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    My first DQ/DW experience was DW4 on the NES. I spent away my childhood playing that game and had four copies of it, lol. But outside of DQ/DW., I'm a hardcore RPG player from console to table top.
  1. lol i like your status gotta have dq5 :D

    ive kinda slowed down on dq9.i almost got my 4 members lv 99 in all vocations

  2. 'bout got into a fistfight with someone for the only copy of DQ5: Hand of the Heavenly Bride at GameStop less than an hour ago.

  3. Been keeping busy mostly. Passing the time with DQ9 when I get the chance. Yourself?

  4. hey whats up? how have you been?

  5. I'm going with DW4. My first experience with the games, the one I cut my teeth on, lol. So I'm going to stay faithful to it!
  6. Welcome to DD!

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