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  1. Was going through my photos. Found a picture of a Nintendo gift card code I bought years ago. Tried to redeem it and there was money on it! Now I have $20 to play around with.
  2. If a second Switch happens, I can only imagine the best way to handle it is to continue to mandate first-party games run on both versions while the new Switch capitalized on third-party support. I just can’t imagine Nintendo cares enough to want, say, Cyberpunk 2077 (to pull a random example), on their console. They seem happy with keeping it a port machine with new first-party games for another 5 years.
  3. I’m predicting that the next generation is going to be a breaking point for AAA. They’re only going to take longer to develop and cost more to make, so that most of the big budget games will become console exclusives funded by either Sony or Microsoft. The fact that the Switch continues to sell well means developers and publishers will want to keep putting games on it, and most of these current gen ports are already too much for the Switch to handle, meaning that the Switch is going to be totally left in the dust. This will result in us getting a lot of mid-tier, AA games on Switch.
  4. The best way to grow a fanbase is by making a game available on as many systems as possible. They showed the game at E3 and put the Hero in Smash. That’s how you grow a fanbase. How is making the game look not as good as it can look on other consoles bending over backwards for Nintendo fans? Anyone who’s gonna play the game on Switch likely already has.
  5. I understand wanting the game to look nicer, and I don’t really get why it isn’t, but that’s Square Enix’s fault. As far as I’m aware, Nintendo isn’t forcing this on SE.
  6. Dragon Ball Z has been a part of my life since I was in elementary school, it’s part of the reason I ended up playing Dragon Quest games, so it was always weird to me that I never read the manga the whole way through. I binged all of Dragon Ball and just started on DBZ. I know everything that happens, obviously. I watched the show for years, saw some of the movies and specials (I was super hype to watch the Bardock and Future Trunks specials), and played a bunch of the games. I’m intimately familiar with all the details of the series. Yet, somehow, Super, which is totally new content for me, has been a wellspring of new and strange lore to stumble into during wiki dives.
  7. You really can’t find someone worse then Maribel, you can only grade them on a scale from 1-Maribel.
  8. Hipsters are never a worthy addition to anything.
  9. eal

    GBA RPGs...?

    You’re just like my brother. Before things like Spotify, he’d swipe music off Napster or buy music off obscure Russian music sites that sell songs for pennies. If he owns any sort of media physically, he throws out the case, takes the disc, and puts it in one of those CD wallets.
  10. “Waifu” is just an anagram of my true feelings of Maribel, which is that she’s “awfiu.”
  11. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    I would still sooner get Scramble first since P5 was great but I also played it and it was 100 hours long and Scramble is a sequel and it looks pretty good and not 100 hours long.
  12. I wish I could say Maribel, but she’s in Heroes 2.
  13. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    Haha. DQB2 had that happen 2 years ago and yet when I tried to use that as "proof" to write it as my most anticipated 2019 RPG, my editor wouldn't let me. He told me those financials weren't proof enough. Bleh. It's always been coming. This is more evidence. Wonder what they're waiting on? A simultaneous release with P5 on Switch would be lovely. I watched an interesting video about how Catherine is often used by Atlus to test the waters for potential releases. It’s been stated that it was a test for the development of Persona 5 (presumably since it was the Atlus’s first HD game), Catherine Classic came to PC, where people have been begging to get Persona ports, just before Full Body came to PS4 (...and Vita), and now we have Catherine on Switch. So it’s safe to say that a Switch port of Persona 5 is in the cards.
  14. We all watch. There's a whole #eal channel on the Den's Discord. Then y’all are some serious perverts.
  15. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    Oh, please, God: https://www.ign.com/articles/persona-5-scramble-officially-confirmed-for-western-release?sf125844428=1
  16. eal

    Suikoden News?

    They’re predicting an October 2022 release according to the Kickstarter.
  17. eal

    GBA RPGs...?

    You likely didn’t hear about it because it’s not branded as a Legacy of Goku game, even though it is. And GBA games are beginning to shoot up in price because it’s currently where nostalgia is at and the kids young enough to remember playing those games are old enough to buy them again. It’s the same reason for the ridiculous prices of GameCube games at the moment. Better buy up all your favorite hidden gem Wii games while you can. That being said, while they have their fans, I don’t think people are clamoring for the Legacy of Goku games. They’ll sit comfortably in the $5-15 range, I’m guessing.
  18. eal


    So with Pokémon Go Fest done, I would say, all in all, that the price for participation was worthwhile. I made a mistake on Day 1 though. The biomes rotated every hour (fire, water, and grass), but didn’t realize that there were two others that had Pokémon in the rotation that I could’ve used. Such is life. Day 2, thankfully, could be done entirely at home. You do a bunch of Team Go Rocket tasks, and at the end of it all you got a Mewtwo and a Victini and throughout the whole event you got piles of Rare Candy and Poké Balls. There were a lot of rare Pokémon that I needed to catch more of to evolve so I took advantage of that as well. I was also lucky to stumble on a Raid battle against Palkia and was even able to catch it after we defeated it.
  19. Do you have camera’s in my apartment or something because I was thinking about making this topic literally yesterday.
  20. eal

    GBA RPGs...?

    Buu’s Fury is pretty good but I’m still more a fan of II. The storyline is just better in my opinion. Technically speaking, it is definitely superior. The portraits don’t look like ass (though I think the Legacy of Goku II portraits have a charm to them) and I remember there being equipment that raise states that you can get.
  21. eal

    GBA RPGs...?

    It’s not turn-based and you don’t have a party. Instead, you have access to five characters that you can swap at designated locations. And the gameplay is sorta like a beat ‘em up but instead of 2D levels, you have giant open areas full of enemies that respawn when you leave and a few cities and towns. When enemies are defeated, they drop money and healing items. Your characters level up and you can occasionally find items to raise their stats. You have a health bar and an energy bar that lets you use energy attacks until the meter runs empty. Here’s an out-of-context secret boss fight that’ll give you an idea:
  22. eal

    GBA RPGs...?

    I’ve got a recommendation for you. Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku II. Specifically II. The first game has the worst balance for its gameplay you could imagine, whereas the sequel refined it all mostly to perfection, even if it has a bit too much level grinding. Only thing is the plot my be tough to follow if you don’t at least have a passing knowledge of DBZ.
  23. eal

    GBA RPGs...?

    Not an RPG but I say play Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire.
  24. I have a digital versions but they literally cost me $5 each during a sale so if it it comes down to it I can find the discs on eBay or something for $10. I couldn’t find any complaints about the digital version when I did a cursory Google search.
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