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  1. I’m 10 hours behind on podcasts so I’m listening to those while I play a session of Sleepy Dogs, trying to finish everything in the game. I’ve polished off the main game stuff long ago. All that’s left is the repetitive side content in the DLC. They scaled some of these things really poorly. In Year of the Snake, I need to arrest 200 criminals, and generally, they spawn 3 at a time in random locations all over the map. But this and maybe two more side missions are all that’s left in that, and then I’m basically done.
  2. They got some legit names for Weathering With You but GKids frequently gets known actors for their movies. Netflix may or may not try to do the same but experience shows they probably won’t. They simply do not have Tom Holland money, at least not for some anime movie they’ll dump on their site. One thing’s for sure; Stephanie Sheh and Michael Sinterniklaas will be probably play major characters haha.
  3. It’s the littlest finger on your hand. I’m not playing Animal Crossing but since we’re doing friend codes, here’s mine: 6754-5811-1898.
  4. I’ve heard of someone having a “come to Jesus moment.” But if someone was going to someone, as the teacher, the student goes to you. I’m just being willfully difficult at this point haha.
  5. Shouldn’t Jesus have gone to you, since you’re the teacher, not the other way around?
  6. A lot of video game YouTubers have been talking about XI and how much they love it. That’s the benefit of previous games not being required to understand the story or being directly tied to it. I think I even saw BeatEmUps went to Japan and was specifically seeking out Dragon Quest stuff, which resulted in a video where he talks about Dragon Quest stuff, of course. It’s honestly almost like a strategic, targeted strike. A Switch port of a lauded PS4 game that has enough features to make it worth it for those that played the PS4 version, timed with Builders 2 and the Hero’s introduction in Smash. That crazy long demo went a long way in producing goodwill and excitement and, it’s length being so irregular for a demo, it got in the news just for that. Then they through up the original trilogy of games. And now a movie on Netflix. Within the span of a few months of each other.
  7. Legacy of Goku II and Buu’s Fury were my favorite versions of the DBZ story. I actually experienced the entire Cell Saga through Goku II, I didn’t know about anything that happened beforehand it was great. Still love those games and the soundtracks are strangely memorable for licensed GBA games.
  8. Hasn’t the DBZ story been told a million times? That’s what got me not caring about this new game; there’s only so many times a person can experience the same story.
  9. Dragon Quest has reached peak saturation. If it doesn’t finally find a bigger audience after all the stuff that we’ve gotten in the last year, it never will.
  10. Less Dragon Quest savvy people might think you’ve named your farm after a planet in Star Wars, which, frankly, could have done with some farming.
  11. So I went through the full list of missable stuff in Stick of Truth and I’m basically missing only one collectable from a section of the game maybe one hour behind where I currently am. None of my save files go back that far however. What sucks is that it’s a location on the map that you visit for the story but you can go back to the entrance of this location whenever you want. The door is just locked. There is no reason for them to do this. Really kills my enthusiasm to keep going when I’m still somewhat early in, yet don’t want to flush all my progress down the drain.
  12. I’m disappointed to find out that a lot of equipment and quests and friends in Stick of Truth are missable. A number of locations are locked away from you after you leave them. I missed a couple too, so it’s literally impossible to achieve 100% completion in my current save file.
  13. Doom, Animal Crossing, Nioh 2, Persona 5 Royal, that new Half Life game, obviously that Pokémon Mystery Dungeon remake, and a few other smaller games like Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Final Fantasy VII Remake would have come out with those games as well. I had it in my head that Cyberpunk 2077 was coming out in March too but it’s actually early April.
  14. Probably for the best. March is a pretty stacked month and Nintendo decided that was the month they ALSO wanted to drop Pokémon Mystery Dungeon on top of everything else.
  15. I would say he’s running on empty in the exhausted sense, as was mentioned earlier, not a creative sense. Sakurai, for example, might have made a great Smash Bros. game but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s so worn out that he’s gone to work with an IV drip before.
  16. The one that tipped the general gaming community off was the design for the Jump Force villain.
  17. All three of them are running on empty. Someone else will have to find it for me but I remember Toriyama also expressing running out of ideas as well.
  18. At this point Sugiyama is more of a drag on Dragon Quest than anything. Imagine one of the big selling points of an enhanced port, the Switch version, being that they have the good version of the music now because the composer/conductor held it back in the original release. Let’s pump some new blood into the veins of this franchise.
  19. eal

    Vita RPGs...?

    This makes me think of the three-boobed woman in Total Recall. (Speaking of, when I googled to make sure I was thinking of the right movie because all those old sci-fi movies blend together in my head, the search suggestions refer to them as “three hands”)
  20. I’m having a lot of fun with Stick of Truth. I’m running around doing all the side quests and stuff. I really enjoyed the Mongolian boss fight in particular. I’m still pretty early in, but I felt that “click” during today’s session that gives me the drive to keep going.
  21. Wasn’t that Link’s Awakening remake made in that style?
  22. I tried playing it a couple months ago and it was definitely most certainly a Zelda clone.
  23. Started up South Park: The Stick of Truth today. Don’t know how I feel about the combat, but we’ll see. I heard reports online that Normal difficulty is too easy so I bumped it up to Hardcore to see how far I can get on that level. My class is Jew, since I read they’re OP on Hardcore.
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