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  1. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    For basically all Switch games, it’s open pre-order for two weeks. Some high demand games like Grandia are four weeks. And if you miss that period there’s a small stock at most Best Buy a few months later. It’s PS4 and PS Vita that get limited batches, but I think by now most PS4 games are open pre-orders.
  2. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    I had the random inspiration to pop back into Puzzle Quest for an hour and took on that really tough Blood Mage boss that would cause the game to crash if we both had Soul Bond active. I somehow managed to defeat her without using Soul Bond at all. I don’t even know how, I just saw her health had tanked significantly and kept the momentum going. I’m guessing my Ultimate Troll Ring helped me recover more health then Soul Bond was costing me and I managed to take the advantage. This is usually how it goes for me. Struggle with a boss for a long time and then defeat them smoothly in one go after not playing the game in forever.
  3. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-08-05/new-dragon-quest-the-adventure-of-dai-anime-unveils-more-cast-visual/.162588 I didn’t know Yuuki Hayashi is doing the music. It’s not gonna sound anything like the games but he does some good work. This is the My Hero Academia, Haikyu!!, and Death Parade music guy. I still think that, just knowing about the studio’s past works and that it’s gonna have a lot of CG, this is likely not gonna look great.
  4. Was going through my photos. Found a picture of a Nintendo gift card code I bought years ago. Tried to redeem it and there was money on it! Now I have $20 to play around with.
  5. If a second Switch happens, I can only imagine the best way to handle it is to continue to mandate first-party games run on both versions while the new Switch capitalized on third-party support. I just can’t imagine Nintendo cares enough to want, say, Cyberpunk 2077 (to pull a random example), on their console. They seem happy with keeping it a port machine with new first-party games for another 5 years.
  6. I’m predicting that the next generation is going to be a breaking point for AAA. They’re only going to take longer to develop and cost more to make, so that most of the big budget games will become console exclusives funded by either Sony or Microsoft. The fact that the Switch continues to sell well means developers and publishers will want to keep putting games on it, and most of these current gen ports are already too much for the Switch to handle, meaning that the Switch is going to be totally left in the dust. This will result in us getting a lot of mid-tier, AA games on Switch.
  7. The best way to grow a fanbase is by making a game available on as many systems as possible. They showed the game at E3 and put the Hero in Smash. That’s how you grow a fanbase. How is making the game look not as good as it can look on other consoles bending over backwards for Nintendo fans? Anyone who’s gonna play the game on Switch likely already has.
  8. I understand wanting the game to look nicer, and I don’t really get why it isn’t, but that’s Square Enix’s fault. As far as I’m aware, Nintendo isn’t forcing this on SE.
  9. Dragon Ball Z has been a part of my life since I was in elementary school, it’s part of the reason I ended up playing Dragon Quest games, so it was always weird to me that I never read the manga the whole way through. I binged all of Dragon Ball and just started on DBZ. I know everything that happens, obviously. I watched the show for years, saw some of the movies and specials (I was super hype to watch the Bardock and Future Trunks specials), and played a bunch of the games. I’m intimately familiar with all the details of the series. Yet, somehow, Super, which is totally new content for me, has been a wellspring of new and strange lore to stumble into during wiki dives.
  10. You really can’t find someone worse then Maribel, you can only grade them on a scale from 1-Maribel.
  11. Hipsters are never a worthy addition to anything.
  12. eal

    GBA RPGs...?

    You’re just like my brother. Before things like Spotify, he’d swipe music off Napster or buy music off obscure Russian music sites that sell songs for pennies. If he owns any sort of media physically, he throws out the case, takes the disc, and puts it in one of those CD wallets.
  13. “Waifu” is just an anagram of my true feelings of Maribel, which is that she’s “awfiu.”
  14. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    I would still sooner get Scramble first since P5 was great but I also played it and it was 100 hours long and Scramble is a sequel and it looks pretty good and not 100 hours long.
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