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  1. eal

    Amiibo Discussion

    Pichu, Pokemon Trainer, and Isabel are the next ones up and King Dedede is one of the reprints. I can’t remember the other reprints. I’ll definitely get Pichu and Pokémon Trainer. As for the ones I showed above, I’ll likely get just Dark Samus and Incineroar. Don’t care about Castlevania Man, the thousandth version of Link, and as cool as that Chrom is, I already have the FE version of him and have a hard time justifying buying a more expensive version of one I have.
  2. I remember years and years and years ago I asked what game should have a Zenithian Trilogy DS-style remake and I said I’d like to see Dragon Quest VIII get one, and I still stand by it. It’s a game that got a lot of praise for its beautiful graphics, so I would like to see what it would be like without them. Could players still feel the same level of connection or emotion if it was presented the way the DS games looked, with lower quality music and no voice acting on top of it?
  3. I am playing what is considered to be the visual novel, The House in Fata Morgana. Every review I’ve seen of it has said nothing less than it being a true masterpiece of storytelling so I’m really excited to see how it got that reputation. On first impressions, the art style and music are out of the ordinary for a Japanese VN (though the music doesn’t loop; it stops for a few seconds and then continues). I like the story structure, seeing past events residents of the manor prior to your arrival.
  4. eal


    While I appreciated that a predominant number mega evolutions were Gen 3, I felt it was kinda gimmicky and I’m not all that surprised that it isn’t making the jump into the next gen.
  5. Only Boston teams people seem to follow regularly are the Red Sox and the Patriots (although they’re not strictly a Boston team). Despite basketball being created in MA, they don’t seem to care all that much except during March Madness or if the Celtics make it to the play-offs.
  6. You must be like four feet from me because it’s also raining where I am. I just have to say hockey is the weirdest sport, in terms of how the layperson views it (I am one of them lol). I don’t hear anyone talk about it until suddenly everyone’s asking me if I saw the Bruins game last night (for the last couple weeks). I could tell they made it to the play-offs just by everyone suddenly caring about it. I get the impression that Boston sports fans are just into the excitement of a team from Boston potentially won a championship.
  7. I really like the idea of having people on for games they started with, yes. I don't just want this to be a "Hey it's a podcast about Dragon Quest 7" as much as about how awesome 7 is and how it affected people and how much it's loved by part of the fan base. There's enough informational stuff out there, I want people's stories and feeling as much as anything! The pool for people that are active here that started with, say, DQMJ2 might be limited, so reaching out to the wider community like the Dragon Quest subreddit, social media, and the Dragon Quest Wiki for guests is a good way to find people who started with more obscure titles.
  8. Thus, he's my hero! Saving that game from being boring would make anyone a hero. A true hero is someone who does the work not for recognition and glory, but because it is good and just.
  9. Just a suggestion, a podcast doesn’t necessarily need to go up on iTunes. It’s more convenient for sure, but I’ve listened to podcasts on, say, YouTube, where they use a static image or gameplay or a 5 second loop of video and you’re expected to open up another tab and go about your day while listening to the podcast. Sometimes, people will throw them up on Google Drive or somewhere else to download. So there are more options than just iTunes. As for a content suggestion, I think it would be cool if you could grab a guest whose first game was whichever one you highlight. So if it’s about Dragon Quest III you can get a guest whose first Dragon Quest game was III and they can talk about what drew them to the series and what they liked about that game and what about it drew them back.
  10. Got my fingers crossed the Smash Bros. Effect that worked out so well for Fire Emblem blesses us with new fans coming in to learn more about the Heroes and which games they should play.

    1. Imutone


      Well they are already editing the Wiki to include stuff over their little fight on the SSB Wiki so I'm a bit afraid.

      Things like saying Eight's official name is the Guv despite only Yangus saying that, I just hope it won't get worse

  11. In fact, they tossed it to you twice!
  12. eal


    I feel like that’s one argument in favor of cutting some Pokémon from future games. Cutting out unmemorable Pokemon, some of the gimmicky ones with crazy requirements for evolution (Feebas and Milotic, for example). Regardless, in terms of quality Pokémon is probably one of the most yoyo-ing franchises in video games. Pokémon is like The Simpsons: everyone says hey love it, but they probably only really, genuinely love one or two generations (or, in The Simpsons case, seasons). The original games aren’t good, quiet honestly, and the designs as presented in the games are hideous. Gen 1 being unbalanced and buggy as hell is well known, but it gets a pass for being the first and developed by a small team. Gen 3 had an incredibly convoluted National Dex (in which you couldn’t get every Pokémon without like 4 different games and a GameCube and Pokemon Colosseum). Gen 4, oh, my God, literally the worst requirements for catching or evolving new Pokémon ever with ridiculous gimmicks.
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