’s fates to your will if they ask for help in the form of a “letter” (not really a letter but that’s what the game refers it to to keep things simple). Basically, nine or so characters will ask for help out of their present circumstance, and using clues from the letter, you rearrange the order of events to prevent catastrophe. Sometimes two letters are tied together and you must work out both characters’ situations, and to make it more complicated, on top of moving events around, you can switch them between the two characters. For example, an early letter dealt with two characters bumping into each other and one of them swinging at a tennis ball. In this scenario, I was able to change who hit the ball, making them a hero to their partner, and avoid the collision by having the other character move instead. Sometimes, a perfect ending isn’t available until you address a different letter first. I’ve heard some of the events get zany and you can get horrible or ridiculous results for the characters. The presentation is bare bones but the gameplay is interesting.
  12. Platty wants to go in With Arms Wide Open and Yangus wants to go in Eyes Wide Shut.
  13. As you’re aware, I’m very into animation. 😏
  14. Hell, NBC just recently paid Netflix $500 million to take The Office off Netflix and have it exclusively for streaming for its own streaming service (ugh) in a year.
  15. They taught us Romanticism vs. Realism in my Junior English class. And they say you don’t remember anything from school!
  16. The word “Romance” can also refer to a tale of sweeping legend with lots of interpersonal aspects to the story. Similar to Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I’ve never played any of the Romancing SaGa games but I assume that they contain characters in a sweeping story that spans continents, what with them being RPGs and all. The sci-fi version of this is called a “space opera.”
  17. Reminds me of when they tried to dress up Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE not getting a dub as an attempt to maintain authenticity, when really it was because it was a Wii U, a long one at that, when the console was on life support by that time.
  18. eal


    They felt like prizes. Like you got a ceremonial bat for being the best on your baseball team one year. You sure didn't bring it out next year and go to bat with it. Yeah, never used them. This, but literally. It used to be you had to go to events to get mythical Pokémon like Mew or Celebi. Now, you just need an internet connection or to be just social enough to drive to GameStop and ask for a code card and a mythical Pokémon will just be given to you like that. I remember that year when they were giving out a legendary, sometimes multiple, every month, so long as you got a code card or had access to the Internet.
  19. Also, you’ll just randomly go, “I’m playing a Neptunia game,” or “they gave me a random phone port looking game to review for the site.” I think the PQ2 dub situation also had to do with just the logistics of getting all those voice actors to dub lines. The only VA I can think of who shares characters across games is Matt Mercer as Kanji and Yusuke, with Johnny Yong Bosch being the only actor I can think of who does multiple characters from the same game.
  20. If it makes you feel better, it’s really my only downtime. I work a half day every other Saturday, so some weeks I only get a day and a half to myself, and I’m typically using that time on ventures other than personal time. Personal time is at a premium and the only quality time I get are staycations and holidays. I got REALLY into reading manga this year because it’s highly consumable on my phone ever since Shonen Jump introduced its “Netflix for manga” subscription at the end of 2018. I can read a chapter in like 5 minutes and from anywhere at any time, which I can’t do with my other interests. I read nearly all of Bleach just in an airport and on a plane during a vacation. I can’t do that with games, I don’t bring handhelds with me on trips, ironically. Aside from just having a general fear of losing a $200 piece of hardware with hours worth of save files on it, any time I have brought it somewhere I don’t get enough time to actually do anything and it just sits in my luggage bag all vacation, or I’d feel like I’m being watched if I took out, say, my Vita while in the airport.
  21. eal


    Sad that all my favorite Pokémon were removed. Literally the only Pokémon I love that didn’t get cut was Umbreon. But I’m so happy they chopped out all the legendary Pokémon. If nothing else, I thought this was an issue long before Dexit became a thing. Who really utilized them? And the value of them being legendary was lost as soon as there got to be like 2 dozen of them. This brings them back to being more thematically appropriate as legendary now that there are less than half a dozen in the game. I wish Mew wasn’t locked behind a Pokéball Plus peripheral though.
  22. It was fine. I was really nervous when I started watching it. There were some serious Hallmark vibes I was getting with the kids and their personal issues, and at the same time, aspects of it gave me the impression that some one dug out a script written back in 2008. And also, Kimberly Williams-Paisley was in it, and she screams “2008” and “Hallmark Channel” to me. Then they copy and paste Kurt Russell’s Santa into the movie, and I kept thinking about all the recent Christmas movies that try to introduce their own lore and explanations to update the Santa mythos. As an aside, I’m still waiting for the movie that has Santa as a real being that also tries to explain to you why parents don’t believe in him even though they’re not the ones putting presents under trees, he is. If you really think about it, Kurt Russell could have been removed from the movie and could have been replaced with a more generic Santa Claus and this would have literally been a standard Hallmark movie. It’s like they grafted to scripts together, considering a movie could be made about his Santa easily seeing as he spends so much time uninvolved in the main plot. Hallmark has ruined Christmas movies. I think I saw an ad over Thanksgiving where they claimed to be releasing 24 MOVIES DURING DECEMBER. Even Netflix is trying to compete with them now. Have you seen the trashy junk they’ve been releasing? A Christmas Prince trilogy? The Knight Before Christmas? Let It Snow? Just type the word “Christmas” into Netflix and you’ll see so many bland, cheap love story Christmas movies with the big Netflix “N” next to it. That being said, I heard Klaus was a great animated movie so I’m interested in seeing how that is sometime this month.
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