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  1. Boy am I glad I never got into ProJared’s content.

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Yeah, I’m glad I totally stopped caring about ProJared entirely a long time ago. Just....what the hell drives a person to do the stuff he’s been doing? That’s messed up.

    3. ignasia



      While you would think it's something dark in the past, it's not always that.  The reality is we all have a dark side, and some people just embrace it.

      In his case probably power.  He's never had it before, and once in his grasp, he never developed any respect for it (or himself) and so lacked respect for his followers using them for his own desires at first as a joke and a test, then it escalated.  Rather than put a cork in it when he realized things could go poorly (the story of the 16 year old), he blamed others to punish them and force them inward, and doubled down but learned to make things more secretive, and be less overt.  He understood clearly how this would look given his clean image, so he knew what he was doing.

      There's probably a bit more to it, but not much.  I've noticed that people who respect themselves tend to respect others, especially those who look up to them. 

    4. eal


      In regards to Ignasia’s link, I’ve been seeing people refer to ProJared as a male feminist, but when has he ever overtly pushed that sort of agenda in his videos? I saw like one tweet for a while ago as evidence but one pandering tweet is hardly proof enough he was an actual feminist.

      It just reminds me of when the media reports a mass shooter as a conservative before there’s any sort of proof that they were.

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