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  1. I wanted to read a short manga as a palate cleanser after reading Bleach, which was 74 volumes. So I picked up Genkaku Picasso, a short, 3 volume manga I’d been wanting to read since I read the first chapter preview a couple years ago in Shonen Jump. It started out...okay. Like, the formula was starting to get boring and the stories weren’t interesting. But then, out of nowhere came a storyline about a trans character that to date is one of the most compassionate and well written stories about that kind of experience I might have ever seen in Japanese media. It was a worthwhile read just for that one chunk of story, and thankfully, the manga as a whole picked up after that. Just something I wanted to share since it surprised me and it was just a good story on its own about accepting yourself and being accepted by others.
  2. eal

    Vita RPGs...?

    I found a new copy for a great price so I couldn’t resist.
  3. Aaaaaand done with Bleach. Yeesh, that last Arc was as bad as I remember, except maybe a little worse because even though it didn’t feel like it was dragging anymore, the way fights flowed became way more dreadful. It doesn’t help that those were his worst character designs in the whole series. Basically, every chapter is “here’s my hidden power,” the other guy is shocked, the attacker acts full of himself, and then the other it fires back his own hidden power. Rinse and repeat within the same fight for like 8-10 chapters. It made it so you never actually knew when the fight was over until it transitioned into the next fight. The truncated nature of the last 20 chapters also hurt the ending. Three fan favorite characters and one’s brother needlessly introduced at the last minute maybe died? It was unclear accept for Nel saying she was going to save them maybe. You don’t see it happen, just her talking about it, and they don’t reappear in the last two chapters. Also, extra credit for shoving Nel out of the story three times. And we never did find out what happened to Harribel. I also forgot that Chad literally did nothing the whole series and had almost no successful fights accept for against some jobber during the Hueco Mundo Arc. His contribution to the final battle was staying behind to fight golems! At least one positive coming out of this re-read was I actually developed a fondness for Sajin Komamura that I didn’t be expect, and I thought his fight with Tosen was probably one of the best fights in the series, because it was about two friends battling each other while shouting their ideals at each other, a staple of any shonen manga.
  4. eal

    Amiibo Discussion

    There are a few non-Smash Amiibo I want or already have. The only ones left that I’d like are the Fire Emblem Echoes pair and Tiki. I’m glad I got Shovel Knight, the 8-bit Marios, and the Twilight Princess one.
  5. eal

    Amiibo Discussion

    Of the fresh batch, I’m not really a fan of any of the new ones but I’m happy to get Bayonetta Player 2 and Wii Fit Trainer. I like the way they’re doing each batch: a couple old, out-of-print ones mixed in with new releases, though in a perfect world I’d like all of them to be readily available because I still missed out on Meta Knight and Piranha Plant last time. I think I read Pichu is next, which I really want.
  6. I like to use Reddit for the memes related to my interests, it’s sort of like a news site specific to stuff I like, and it can also make for both a good echo chamber as well as a great place to see what the opposite viewpoint is, if you know what subs to visit, but you can avoid that stuff altogether if you want to and just stick to casual discussion subreddits. And sometimes you just want to laugh at cringe content and there are whole subreddits dedicated to collecting specific kinds of cringe. For the most part I really only sub to non-controversial subreddits and visit more politically charged ones logged out.
  7. I was so salty that they did a whole episode dedicated to giving him a power boost, getting a sword, and it didn’t really matter all that much.
  8. I picked up the Corpse Party game on Vita, not realizing the first game was a necessity to understand it, so I bought the original game on Steam and that’s what I’ve been playing the last two nights. I actually played with the lights off, but on the second night, I needed them on. It’s really that scary. It’s scariness is almost brilliant in that, as a game with simple graphics (wasn’t the original version made in RPG Maker or something?), it needs to really on atmosphere to get you. And it does that in spades. It’s a truly miserable game. Whereas a lot of horror games want you to be moving around, hiding, trying to get you to want to leave a location as quickly as possible, in Corpse Party, it’s almost a requirement to explore every inch and read every note to achieve a good ending for that chapter. I couldn’t finish the first chapter because I missed an item that let me into a room that altered what happened at an important scene towards the end of the chapter. Because of this, you soak in all the horrible notes, signs, etc. that you pass, and it starts to disturb you. Not for the faint of heart but I have to say that I’m impressed a pixelated RPG Maker game could spook me so much.
  9. Wait, it’s mentioned in an official capacity or it’s just being talked about on Twitter?
  10. Death Note has been adapted into basically every media ever and that includes a musical. The interesting part is that, despite never making it to the US, an American composed the songs. So there’s like a whole bunch of demos performed in English out in the wild performed by American singers despite being done in Japanese for the actual musical.
  11. I like how there was a conversation about a “where to find us” megathread and it never happened.
  12. It’s okay, I have no self control buying games either.
  13. Cut to tomorrow Platty: So I started playing Octopath Traveler...
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