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  1. Hello There. Sorry I couldn't respond sooner, I've been busy with IRL buisness. I had no idea I was the first person to friend you on this site.

  2. Long time, Dunsparce. I remember you were my first friend on this site.

  3. I hardly play my DS any more but I occasionally play Pokemon: Black Version. I really do regret selling Dragon Quest IX....

  4. Im cant wait for pokemon black/white to come out im very exicited!!!!

  5. Back to school monday..... (sigh....)

  6. Snorlax use selfdestruct (yes, I got a Adamant Munchlax from Champ Path (Pokéwalker/Event) )

  7. No problems Woodus, thanks for the badge. I understand that being THE Admin is the easiest job in the world. (I was a Guild Leader on WoW once upon a time, I sold because it was to hard to keep up with.) Woodus, King Zenith and any other admin I dont know about, Thank You for such a Great Website :)
  8. Does it mean I get a badge? Yep, when this contest closes, you will be awarded the badge. Congratulations! I should really get some new contests going but I have been so darn busy playing DQ9 that I don't want to do anything else it seems. Remember?
  9. @King Zenith: I cant see my Purchase Dragon Quest IX Badge did you give to me?
  10. Uub is Legendary, even if Goku beat him he always comes back stronger

  11. I remember when Goku beat Uub.

  12. manetric uses thunder.... (Oh dear......)

  13. Untill my Cyndaquil throws a solarbeam his way that is :P

  14. Nope. I'm not LordRoto.

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