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  1. Gonna be honest, I’m sure the sudden closure of Dragon Quest of the Stars spooked a lot of Dragon Quest fans away from potentially wasting their time playing a game that could die at any moment...which will almost definitely hasten Tact’s eventually shutdown. I would be surprised if Tact makes it to 2022.
  2. eal


    I somewhat passively attempt the legendary raids since it’s tough to find enough people to run them successfully. If I’m at a convention or there’s an event like last year’s Go Fest happening, it’s not an issue, but for an average weekend in the middle of nowhere you’ll be hard-pressed to find a ton of people playing. Thankfully, those Remote Raid Passes makes it easy to jump into a friend’s raid somewhere else.
  3. eal


    I also got a Rayquaza. I was very happy! A friend - really a rando I added from Reddit during last year’s Go Fest - invited me to a raid and they managed to scrounge up 8 of us, so we basically walked all over it, and I was lucky enough to catch it and add it to my Pokédex.
  4. Nice! What was your completion time? I beat it in exactly 43 hours. I did a healthy number of side quests (called Requests in this game) and very little level grinding. I think about 10 of those hours was just working my way through the first Jail lol.
  5. Kind of blown away at how easy the final boss in Persona 5 Strikers is. What made some of the previous bosses tricky was how they would constantly be in motion, but this particular boss is totally stationary and is a massive target. My party just wailed on it the whole time. It doesn’t even deliver any particularly rough attacks if you happen to get hit by them. Honestly, the hardest part was the second stage, where you have to split your team up and send them to fight a small group of mini-bosses (with much less health than the average miniboss to keep it fair). The trouble with this was that
  6. My magnum opus.
  7. I’m so happy for them. They make a lovely couple.
  8. Most ports or HD remasters are usually $40, so even in this instance there’s a markup, just not as steep as Nintendo’s.
  9. Basically 90% of the Switch catalogue lol.
  10. eal


    Yeah, I was sorta following this because there was a funny situation where a bunch of idiots who didn’t know anything about Pokémon cards bought Base Set box from the shady dude who sold a box to Logan Paul and found out they were scammed live on stream.
  11. Wait, there’s an app that can track the beers you’ve drank? I know a couple people who would love to hear about this. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know much about alcohol. I rarely drink enough to get drunk, and when that happens, it’s usually because I haven’t eaten in awhile. I generally stick to Guinness and go about my day, but I usually try to drink something else whenever I’m traveling, typically an IPA. I actually went to a brewery last year before COVID ruined 2020.
  12. When I moved into my apartment, I basically furnished the place with furniture from the ‘90s. My couch up until a few months ago was horrifically stained with all the food I got all over it throughout my childhood. It was too short to fit a whole person who wanted to lie down comfortably so I had to get rid of it. Honestly, my coffee table might be the next casualty. It’s starting to fall apart, which is generally bad for a table to do. One of the things I was most excited to inherit was the computer desk we’ve had since the early 2000s, back when they were built to house those massive bricks
  13. eal


    I play it regularly but I can go a few days without catching anything. I’m blessed to live right next to a gym; I don’t even need to leave my apartment! And the addition of remote raid passes have been a godsend. I can actually go for legendary Pokémon with other players in Raids. Speaking of Pokémon! I was feeling nostalgic and decided it would be fun to collect the Neo series of the TCG. It’s the start of the Gen II series of cards, and the whole thing fits neatly into my binder. I don’t plan on completing it anytime so though since a small handful of cards are decently expensive.
  14. I have been slowly chipping away at Spider-Man for PS4. I’ve cleared the story on NG+ on the highest difficulty (which was a bit of a joke), knocked out most of the side content aside from the aggressively tedious random crimes, unlocked everything but the very last costume for doing everything, and upgraded all the gadgets. All that’s left are the secret photos, one really stubborn bonus objective at a Sable camp, those damn Benchmarks, and getting a gold on all the Challenges. Today was an especially good day when it comes to the Challenges, which I expect to be the most difficult part
  15. This summer I wanna play through a bunch of my PS4 games! I’d like to restart Blue Reflection (it just feels like a summer weekend kind of game), Attack on Titan I might start from the beginning (I was doing so well and then I got totally derailed by a brutally tough boss). In the fall I’ll probably try to complete MediEvil and Murdered: Soul Suspect, some spooky games in October. In December, who knows, I might try to polish off the last few Challenges in Spider-Man: Miles Morales and clear the rest of the benchmarks (...and try to do that last damn bonus objective in one of the bases...) and
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