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  1. I read a few days ago a new Moe Chronicle game was coming out with a physical version as well but this time sold on Play-Asia instead of Limited Run Games. Dunno why they wouldn’t stick with what worked for them.
  2. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    Just call me Trode.
  3. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    I’m making a lot of progress in Puzzle Quest, especially ever since I equipped the Ultimate Troll Ring. Seriously, gather up enough blue mana and you get +3 health regeneration every turn. It finally gave a use to blue mana since Blood Mages don’t seem to utilize it much. It was instrumental to defeating golems, making it basically a war of attrition whereas it was impossible to bring their health down due to their healing abilities. The Nullify skill is also incredibly damaging when laying siege to a Citadel and the Ultimate Troll Ring helps bounce back from the hit to your health for using it.
  4. He’s been at a few of the conventions I’ve gone to but I don’t want to just buy a Funko POP of Spike and have him sign it, I’d like to bring something slightly more unique that I’d value more. It would make for a nice piece to hang on my wall. Since there isn’t much merch for anime I’m sure big name voice actors must sign a lot of Funko POPs of their characters, which I’ve done in the past but I find it kinda boring. I remember asking Michelle Ruff to sign Yukari’s (from Persona 3) tarot card and she didn’t even know what it was when I handed it to her.
  5. I don’t usually buy vinyl but I backed this one when I first watched this since proceeds go to charity. It would be cool to get it signed by Steve Blum the next time I see him at a con.
  6. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles S: Remastered Edition - Gotye? Haven’t heard from him in awhile. I guess you could say that this remaster will be Some Game That I Used to Know.
  7. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles S: Remastered Edition: Definitive Edition? Swap “Definitive Edition” with “Game of the Year Edition”
  8. I think it’s fair to say the bulk of the criticism Dragon Quest as a series gets is that it’s too old school. This obviously doesn’t bother us but it’s an issue to other people. Most new JRPGs try to do something different. Dragon Quest XI has been uniformly praised for blending the old and new. That being said, I went through the Reddit thread “Goddamnit Dragon Quest 7 is extremely boring” and the bulk of the negative response isn’t about anything inherent to Dragon Quest. Mostly, people criticized the slow start. The more positive spins on this criticism is that it gets better 20 hours in, which is a long time to invest into a game. Almost every post comments on how much they love Dragon Quest VIII (a guy towards the bottom even misread the title and thought the topic was about VIII and he said he liked it).
  9. Is it 5G? Watch out, he gives the Coronavirus status ailment to your party.
  10. Damn. Hit me hard hearing Zac Bertschy died. I listened to the podcast he hosted for Anime News Network religiously for the last 5 years and really valued his opinions on shows and movies. I’m just really shocked and sad to hear it.
  11. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    I’ve played the DS version to completion so many times I decided to challenge myself by playing as a Blood Mage, which is classified as Very Hard mode. It’s mostly manageable except for one side quest involving an enemy that has a skill that lets them heal as much as they want for an incredibly small amount of mana.
  12. ^ lol I was learning Spanish from elementary school to high school and I remember maybe five words that aren’t various colors, numbers, and days of the week. Your track with Spanish was basically my track with math. I took Intro to College Math basically 4 years in a row, two of which were actually in college.
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