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  1. Two of my favorite anime of all time are Nana and Honey and Clover, both of which were licensed by Viz Media and are long out of print. Worse yet, you can’t even stream them! My luck, two of my favorite shows and I can’t own or even watch them. This week, that changed for Honey and Clover at least. Both the sub and dub have been put on Crunchyroll, and the rumor mill seems to indicate this mean Discotek is gonna re-release it. Let me just say, Honey and Clover was one of those shows I watched at the literal exact right time when I did, as there wasn’t a single main character I couldn’t relate to at that point in my life. It’s by the same lady that did March comes in like a lion. Fingers crossed those re-release rumors are true. Speaking of Discotek releases, just as a bit of a ramble, one of the shows from my youth I longed to revisit was Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier. It was in a bizarre licensing limbo or something and never came out on any physical media except for like the first handful of episodes. A couple years ago, Discotek picked it up but there had been little word about it afterwards, aside from it being a total nightmare making the show watchable. I listened to a fascinating episode of the ANNcast podcast where the guest, who was the guy working on the Blu Ray, broke down what a complete mess the show was in and what he had to do to get it into a presentable state. Some of the crazy things they talked about just made me want it more. I pre-ordered my copy and look forward to watching that blast from the past! Also! Millennium Actress is returning to theaters! Perfect Blue by the same director ended up being one of my favorite movies of all time, and Millennium Actress is said to be even better than Perfect Blue. Can’t wait to find out in a few months.
  2. Your birthday was yesterday so I guess I missed out on missing you a happy birthday. I guess the time for tacos has passed.
  3. That doesn't sound relaxing for the girls. That’s how weebs like it.
  4. We’ve been getting some of the weirdest games from Japan lately on Switch, including Senran Kagura Relexions, which is literally just poking and prodding Senran Kagura girls.
  5. I remember one year I went to meet Rick Remender to get a Venom comic signed by him and the line was nuts. I was in it for maybe an hour or so. I talked to some nice people so it was fine, but word up the grapevine was that it was taking so long because someone dumped like a massive pile of comics on his table for him to sign. I see that stuff at conventions all the time, guys carting around shortboxes of comics, literally on a cart, full of dozens of comics for each artist in artist alley. It bothers me because it holds up the line. I’ll never forget being in Greg Rucka’s line and seeing a dude just stack dozens of graphic novels onto his table, pulling out more and more, and Rucka just looked so miserable the whole time he was doing it. Then the very next person to come up was an incredibly excited fan dressed as Batwoman and she wanted a picture with him and his face just absolutely lit up and his mood completely turned around. As for Donny Cates, I was reading, and enjoying, Dr. Strange but it wasn’t like something that got me super stoked about Donny Cates. I actually remember being annoyed that they rebooted Venom to #1 again after making a big deal about his legacy numbering. And you didn’t really get a sense that Cates’s Venom run was going to be the biggest deal until the issue where you got Knull’s origin. I’m also not against artists getting paid for signatures. My dad’s favorite gift I’ve ever given him was a print of the Superman vs. Muhammad Ali cover I bought at Neal Adam’s booth and I got signed by him, and it ended up being like $40 altogether or something. But that was a print that I bought, not a comic I brought with me. It just sometimes seems like it’s tied to the grading and speculating culture of modern comics. I actually got a signature from Ed McGuinness at last year’s convention but he offered free signatures with your name or $10 without the name. My view is that a comic won’t sell as well with someone’s name as a part of the signature and that’s why it was free if you got it signed that way. It was sort of a “speculator’s tax,” if you will. I don’t fault him or anything, it was just a sign of the times. I know Declan Shalvey made a big thing about how he was specifically not going to sign comics going to CGC anymore. And that’s what I was thinking when I saw that Clayton Crain charged for signatures.
  6. The two conventions closest to me, Boston and Rhode Island Comic Con, don’t usually have good talent either. Boston tries to be a Jack of Alltrades but ends up instead being a Master of Nu’un with their guests. One or two superstar creators, a couple well known ones, and then some local artists. Last year they had John Byrne but then he didn’t end up being there on the day I went despite advertising he would be. And the year prior to that was Stan Lee’s final East Coast convention appearance. Rhode Island dumps all their money into TV and movie stars and gets almost nobody in comics. However, Boston’s got some strong names announced so far this year. Mike Mignola, Gail Simone, Arthur Adams, Charles Soule, Frank Cho, Clayton Crain (even though I think he charges for autographs...), and Jeff Dekal. Last year they had I think Donny Cates, Tony Moore, John Byrne, Clayton Crain, and Ed McGuinness but that’s not as impressive to me (Donny Cates only had maybe 4 issues of Venom out at the time). Maybe Neal Adams was there too because he’s at every convention in the US now? When I go to Chicago every year, C2E2 packs the convention with names. Ryan Stegman drew a quick sketch of Mary Jane for me on a blank cover last year actually! I’m annoyed that I didn’t go this year because they had a bunch of people I would’ve loved to have seen.
  7. I know it’s a gag but out of curiosity I googled who was there and you guys had Chris Claremont, Gerry Conway, Dan Jurgens, Jae Lee and Neal Adams. Even some minor artists that I would’ve liked to meet like Garry Brown and Leslie Hung.
  8. Man, the ProJared subreddit is the place to be today. Straight savage. I have to laugh at its 11,000+ subscribers but 15,000+ viewers.

  9. Not a fan of masculine mangos, are you?
  10. Boy am I glad I never got into ProJared’s content.

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    2. ignasia


      He's called himself a feminist, but not in his videos apparently, which definitely, from what I understand do not bring up politics.  It's in his social media statements.

    3. eal


      I’ve personally seen one tweet where he says he’s a feminist in the most normie sense of the word. It’s hardly a badge of honor he was throwing around and advocating for on his social media.

    4. solo


      i just started watching him i have been very agenst him for years becuse of his smug smile on the thumbnails on his videos and for somereason his nose irritates me i have no idea why

  11. Sleeping Dogs is one of my favorite games ever so I’m very happy to say I’ve nearly completed it. I have completed the base game and Nightmare in North Point DLC, but I still have two more things to do. The only hurdle was the trophy/achievement system baked into game for the purposes of online leaderboards with friends. This game 100% didn’t need it and made completing it a weird grind. I had to replay a bunch of missions to earn lame medals that hold know actual value aside from rubbing it in the faces of all my friends that won’t know because they don’t play the game and see the leaderboards. However, in the process of doing all this, I earned the Platinum trophy, which makes this the rarest Platinum I have (1.9%). So there’s that.
  12. I’m starting to wonder if there’s some grand conspiracy to make K-pop really popular or something because at first there was a dedicated section at a chain music/comic store here in MA and I thought that was weird but sort of made sense. But then, I started seeing CDs at Walmart of all places, where they only sell popular country music and other normie crap. Next thing I know, I’m walking into Barnes and Noble and seeing random memorabilia for Kpop bands I’ve never heard of Funko Pops of I assume popular musicians in the genre at every store that stocks them. Am I really just out of the loop or is some mega-corporation trying to make us all care about Kpop? None of this is selling and it’s all mega expensive special edition box sets and crap.
  13. I completely forgot to mention this bizarre documentary I watched! Like two weeks ago too! It’s called Behind the Curve and it’s about Flat Earthers: what they’re about, what they believe, and why they believe it. We meet prominent members of that community, learn a bit about the internal politics and some of their own minor relationship drama. The craziest part to me is when we meet a prominent woman in that community who is a big conspiracy theorist and admits that she wouldn’t believe in the Boston Marathon Bombing happened unless she herself was there and had her legs blown off (she says something to this effect). A touch of irony occurs when she mentions how a lot of people think she’s a government plant and no amount of evidence she presents to them is enough to convince them she isn’t. It’s fascinating and everyone should watch it. EDIT: auto-correct changed “Behind” to “Beyond.”
  14. Pokemon Let's Go makes me feel dead inside. The horror in Corpe Party is frontloaded in the first two chapters. Like, some parts made me feel ill. Later chapters are more positive, “let’s go save everyone”-type stuff.
  15. Like a month ago but I’ve been playing Corpse Party and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, two very similar games with similar themes.
  16. eal

    Movie thread

    Man, that just reminds me that there’s nothing cringier then YouTubers still making videos crying about Brie Larson.
  17. I actually had a really hard time finding a physical copy on Switch. I managed to find a Target with two copies for $50 and just pulled the trigger.
  18. eal

    Movie thread

    My favorite part is all the press interviews where the actors can’t say anything about the movie and try to talk about literally anything else.
  19. We get every anime movie in the States. In the last two or three years, Fathom Events screenings of anime movies has become incredibly common. Like, the Code Geass movie premieres next week. Of all mediums for Dragon Quest to be presented in, anime is the one guarantee in the West.
  20. eal

    Movie thread

    Avengers: Endgame may be the first movie I’ve seen with police officers on duty.
  21. I wanted to read a short manga as a palate cleanser after reading Bleach, which was 74 volumes. So I picked up Genkaku Picasso, a short, 3 volume manga I’d been wanting to read since I read the first chapter preview a couple years ago in Shonen Jump. It started out...okay. Like, the formula was starting to get boring and the stories weren’t interesting. But then, out of nowhere came a storyline about a trans character that to date is one of the most compassionate and well written stories about that kind of experience I might have ever seen in Japanese media. It was a worthwhile read just for that one chunk of story, and thankfully, the manga as a whole picked up after that. Just something I wanted to share since it surprised me and it was just a good story on its own about accepting yourself and being accepted by others.
  22. eal

    Vita RPGs...?

    I found a new copy for a great price so I couldn’t resist.
  23. Aaaaaand done with Bleach. Yeesh, that last Arc was as bad as I remember, except maybe a little worse because even though it didn’t feel like it was dragging anymore, the way fights flowed became way more dreadful. It doesn’t help that those were his worst character designs in the whole series. Basically, every chapter is “here’s my hidden power,” the other guy is shocked, the attacker acts full of himself, and then the other it fires back his own hidden power. Rinse and repeat within the same fight for like 8-10 chapters. It made it so you never actually knew when the fight was over until it transitioned into the next fight. The truncated nature of the last 20 chapters also hurt the ending. Three fan favorite characters and one’s brother needlessly introduced at the last minute maybe died? It was unclear accept for Nel saying she was going to save them maybe. You don’t see it happen, just her talking about it, and they don’t reappear in the last two chapters. Also, extra credit for shoving Nel out of the story three times. And we never did find out what happened to Harribel. I also forgot that Chad literally did nothing the whole series and had almost no successful fights accept for against some jobber during the Hueco Mundo Arc. His contribution to the final battle was staying behind to fight golems! At least one positive coming out of this re-read was I actually developed a fondness for Sajin Komamura that I didn’t be expect, and I thought his fight with Tosen was probably one of the best fights in the series, because it was about two friends battling each other while shouting their ideals at each other, a staple of any shonen manga.
  24. eal

    Amiibo Discussion

    There are a few non-Smash Amiibo I want or already have. The only ones left that I’d like are the Fire Emblem Echoes pair and Tiki. I’m glad I got Shovel Knight, the 8-bit Marios, and the Twilight Princess one.
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