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  1. Hey, i know it's a terrible mess but i was just wondering if this would be considered I made it maself btw I need it resized though oviously And if you could possibly turn the black transparent it would be great
  2. Hey you have the same name as me!! That Rocks!!!! XD

  3. has the most annoying ulsar >:(

  4. I don't have any siblings so i needn't worry about anyone borrowing it...

    I'm just extremely clumsy though.

    I've gone through 2 phat DSs, 3 DS Lites and i'm now on my DSi which has no mic, and the L and R buttons screw up most times too so i can't rotate the camera on some games and i can't shoot on Metroid Prime Hunters :/

  5. How did your DS Lite get beaten to a pulp? O.o

  6. Lol you should've seen my phat DS :P

    I broke one of the hinges and i'd changed decals about 12 times so where i've tried peeling them off i have loads of patches of different games like pokemon pearl and animal crossing xD

    Plus one of the speakers didn't work and the top screen was smashed...

    I got it for £7 in an arcade machine though so it doesn't bother me ...

  7. I'm up to the final temple but my Mic's buggered on my DSi so i can't complete it >:(

  8. Well it is an american site i think :P


    (Except i'm dabbing in a bit of Spirit Tracks as well :P)

  9. I don't understand how to show a photo and my laptops really lowtech, so i'll just post a link if that's ok! http://s807.photobucket.com/albums/yy358/equinox201/?action=view&current=Picture001.jpg P.S Sorry it's bad quality, i had to take it with my webcam
  10. Nice to see somebody else my age on these forums :P

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