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  1. Wow no @YangustheLegendaryBanditfor this one? He can go on and on about how much he loves IX!
  2. It’s a “the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia owns a company that intends to buy a majority stake in SNK” thing.
  3. eal


    My autocorrect still produced an accurate sentence.
  4. Better buy all the SNK games you can before a Saudi prince owns the company!
  5. eal


    If they do remake it, they better do a thorough job of fixing numerous problems with catching certain Pokémon. It’s the Pokémon game I’ve played the longest (200+ hours I believe) and it is by far the most overly complicated game to complete the Pokédex. While Gen 3 asks a lot of you by requiring numerous games (and a GameCube and spinoff Pokémon games!), Gen 4 asks a lot of you for certain Pokémon that required me going back into the archives and harvesting all my Emerald and Sapphire Pokémon out of their respective games since it would be easier than trying to catch them. I also filled in ma
  6. eal

    Vita RPGs...?

    I am currently playing through the Code: Realize series of visual novels. But instead of going through each route one game at a time, I think it would be more fun to play through each character’s route through all three games.
  7. eal


    It looks like the visuals take more from Pokémon Let’s Go than Sword and Shield. I’m excited to play it. Maybe I’ll revisit the original in March.
  8. https://www.theverge.com/2021/1/4/22213276/persona-soundtracks-spotify Gonna be spending a lot of time updating and making playlists. There’s a lot of good stuff on here, including the live albums and Dancing All Night.
  9. Here’s a game we didn’t talk about during the podcast (and for good reason): Pokemon: Battle Revolution, the Wii game that’s basically useless unless you also had Diamond or Pearl to connect to it. It features no story and you just go from tournament to tournament with various gimmicks to mix it up. But they’re kinda long, it can take you about 30-40 minutes each, and they’re not very interesting. The only thing of note is that your Pokémon come from Diamond and Pearl. You import your boxes over and they are copied as-is to the Battle Revolution. If you don’t have one of those games, you’re st
  10. eal

    Gaming Goals 2021

    I theorized that the prequel game, Yakuza 0, had a lot of word-of-mouth praise and a ton of memes associated with it (sort of like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure). I know almost nothing about the actual story, but I know all about the dominatrix side quest. Of course, how did we even manage to get 0, seeing as the franchise was basically dead in the US. We got 5 digital-only on PS3 and I’ve heard it said that doing that was considered a risky gamble. Before that, I’d only ever heard the series mentioned in articles about how we’re unlikely to get Yakuza 5 and watching parts of the Two Best Frie
  11. eal

    Gaming Goals 2021

    Jeez I knew Yakuza was becoming mainstream but it feels like everyone’s playing it now.
  12. Nah, man there was some really dated stuff in here that I thought improved the movie overall, but might not work for a modern, non-comic book reading audience. Superman’s powers have been so normalized over the decades, whereas the ridiculous action stuff Wonder Woman does with her lasso is still new to people. That is sorta a problem I had with the movie. It is really campy in a way we probably haven’t seen in some time, but it’s all mixed in with serious geo-political stuff and interpersonal drama. Character-wise, Cheetah would have benefitted more from being the main antagonist, b
  13. There’s a saying: “nobody hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans.” But anyway, Wonder Woman 1984 was very long and people had issues with the villains, among other things. Personally, comics are inherently silly so I’m able to watch a movie I know stars a woman that flies an invisible jet and uses a lasso to fight a woman that turns into a Cheetah and understand that I will get a silly movie. I did have a couple issues with some of the time management that went on with this movie. There were a lot of balls to juggle and yet somehow not all of them were handled smoothly despite
  14. It was a year ago to the day that @Plattym3 posted last year’s topic and I really liked it so I thought I would keep it going! Got anything you’d like to do this year? First I’d like to say that 2020 was a banner year for me, in terms of finding time to play games. Of course, that time was basically thrust upon me by the pandemic, which also resulted in fewer games coming out that I would want to buy. I also trimmed a lot of fat in my collection just by selling off games I don’t think I’ll ever play. I think it ended up to be around 50? Maybe a little more? For 2021, I would lik
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