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  1. Finally got all 184 quests done in Dragon Quest IX

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    2. PantheonSasuke


      I'd say it takes more patience than skill :P But yeah, congrats on getting through them all. I only found a few of them to be fun.

    3. Byakuren


      yeah some of them took a few hours for me :P

    4. Mou-rie-SHOU-rie


      wow... you just motivated me to go finish all 184 quest now (still about 10-15 left.. and that's so irritating!!)

      haven't played for like 6 months..

  2. lol i like your status gotta have dq5 :D

    ive kinda slowed down on dq9.i almost got my 4 members lv 99 in all vocations

  3. hey whats up? how have you been?

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