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  1. eal

    Vita RPGs...?

    The last new Vita games came out this week. Developers won’t be able to submit new games from this point on. One of these games (Ultra Mission) has an issue where certain trophies won’t unlock and they’re also potentially not able to patch the game, meaning this platinum trophy might never be unlocked:
  2. eal


    Had a pretty good Go Fest. I caught a shiny Dratini and Pikachu with a hat. It’s just a regular Pikachu with a stupid cheap hat...but it’s got a new hat! For new captures I managed to get Audino, Sawk, Chatot, and the Meloetta tied to the Special Research for the event. Over the course of the event I managed to evolve a few new Pokémon (Jellicent, Huntail, Swadloon, Gliscor, Slurpuff, and Elektross), and I hatched a Galarian Meowth, which I immediately evolved into a Perrserker. And, of course, I got the Rock Star Pikachu and Flygon and Galarian Ponyta with a hat. Raid day was also pretty fun. I caught Cresselia, Virizion, Reshiram, and Azelf for the first time. Sadly, after the first two or three hours, everyone seemed to have had their fill so I couldn’t get groups together for any more raiding after that. I also managed to accumulate almost 40 rare candies that I’ll probably allocate some time soon. Definitely worth the $5.
  3. eal


    What are they doing special this year? Increased rate of rare? They’re doing Habitats that rotate each hour that have Pokémon related to that Habitat. So right now is the Cave Habitat. They also did this last year though. There’s a Special Research that can earn you a Meloetta, Pokémon are more likely to be shiny, a few Pokémon in special costumes, there’s 1/2 hatch distance for eggs. Tomorrow they’ll be giving out a lot of Raid passes. Nothing too wild, but at the same time the ticket was only $5 compared to last year’s $15.
  4. This is the new manga? Don’t know why they aren’t going for the old series. Hopefully, they’ll add it to their Shonen Jump app so people can read it with their subscription and get more eyeballs on it.
  5. eal


    Pokémon Go Fest 2021 began today. I’ve already got some new Pokémon I’ve been needing and it’s only just started.
  6. I have the sneaking suspicion that Kingdom Hearts is actually not a very good game whose fanbase came to fall in love with it because they have strong feelings of nostalgia from when they played it as a kid and they couldn’t fully wrap their heads around the concept of a game not being good, and every new game in the series is them desperately trying to recapture that old magic they remember from when they were kids but they just can’t, proving you really can’t go home again. Seriously, when I started playing Kingdom Hearts, I watched an LP where someone makes the claim that Wonderland was the worst world, a friend told me that Monstro is the worst, someone on the Den Discord said that Deep Jungle is the biggest hump, and I’ve heard horror stories about Atlantica. What else other than deep-rooted nostalgia and/or a love of Disney can explain why people love this particular game?
  7. I’ve read a lot this year. Like, a lot. During the pandemic, I lost drive to read but was still buying ebooks when they were on sale and accumulated a disgusting amount of unread books by the time I got the spark back. This year, I’ve been trying to read at least one, preferably two a week. Today, I started Press Reset. It’s the second book about the game industry that Jason Schreier has written. I really liked the first book, which covered the development of a bunch of beloved games, and this second one is shaping up to be just as interesting. The first chapter was about Epic Mickey (and Warren Spector’s career as a whole), and the second was about Bioshock 1 and 3 and their director Ken Levine.
  8. Damn, this was a good burn.
  9. Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things. For real though Favorite Dragon Quest game: I bounce back and forth between 5 and 8 Least favorite Dragon Quest game: 6 Favorite Dragon Quest spin-off: DQM:J probably Least favorite Dragon Quest spin-off: Dragon Quest Wars definitely Favorite one-off RPG: The Last Story Favorite other RPG: Pokémon Least favorite one-off RPG: life is too short to play an RPG you’re not enjoying enough to have a strong opinion about it Least favorite one-off RPG: same deal Favorite Dragon Quest character: Milly probably Least favorite Dragon Quest character: Marihell definitely. Favorite Dragon Quest monster: Dracky probably Least favorite Dragon Quest monster: Dancing Devils Favorite other RPG characters: Makoto from Persona 5 I guess? Favorite other RPG monsters: do Pokémon count? Blaziken, Umbreon, Dragonite, Empoleon, and Galarian Ponyta for some reason. Favorite Color: blue Favorite pet: the family cat Kate Favorite musical artist: Rilo Kiley Favorite song: dunno Favorite food: steak Favorite TV show: The Simpsons maybe through to season 16 Favorite movie: I bounce back and forth between Spirited Away and Perfect Blue Favorite sports team: couldn’t care less. I guess I care slightly more when the Red Sox are doing well because I was growing up around the time when they were escaping from the shadow of the Curse of the Bambino. Pet peeve: when people don’t just say what they mean or talk out an issue.
  10. Is this The Lost a Child game dungeon crawler? I own it but I think I decided to sell my copy because it looked sorta mediocre. I remember a couple months ago hearing the English dub and trying to figure out if I could recognize a particular voice. I never did find the answer but one of the first places I looked was the credits on YouTube, and I could swear that the song they used was O Come All Ye Faithful.
  11. We’re not in that fandom so this isn’t a conversation we normally have so now we’re having it.
  12. I would say another reason Persona is more popular and mainstream than SMT is how much more relatable and down to Earth they are. I could be off-base on this since I’ve only ever played a bit of SMT IV, but when I look at that series, I see post-apocalypses full of ruined cities and demons. Persona still has fantastical settings for the RPG combat and repackaged the demons as “Shadows” and “Personas,” but it balances out this portion of the gameplay with an everyday life system where you talk to people you encounter, develop bonds, and go to the beach or restaurants or a summer festival or whatever after defeating a boss. The characters deal with issues that the average person deals with, as compared to the lofty and world ending problems you see in SMT. This is the perspective of an outsider who sees SMT through its marketing and trailers and reviews.
  13. Just started Blue Dragon. It got a lot of flak for being a bog standard and traditional JRPG, but that’s exactly what I want to play. Not everything needs to reinvent the wheel. I will say, the protagonist is pretty annoying.
  14. I second this. We gushed about it in the Slime Time side quest on our favorite games of 2020.
  15. I just polished off Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, so I guess I’ll add to the discussion by recommending the Mario & Luigi series. Even though I’ve only played the one game haha. There are a few ways to play it. There’s the original GBA game, which is available on the Wii U Virtual Console (where I finished it), and there’s also the 3DS remake that I’ve heard mixed things about but still looks pretty fun.
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