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  1. We got 14 in our county. A couple are listed as no contact with anyone known to have it or traveled anywhere but to home and stores. Oh boy. 500+ in the county I work in, 150+ in the county I live in. Send help.
  2. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    Damn, what caused THOSE prices? Didn’t see that coming. I was expecting at most $15-20 more than it sold for originally.
  3. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    Heads up to people interested in Panzer Dragoon: if you want a physical copy of it for Switch, it looks like it’s Limited Run Games are the ones releasing it, and the pre-order period starts tomorrow. I’m gonna do my patriotic duty and stimulate the economy tomorrow.
  4. Same! The traffic has gotten lighter, but there are still plenty of people out on the road, and work is only marginally slower. It’s on the same level as during the summer break when families go on vacation to Cape Cod or something. The list of essential businesses include liquor stores and gun shops. Basically every place but retail stores that don’t sell food or pharmaceuticals are closed. You can also go on hikes and take walks and ride your bike. What was the point of this?
  5. He certainly wouldn’t be out of the norm. Like I mentioned in another topic, the movie Contagion has been spiking in popularity recently because it deals with a virus similar to COVID-19. Now that I think about it, the virus in that movie also involved with bats. Before this started, I admitted to some friends and acquaintances that I am deeply fascinated with the Black Death. I’ll watch any decent documentary you throw at me about it. I just find it a very interesting period in history. My interest in that kind of thing is also a deciding factor to playing A Plague Tale: Innocence a couple months ago. So I get where your friend is coming from.
  6. Meanwhile, the Resident Evil 3 remake comes out next Friday.
  7. You can still read it on ComiXology when it comes out :) Ironically, it’s mostly small companies that run nonessential businesses, so it’s them that need to close, not big companies like Target and Walmart, who are benefiting the most from this and likely aren’t compensating their exposed employees that are making them this money.
  8. Sad that there won’t be new comics for the foreseeable future. Stores in my state are closed but I could’ve made the journey into Rhode Island over the weekend. Now it seems pointless since Diamond won’t be sending new comics out to stores that will stay open. There’s a lot of good stuff that’s out that I was excited to read, but I read the monthly sales figures and a lot of what I like doesn’t sell. Venom, Amazing Spider-Man, and Immortal Hulk do great, and Black Cat and Daredevil sell okay consistently, but Runaways averages 8,000 units shipped to stores and Amazing Mary Jane and Ghost-Spider are only doing marginally better. On top of that, I’m sure this will be a fatal blow for a lot of stores. The two stores I go to most often will likely bounce back since they have a reliable customer base, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one store in my area closes (it moved to a smaller, cheaper location recently and has a more popular competitor just 5 minutes away). For now, I’m not going to buy digitally because I’d rather support my LCS when it finally opens back up and gets new issues.
  9. Massachusetts has declared a stay-in order and all non-essential businesses are to close. ...I work for an essential business. RIP.
  10. eal

    Vita RPGs...?

    Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit! has some pretty bizarre, yet fatal, design issues. Along with the ones I mention earlier, there is also an issue with difficulty at every possible angle. When I started the story mode, I chose Asuka, the main character, and breezes through her story, only for the final round to be one of the hardest songs in the game. You see, each story has five rounds, and you compete against a different girl out of 22 in each round. And because songs are assigned to one specific girl, the story mode has a wildly fluctuating difficulty. The last round could be easier than the previous four. There are a few other issues. For example, Hard difficulty utilizes all 8 buttons, which is unreasonable, and there doesn’t seem to be difficulty displayed next to each girl to let you know how hard the song is. I don’t know why I’m expecting basic mechanics from a tiddy game.
  11. This box art is on the same tier as the Konami’s Best version of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.
  12. If they made a physical collection of all their RPGs, it would be the equivalent of one of those 12-in-1 collections in a $3.74 Walmart movie bin.
  13. The Bleach anime never got a proper ending so I’m happy for the fans that wanted it are getting it, but I’ve also never understood why they wanted it in the first place. I read the whole manga in a two month binge and I can tell you right now that the last arc was a stinker, a rushed one at that, and mine isn’t an unpopular opinion.
  14. I think I’m gonna start a tally for every time a customer or co-worker tells me about a rumor they heard or a family member that has a “source” that there will be a quarantine. It’s good to be prepared but everyone seems to think they know when it’s gonna happen. At least this week, lines were shorter in the grocery store, even if canned and frozen food are almost gone. And, of course, the toilet paper situation.
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