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  1. http://rpgmaker.net Brilliant website for any type of RPG maker/other games. Just sign up for free and upload the game!
  2. Farlon


    RPG maker VX you have to pay for but you can get a translated RPGmaker2000 or 2003 for free. Search them on google for the download link and you should find one. RM2000 has a frontview system so that's more recommended in my opinon if you want to create a dragon quest game.
  3. I'm using RPG maker 2000/03 and they both have AI party members and I thought RMVX did to.
  4. Thanks for the help! I might give the turning off the layers in an emulator trick, but if that doesn't go well then I will try using the different ripping programs. I'll post my progress :L and thanks!
  5. Hello there! I am currently working on a Dragon Quest game in RPG Maker 2000. I am using Dragon Quest 1/5 SNES graphics and I am in need of the battle animations! The animations I am looking for are things like spells, weapon animations and battle sound effects. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone had any of these that may help! Thanks ~
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