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  1. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    As a funny aside, I was on r/Vita and saw a post mentioning the Superbeat Xonic OST was on sale on the publisher’s store. I bought a copy and when I went to see what else was on sale I noticed the OST was now sold out. I think I got the last copy lol.
  2. My favorite are those pachinko machines based on popular game franchises with gorgeous HD CG cutscenes that sometimes adds lore to the series but is still exclusive to the pachinko slot machine.
  3. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    The aesthetic helps you get into it. I’m not into that type of music either, but you get into it as a part of an package. Between the menus, BGM, and the announcer and all that, you get into the feeling of being at a nightclub. Your hands get a real workout too lol. They’re all over the controls.
  4. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    Pretty much anything you’d hear in a club. It leans more towards techno but you can find pop and some other genres. Here’s an example of gameplay:
  5. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    ? Weird. I managed to buy it on my phone. Then again, it also said it was downloading right now (I’d like to see it try since my Switch is off). I’m guessing you need an account linked with a Switch then.
  6. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    I bought it during my lunch in case it was a price error and it was corrected before I got home. You could always buy it and download it later. I almost bought a $20 copy at Target so I feel you.
  7. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    Not an RPG but Superbeat Xonic is on sale for $0.89. I’ve played it on Vita and it’s a pretty good rhythm game, so give it a look: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/superbeat-xonic-switch/
  8. Love this new Super Eyepatch Wolf video about the Internet meme-ifying Ghe Simpsons:
  9. eal

    Vita RPGs...?

    Ogden! Love those games! This was my progress from like 3 days ago because I find I’m more likely to keep playing if I don’t post that I’m playing something until I’m decently deep into the game. I’m at level 20, equipped with all the best weapons currently available, and defeated the third boss. I like how speedy the fights are, makes level and money grinding a quick affair. It’s a good pastiche of Dragon Quest IV. I’d love to see their take on V.
  10. There’s one more day left! You can still go! It was great for me as a comic fan. Got a lot of autographs, met a lot of pros whose work I enjoy. I got into a lot of weird lines. One of the strangest was a few editors for an up-and-coming comic book company asked a pro I was waiting to meet if they wanted to work for them. I was in Steve Rude’s line and I’m second in line when another pro comes up to him and they start chatting like old friends for like 15 minutes. When he left, Steve Rude tells us how great a man this guy is and he wants all the best for him, which was pretty nice to hear, honestly. Also, he tells us Howard Chaykin apparently doesn’t like to be called Howie. I noticed a lot of pros are starting to charge for comics. Usually they’ll be gracious and offer 2-5 for free and charge from then on, but sometimes it’s $5 for every signature. I get it. A lot of people get signatures of dozens of comics at a time with the intention of getting them graded and selling them for a profit, so charging cuts down the number of books people come up to them with and also lets the writers and artists get a cut of that, if these people are just going to try to make money off their signatures. However, if that’s the case, it’s not working. I was in a line where a guy got at least a dozen comics signed with the intention of getting them graded (so there was also a witness for CGC observing them). And not just some $4 comic either. Like, $15-45 special variants sold on artist’s websites and at cons. This particular artist charges extra for signatures for CGC comics. I wouldn’t be shocked if that stack cost him, between CGC fees, the cost of the books, and the cost of the signatures, a couple hundred dollars. (One of these days I’m gonna disparage a reseller online and someone’s gonna be like, “Hey, that was me!” lol)
  11. Square Enix is notorious for their ports of retro games, but in my experience, the Dragon Quest ones are great. Even the movement doesn’t suck, which is often the case for mobile ports of old games.
  12. At Fan Expo Boston for the day. The first thing I did was get into Dan Slott’s line to get some books signed because the last time I tried to get into his line at a convention, it was just after Peter Parker came back and the wait was ridiculous. I succeeded in meeting him today and he signed ASM #655, which got me into reading modern comics. Dude was really friendly. Met a couple other artists but that was probably the most significant. More in line with this forum’s interests, I did also met the voice of Zelda in Breath of the Wild and she signed my Wii U copy!
  13. I can at least agree with you that the Smash community does like to overreact lol.
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