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  1. I’ve read that it is possible for a bootleg cart to run on an unmodded 3DS but it’s rare. Pretty much any modern Nintendo system has anti-pirating measures that prevent bootleg games from playing.
  2. Don’t buy games that can be counterfeited from a GameStop. There’s no quality control. I’ve seen photos of obviously bootleg games sitting right next to authentic ones. At least when you buy a cheap game from China on eBay you can expect to get a fake. GameStop will just sell it to you at full price. A couple years ago I bought Pokémon White used from them and thought it’s authenticity was a bit suspect so I did some research into bootleg DS games: 1. Compare the serial number printed on the label on the front with the one on the back. There should be 4 letters that match with each other. 2. The labels can also oftentimes be slightly crooked on a bootleg cart, whereas a legitimate cart will be perfectly straight. 3. Also, if you have a DS game on hand, compare the Nintendo logo on the back of the legitimate cart to the suspected one, the Nintendo seal on the label as well. 4. The thing Platty posted. 5. But most importantly, so long as it’s not modded, your 3DS shouldn’t have a problem playing it. I’m no expert, these are just tips I found online a couple years ago, but these should eliminate or confirm your fears.
  3. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    I bet if someone did it, it'd be Epic. Okay, this is epic.
  4. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    It’s too early to think so I’m gonna just put in a placeholder joke: [insert Epic Store shopping cart joke here]. Someone feel free to fill in the blank.
  5. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    I actually just this morning finally ordered The World Ends With You. My waiting paid off and it got bumped down to $20 on Amazon.
  6. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    Not really a question, just a play on the Vita topic. Pretty much all of us have Switch consoles now and I’m told a lot of us like RPGs so we might as well have a topic to talk about the RPGs on the Switch, whether its games we’re playing or games we’ve heard about or asking for opinions.
  7. It looks like the only review that isn’t positive is a mixed reviewer, and even then, the review said they had a lot of fun and that people should check it out.
  8. All apartments have lousy rules. And the maintenance can be just as bad sometimes. My parking lot wasn’t shoveled out the next morning after a blizzard while literally every other apartment complex was shoveled out. I had to shake down a guy working on another parking lot to do a row or two of snow so I could take care of the rest.
  9. The prospect of taking care of a lawn makes me not want to own a house but an apartment is too cramped. I feel like I’d be all about living in a condo or something.
  10. That new Switch is basically just a Vita.

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      the original wii is still getting games so yea nintendo never abandones consoles

    4. eal


      Well, Just Dance 2020 is actually planned to be the final Wii game.

  11. eal


    The thing that’s throwing me about this whole kerfuffle is that, up to this point, Pokémon fans mostly accepted features being added and stripped out, the slow pace of evolution, for lack of a better word, in the franchise’s graphics and quality of life improvements and all the other stuff inherent in modern games. Now this is the last straw and everyone’s grievances are being aired like its Festivus.
  12. Saw that during the World Cup final today. It legit looked like a good movie. My wife said no music either, they're making it without musical numbers. Interesting. Mulan has a lot going for it in the translation to live action, in a weird way. Aside from Eddie Murphy as Mushu, there are no memorable roles that would be recast that would upset fans. I know you said there wouldn’t be any music, but had they decided to put them in, the four musical numbers involve characters walking (except for I’ll Make a Man Out of You, which is a training montage), so the singing and dancing doesn’t have anything in it that makes it work in animation more than live action. It’s a war movie, so the trend of making these movies hyper serious makes sense in the case of Mulan. Just looking at the Wikipedia for it, the cast list alone shows how far it’s departed from the original movie. Like, there’s gonna be a witch in this movie. They even cast mostly (not all) Chinese actors. Usually, you’ll see a mixture of Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese actors mixed in, as was the case with the original Mulan (which was fine since it’s an animated movie), so that’s a nice touch.
  13. Mulan is my favorite Disney film so I’m glad, just based off this teaser, that the live action remake doesn’t look bad the way as some of the other ones have been.
  14. This is the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a video game. Usually voice dramas are their own separate thing bundled with like a volume of manga or an anime Blu-Ray or something. I’ve never seen a voice drama as a piece of DLC in a game. They literally might as well make it a visual novel at that point. All they need is character art on the screen and they’d be basically done.
  15. It’s not “poor work conditions” it’s “surprise involuntary monetary opportunities.”
  16. The game was probably manufactured in a factory.
  17. Hey @Plattym3 http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/07/harvest_moon_friends_of_mineral_town_is_getting_a_switch_remake
  18. What is a man? *tosses glass of wine on the ground* A miserable little pile of secrets.
  19. How sad for Microsoft. I'll drink a beer for their loss today. While it doesn’t mean we’ll get a sequel in the near future, it does mean we may get a remaster or port on PS4. I would triple dip for a version on Switch hands down.
  20. https://www.destructoid.com/alan-wake-developer-has-taken-back-the-rights-for-the-series-from-microsoft-559290.phtml Trying not to cry in an airport.
  21. There are literally no games on the XBone that you can’t get on something else. I only own one so I can play the Xbox 360 exclusives. Any games I own were cheaper than I could find on PS4. I did buy Recore the other day because it was $5 and I own Quantum Break because it’s by the Alan Wake people (and it came with a digital code for Alan Wake so I don’t have to play it on PC anymore), but even then I hear it’s not as good as their earlier games.
  22. They must have realized that they can’t compete with the Nintendo Switch on that front. It’s one of the most indie dev friendly places to go. I know I personally would prefer to play shorter, more simplified experiences on a portable system, and in terms of graphics, the Switch and PS4 will always be on the same playing field when it comes to most indie games. Heck, Hellblade is probably the most AAA looking indie game and it looks like it’ll run on the Switch on par with the other consoles. I go where the games go. The only system I’ve ever bought the closest from its release is the Switch because there was enough there to make it a good investment. If the PS5 doesn’t offer the same I guess I’ve just saved a couple hundred bucks Que sera, sera. The problem for Microsoft is that they essentially have nothing of value to entice buyers. They’ve probably figured, since it’s the end of the XBone’s lifespan, it’s too late to put out new games and hope to sell more consoles, and so they’ve decided to focus on other content in the meantime, like that Game Pass and streaming thing or whatever and handing over some of their console exclusives to Nintendo. I genuinely thought they were going to be leaving the console business behind in the next generation with all the stuff they’ve been doing.
  23. I can now cross Madame Tussaud’s off my list of things 2005-2006 era eal has been trying to do for ever. Maybe with my GameCube plugged in again I can try to add Finish Super Mario Sunshine to that list (as a side note, I don’t get the hate for that game. It’s setting is lovely and Mario’s movement and combat are nice additions. Only real complaint I have is the camera is a nightmare).
  24. It says “with” each other so I’m not sure if that refers to “with,” as in “together” or “with” as in “against” each other. If it’s against each other, that situation sort of reminds me of something that was said in an episode of How Did This Get Made, where Paul Scheer made a claim that it’s in the Fast and the Furious, the actors have it in their contracts that they can’t lose fights.
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