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  1. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    A perfect metaphor for real life combat.
  2. eal


    Crud. That reminds me, I'm 5 hours into part 3. Fun game! I was actually considering getting the follow-ups on the Wii U Virtual Console down the line because I played the original voraciously. Get Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky. In my opinion, they’re the best narrative storytelling in all of Pokemon.
  3. eal


    Had a sudden urge to try to complete Pokemon Ranger. Like a 100% Browser. I’m actually decently close (189/210), so I’m gonna give it a go over the weekend.
  4. eal


    Do they make toys for dingoes?
  5. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    Grabbed Layers of Fear for like $4. And The World Next Door for $3. Currently playing the last season of The Walking Dead game after totally skipping New Frontier, which I heard is pretty bad. Pretty much every day though is me trying to distract myself until MediEvil comes out next week.
  6. eal


    If it’s not shaped like a rug, someone on the development team needs to be let go.
  7. eal


    I appreciate that Meowth looks like a dog toy.
  8. Not really. They're intended to be digital only games, however the southeast Asian countries don't have an eshop so digital games aren't a thing there. Its physical or nothing and SE doesn't want to miss out on those sales. The more you know.
  9. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    Doesn’t help that people are under the assumption that the development of this game simultaneously as Sword and Shield is the reason why we aren’t getting every Pokemon.
  10. Oh, yes, the Amiibo subreddit is how I found out about which were exclusive to which store and what was getting stocked and re-stocked and when. I actually saw a post apparently too late earlier today claiming GameStop briefly listed a few out-of-stock Amiibo. Too slow and missed out on Cloud Funny comments and news and deal alerts and memes. That’s reason enough.
  11. They're all the worst subreddit. Except for the small ones. Disagree. The Vita subreddit has been an invaluable resource for finding out when stuff was coming out or alert me to deals. Same with r/animedeals. Love raimimemes, and the Two Best Friends subreddit has some of the best pop culture discussions and out-of-context panels. Okay, so the point of that particular subreddit was, as far as I’m aware, to upvote a post if it was a unpopular opinion, not if you agreed with it. But when I click on a highly upvoted post and look down at the comments, 80% of them are either “this isn’t an unpopular opinion” or “this is the 5th time someone’s said this today” or someone is agreeing with them. People weren’t even using the upvote system properly. People just go there to have their views reinforced, and ironically, prove that this opinion isn’t unpopular.
  12. Somebody inform Reddit and Twitter. Related: r/unpopularopinion is the worst subreddit I’ve ever been on.
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