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  1. Congratulations on a double-digit!
  2. "Eventually, even Ryu would have to feed himself. He bought a plot of land in the southeastern corner of Torland, and began the largest tobacco and sugar cane plantation on the continent. His invention, the "Slime Stack Plow", brought him great fame, and his pipeweed was the best in the land."
  3. Not to brag, but I am a hero, I don't need to farm.
  4. You can look back in this forum and see I am most DEFINITELY interested.
  5. Likely, it's because JP is getting the DQV movie, and the item was added to the base game. We're getting it because it was easy to put in the international release.
  6. Anywho. COMMAND > Thordain. Hero takes X damage!
  7. I've seen in so many reviews, and in Saigan's streams, that DQB2 is much better than the original. Get it.
  8. I'm trying to sink my teef into DWR3, but I can't get into the menu! :W
  9. I have a different RPG setup than you lot, because I tend to go more for odd content. If you guys like the Disgaea series, Disgaea 5 Complete is well, Disgaea 5. I bought it more because it was $7 new, and I wanted a SRPG to go with the system. I have Cosmic Star Heroine, and I'm about three hours into it. It's fully sci-fi, and if you liked Breath of Death VIII or Cthulu Saves the World, I say go for it. There's Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse, which is a really good title if you like hack-and-slash Zelda-ish games. It has a permadeath mechanic, but everything carries over. If you
  10. If anyone wants an in-box copy of Donkey Kong, I still have it. $25, includes shipping.
  11. I meant that I enjoyed the mobile titles. All but 8. Didn't really like 8 mobile.
  12. I was about to say that your saves are backed up to the cloud. What device are you using? DQ1 isn't big at all. o_o
  13. You can see from my badges I enjoyed the mobile titles. All but 8. I still don't think 8 translated well.
  14. They didn't have it this week at Wal-Mart, but it might be in my box from Gamefly later today. If I like it, I'm buying it next wednsday with the last of my overtime. I got Bloodstained last week.
  15. https://nintendosoup.com/wsj-report-smaller-game-developers-feel-snubbed-by-sony-in-contrast-to-nintendo/ I'm sure you all have seen news about Sony's now-leaked/etc custom "censorship" guidelines. And now they said something that... That... RGRBRBRBRBRBBRLELERRLRL! *breathe* According to the report, Sony aims to market the Playstation 5 to “serious players”. To achieve this, the company intends to focus more on the big-name publishers and blockbuster titles such as Red Dead Redemption and Fallout, with less emphasis on smaller independent games. The reasoning provided was that
  16. Um... I liked the gameplay videos, so I might buy it too?
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