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  1. Yeah, there's a guy on a 3DS site I go to that makes good-looking stuffs.
  2. I've been playing a lot of romhacks on my 2DS lately, quite enjoyables.

  3. Once this is done, I plan on fixing it up so it can be installed on hacked 3/2DS's. :D!
  4. Dragon Quest 3, remade into an action-based RPG, slightly based off the Ys series. You control the Hero, and your party members use AI-patterns based on your input. Redo the story a bit (Have a better fleshed-out post-game, like in DQIV, where say, your wish to revive Ortega can have different aspects on the story, or other things.)
  5. Don't assume that StreetPass was made just because of DQIX. I'd like to have DQIX on mobile, AND a 3DS port, because I have a 2DS and a mobile.
  6. I'd love it, especially with online multiplayer.
  7. I'd rather see an offline version of DQX. And... free? Why would it be free?
  8. Do you have to have a powerful PC to play DQXI?

    1. ignasia


      Not even close.  You can run Heroes 1 and 2 though.  I can't run it and my graphics card is an R7 M460, which isn't even on this list, which has yours:



      You require a minimum of 2GB of dedicated graphics memory to run on low settings, 4GB maximum.  Your system I believe is only 256MB, mine is 512MB.

      Intel does not make a graphics card that is even remotely equivalent.

      Oops, not even 256.  No dedicated memory, just shared, which won't work in this case:


    2. Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      The hero starts weak but can become a powerful PC if you level him up. Heheheheheheheh..

    3. ignasia


      LOL, smartass.

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  9. https://store.playstation.com/en-sg/product/HP0082-CUSA09572_00-ASIAPLACEHOLDER0 - You mean the PS4 version? Maybe?
  10. I downloaded Miitopia (and a lot of other crap) a few days ago, and it's... neat. Party so far included a Denizen! ignasia7! :D! WHO ELSE WANTS IN?! I got a spot.
  11. Dragon Quest IV is part of the "Zenithian" Trilogy, second chronologically. It is only related to DQ 1-3, the "Alefgard" trilogy, by bonus content added in remasters/rereleases of DQ3. There's nothing in 4 that references Loto, barring shared equipment like the Fishnet Stockings, which Torneko will call you daft if you try to put them on.
  12. I don't think so, Konami wanted to give fans a different taste, just like how Dragon Quest IX changed the formula a bit. At least nothing was locked behind arcane Streetpass mumbo jumbo.
  13. I liked Suikoden Tierkreis prettty well.
  14. Try it, let us know, I was checking to see if they still had the same Pro Duo I had back in the day, and apparently you're lucky if you can find a 4G.
  15. They have the TV-hooker doo-dads now, how about an arcade stick version of DQ1-4 NES or DQ1-3 GBC or MOB? :D?
  16. Legend of Grimrock - Dragon Quest. First-person dungeon crawler, kind of like Eterian Odyssey. Also dark and gritty.
  17. No. You call it Hero's Sorrow. All they're going to do is run away from everything I mean dammit I want that exp so baaaaaad. BAAAAAAADDDD.
  18. I'm going to just go straight into controversy regarding my opinion on the music. No, it's an indisputable fact. The music went SEVERELY downhill after DQ4 NES. CHIPTUNE MASTER RACE.
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