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  1. I can’t believe the Snyder Cut is gonna be happening. What part of Man of Steel and BvS gave people the impression that Snyder’s full vision of Justice League would be worthwhile?

    1. ignasia


      It would at least be a more consistent vision.  That's a positive of its own.  Justice League was very unfocused and disjointed.  You could tell every scene was done with one vision of the characters or the other.  Batman the dunce, or Batman the badass.  Wonder Woman the competent and considerate who is strong but worried about how well she can handle whatever Axe Boy's name is, or Super Wonder Woman who is as strong and capable as Superman, with the same speed as the Flash and Superman, who just flirts all the time because she's clearly bored and in need of a man.

      Nevermind Superman gone Bizarro for a second.

      Everyone forgetting the most important artifact they have, the Box, allowing Steppanwolf to get it, just so they can embrace Supes.  That made no sense.

      Even Steppanwolf / Axe Boy and the Parademons / fly rangers had some inconsistencies.  They suddenly swarm him because he's "afraid?"  That seems like a last second wrap up due to two competing concepts, and Joss couldn't figure a way out of it, so pulled a Buffy the Vampire Slayer...damn I forget the episode, to finalize it.

      Maybe there's not much of a difference, but at least the vision will be more consistent, and that might end up with at least a moderately enjoyable movie.

    2. eal


      I’m not particularly confused by it happening since Director’s Cuts have been things for ages and they oftentimes improve movies. It’s the fact that people wanted it at all, and their confidence that Snyder with 100% control could fix it. His previous 2 DC movies were punching bags that were universally hated.

      I heard there’s a chance that it could cost a couple million to do as extensive a job on it as they plan on doing, and it could involve bringing the cast back in.

      All this noise over Zack Snyder’s poorly handled vision of DC characters? At least the call for the butthole cut of Cats would be ironically funny to get.

    3. Mefista


      Can we just ban everyone from fidgeting with DC universe atleast for a next decade? And give them nothing but Elseworlds to make movies of.

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