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  1. I can’t believe the Snyder Cut is gonna be happening. What part of Man of Steel and BvS gave people the impression that Snyder’s full vision of Justice League would be worthwhile?

    1. ignasia


      It would at least be a more consistent vision.  That's a positive of its own.  Justice League was very unfocused and disjointed.  You could tell every scene was done with one vision of the characters or the other.  Batman the dunce, or Batman the badass.  Wonder Woman the competent and considerate who is strong but worried about how well she can handle whatever Axe Boy's name is, or Super Wonder Woman who is as strong and capable as Superman, with the same speed as the Flash and Superman, who just flirts all the time because she's clearly bored and in need of a man.

      Nevermind Superman gone Bizarro for a second.

      Everyone forgetting the most important artifact they have, the Box, allowing Steppanwolf to get it, just so they can embrace Supes.  That made no sense.

      Even Steppanwolf / Axe Boy and the Parademons / fly rangers had some inconsistencies.  They suddenly swarm him because he's "afraid?"  That seems like a last second wrap up due to two competing concepts, and Joss couldn't figure a way out of it, so pulled a Buffy the Vampire Slayer...damn I forget the episode, to finalize it.

      Maybe there's not much of a difference, but at least the vision will be more consistent, and that might end up with at least a moderately enjoyable movie.

    2. eal


      I’m not particularly confused by it happening since Director’s Cuts have been things for ages and they oftentimes improve movies. It’s the fact that people wanted it at all, and their confidence that Snyder with 100% control could fix it. His previous 2 DC movies were punching bags that were universally hated.

      I heard there’s a chance that it could cost a couple million to do as extensive a job on it as they plan on doing, and it could involve bringing the cast back in.

      All this noise over Zack Snyder’s poorly handled vision of DC characters? At least the call for the butthole cut of Cats would be ironically funny to get.

    3. Mefista


      Can we just ban everyone from fidgeting with DC universe atleast for a next decade? And give them nothing but Elseworlds to make movies of.

  2. Between Corpse Party and watching tons of horror movies in the last month, I think it’s time to shift gears to some more...positive media.

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      I’ve heard for portable Katamari the best one to check out is Me and My Katamari on PSP. I think you can download it for Vita from the Playstation Store, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

    3. eal


      Reroll is also on Switch, which I guess counts as handheld as well.

    4. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      True. Not sure how good that one is, but regardless that’s another option.

  3. RIP E3

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    2. ignasia


      It's still a fun venue.  I remember the e3 I attended.  That was a blast.  More fun than CES.  Though the reading materials you get from CES are serious business.  They really go into depth on the various new technological wonders you get to see, and future plans, including technical specs, tests, potentiality for future growth...half of what we have now was already discussed at CES back in the early 90's, and was already in testing phases.

      e3 is mostly spectacle, but it's become more serious of late by viewing the showroom floor videos now vs then.  It's also a really good venue for small game companies to get noticed to gain some social media traction.  It's one of the main reasons a lot of indie developers have managed to get past the firewall of oversaturation of crap/subpar offerings, AAA's, and haven't had the luck of naturally attracting the right people on Twitter, etc. until that point.

      It's also one of the best venues for companies to showcase beyond their general fanbase.  Something that's harder to do in todays world, which is now far more focused, and with AI controlling feeds, it tends to show like-minded preferences.  So if you're a Nintendo fan, you're likely to only get or almost exclusively get Nintendo stuff.  If you're watching videos from across the gamut, then you'll get more wide ranging feed.  This type of venue forces gamers to pay attention beyond their small worlds, which are sadly become much much much much smaller as we progress forward. 

      I like having it around.  I can see them doing something else, but it isn't like they're shutting down permanently.  Only this year.  We'll see what happens next year.  Lower attendance hasn't had as much an impact as one might feel it does.  Most of that reduced attendance has been from the public, not gaming press, bloggers, etc.

      So if it does close down permanently next year, I find that a tragic event.  The spectacle is part of the fun, and part of showcasing the prowess of the videogame industry.  It would be better if they handled it more like a film festival though.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      I’ll miss seeing a cringe compilation. 2019’s was beautiful.

    4. eal


      You could almost say they were breathtaking.

      Oh, man. After that Keanu Reeves moment, everyone wanted to be that guy and you could hear audience members screaming and losing their minds hoping to get attention. Square Enix was especially bad. And it was either Ubisoft or Bethesda, but at one of those there was a guy who was yelling at every little thing hoping to get attention.

  4. I was going through the comics I bought at the convention, and got a little annoyed that I accidentally bought the same issue of 1990s-era Wonder Woman. It was only $2 so no big deal. I notice the bag and board is really thick though and I take the book out and out falls the issue where Wonder Woman gets a job at a fast food taco restaurant. Can’t find this issue anywhere nearby so this is a happy surprise.

  5. Apparently Persona 5 Scramble is practically a sequel but with different combat.

  6. Why isn’t there an Into the Santaverse?

    1. The Dog of Zahan

      The Dog of Zahan

      If there's one thing all this has taught me, it's that anyone can wear the hat.  YOU could wear the hat!

  7. First Two Best Friends Play split, now Gav is leaving Podquisition? Why must all my Weird Internet Dads break up!?!?

  8. I was thinking about Aladdin on Genesis just yesterday and now I see that a remaster has been leaked:


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    2. DrippySlimeStar


      Start talking and thinking about a Sly Cooper remastered collection please.

    3. eal


      There’s one of Vita.

    4. DrippySlimeStar


      But I want it on PS4 :cry:

  9. That new Switch is basically just a Vita.

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit
    3. solo


      the original wii is still getting games so yea nintendo never abandones consoles

    4. eal


      Well, Just Dance 2020 is actually planned to be the final Wii game.

  10. Got my fingers crossed the Smash Bros. Effect that worked out so well for Fire Emblem blesses us with new fans coming in to learn more about the Heroes and which games they should play.

    1. Imutone


      Well they are already editing the Wiki to include stuff over their little fight on the SSB Wiki so I'm a bit afraid.

      Things like saying Eight's official name is the Guv despite only Yangus saying that, I just hope it won't get worse

  11. Man, the ProJared subreddit is the place to be today. Straight savage. I have to laugh at its 11,000+ subscribers but 15,000+ viewers.

  12. Boy am I glad I never got into ProJared’s content.

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    2. ignasia


      He's called himself a feminist, but not in his videos apparently, which definitely, from what I understand do not bring up politics.  It's in his social media statements.

    3. eal


      I’ve personally seen one tweet where he says he’s a feminist in the most normie sense of the word. It’s hardly a badge of honor he was throwing around and advocating for on his social media.

    4. solo


      i just started watching him i have been very agenst him for years becuse of his smug smile on the thumbnails on his videos and for somereason his nose irritates me i have no idea why

  13. Only took, what, 18 years for me to complete a Pokémon game but I did it. One minute shy of 210 hours of Diamond and I have every non-event Pokémon.

  14. Alita: Battle Angel tomorrow, topped off with completing my first Pokédex (with an asterisk for event Pokémon). 

  15. I’m very late on this but I found out today that Star Fox 64 3D is gonna be a Nintendo Selects game, which is awesome because you couldn’t find it anywhere after I got my original 3DS. Maybe we’ll get Kid Icarus Uprising too?

  16. Just putting this out there, I found out that, for whatever reason, a fair bit of 3DS games are on steep discount at Target. Can’t confirm in-store but online prices are like $25 for most games and $5 on Nintendo Selects, and in my experience Target price matches.



  19. Super Eyepatch Wolf gave some pretty high praise for DQ XI. He even went so far as to say it’s his favorite RPG since Paper Mario.

  20. As a heads up for people that want to play Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PS4’s PS Now service lets you download games instead of simply streaming them and Ni no Kuni is one of the games they offer.

  21. I can honestly say I don’t think the avalanche has ever been as bad as the Bowserette one.

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      No kidding. I go to any game related site, SUDDENLY BOWSETTE.

    2. Democrobot
    3. TheKingOfTheDragovians
  22. Telltale is basically closing down. Walking Dead’s final season is supposedly the last project. Shame. I at least wanted more Game of Thrones and Wolf Among Us. Very fitting that they close it out with the end of a series that helped them take off.

    1. ignasia


      Well, technically the TV show was built around Rick Grimes, and with the loss of his son and his planned death (clearly they're making it absolute as a closeout), and with several other groups that seem to be organized and good, who can restructure the world and give his daughter a real chance at life...why not?

      It has to end sometime, and without Rick it would lose the audience, or at least a substantial portion of them.  I have a hard time watching since Carl died.  I can't bring myself to.  It's like watching Game of Thrones or reading Song of Ice and Fire.  It's too damn depressing. Everyone or just about everyone who is a really great character and should survive...dies.  Less so in Walking Dead, but so many from the first seasons are just gone, and several core members are...gone.  Glenn's death was really difficult.  I shouldn't say I had a hard time since Carl.  It's since Glenn.  That was monstrous.  Random.  The most insidious and harshest death up to that point.  A part of me actually died watching it.  He was so core, the left arm of Rick really.  It was mostly Glenn and Rick and Daryl (his right arm).

      I can't watch Fear the Walking Dead anymore.  It's just so hard getting to like characters that just die off like they're nothing at times.  Or due to some totally shitty circumstance that could have been avoided, or the individuals actually responsible had no need to pull because every man should count.  Plus Morgan's leaving and joining I thought was stupid.  He defied his own logic despite that he knew full well what would happen, and that it was necessary to start the war.  It was necessary to take down Negan.  He even helped advocate for it.  He's the most wishy washy character as well, with the largest moral dilemma's that annoy me more than anything as I understand his position, just not his lack of effort in attempting to assure peace down the road, assure some amount of life down the road.  He just flees everything.  Clearly he can't flee in "fear" as they've written him as being now attached and having actually learned something, but he's the only good character I want to punch.

      As for telltale games, I'm not that familiar with them, but it seems like they had some early successes then just petered out with one bomb after another.  They're not completely gone, but doubtful they'll resuscitate without going into something like Mobile gaming. 

    2. eal


      I was referring to how the Walking Dead game was instrumental in making Telltale a household name. Wasn’t talking about the show at all.

      I will say, the point of Glenn’s death WAS to be that way. Seemingly random, senseless brutality. Negan is like a force of nature that blows in and wreaks havoc, yet at the same time is methodical and responsible in his thinking.

  23. Anyone’s orders ship yet? SE Store hasn’t shipped out my order yet and it’s dangerously close to the release date. I almost thought they canceled it or something but the charge is still on my account.

    1. redneckpride4ever


      Just got an email tonight. Due to arrive by the 6th. Good thing I have a second copy pre-ordered.

  24. The Switch is like the Wii. Except instead of everyone rushing to spam out shovelware and porting everything, they’re making decent ports of literally every game that’s been out in like the last decade. I wonder if the Switch will end up with a bigger library then Wii and PS2 by the time all is said and done.

  25. Discotek are my heroes. They’re bringing back Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier, a childhood show, and they just announced Kimagure Orange Road and Galaxy Express 999. They also brought back Requiem From the Darkness a few years ago. They might be my favorite licensors.

    1. Fates


      They are on a tear. Never expected Voltes V.

    2. eal


      I have my fingers crossed very tightly that they bring back some of the stuff Viz has dropped. I”s, Nana, Honey and Clover, Strawberry 100%, Maison Ikkoku.

      Discotek has a great niche of picking up old things that are cheap (and sometimes quick) to license and release. Leave the new stuff that need dubs to Funimation, Sentai, and Aniplex.

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