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  1. I'll consider allowing 1 or two minor secondary characters. For now, you have yer monsters if you wanna RP temp-secondaries for now. Elijah can double as a priest if the situation calls for it. But, ce la vie. I'll see what happens, the main reason I'm disallowing secondaries is because we had 8 people posting last time. Give it a few days, I'm sure a couple people will join in, considering it's a good bit more slow-paced this time.
  2. The RP is open, go nuts. I'll be back in a couple hours, the story stays in Mildenhall for the moment, just do character growth and whatnot.
  3. As I said earlier, I'll mention what's easily killable.
  4. Furthermore, you can train in new vocations at Dharma Temple. When the group gets there, they will, there'll be a list on the wall of avaiable vocations. Additional spells will be learned by spellbooks I have monsters drop. Everyone capable of learning the spell will learn said spell. And skills will be learned through mimicry, I'll notate when that happens. "Man, that trick the monster used, adding an element to his attack is so easy, anyone with the magic can use it! The group learns FlameSlash, for the players that have Mage-classes or the appropiate spell." There will als
  5. Yes, but fair warning, with what's going on the world, that kind of prank will get you put in jail. You'll have Zam and Zammle, and considering you wanted Crack, you'll have Ice Slash. IF you use claws, or a bladed weapon. And you don't need feel the burn. It'll happen to everyone at certian points of the battle. "The large demon approached the party, their tension rose a bit, anxious for the fight." Or, "That demon barely missed you, tension fills the air!" Kind of thing. It won't be exactly like Dragon Quest 9, but it'll let you hit better. Just remember, you can't 1-h
  6. And as I said before, as the RP goes along, I'll allow the use of more than one person. Just so many people at first broke things.
  7. Psyche Up is the same as Oomph, you can have Egg On to replace it. Oomph is the same thing really, but for mages. Plus, you -can- obtain super-high tension. While monsters attack and whatnot, you'll be able to get tension from that, you'll notice during our first battles.
  8. I just read Ruesan's reply. If you use claws, for example, I've no bother letting you use IceSlash if you'd like. For skills, just add in a couple more from the MA spect, and a couple from the skillsets I posted. Martial Artists don't really learn spells, but they -can- learn how to attune the very elements to their weapons. IceSlash would be just the beginning. For example, if the characters are fighting in a volcano, or volcanic area, their weapon could spontaneously burst into magical flame, I.E., FlameSlash, which they then learn. I'd prefer you to stay, you were one of the mor
  9. That's yer choice. I'm going with suggestions made by others for this, because the one main complaint I got was that it was beginning to go out of control. The initial goal is to have one main character, then you will possibly get followers as the RP goes along. And also, keep in mind. I believe you've played Dragon Quest 9. Does Martial Artist learn Crackle? As I said, there is also other skills you can take as well. Take a look above a bit, where I've been adding some stuff in. There's links for the skill and spellsets for the recent games, all of which I'll allow. I'm letti
  10. In terms of balancing. Martial Artists normally don't learn magic, at all. Ax out Crack/Crackle, and Oomph, put a couple more DQ Martial Artist skills in. And do you attack with claws, staves? There's skills for that you can have, take a few that you want from one or other and I'll decide which is best for the game itself.
  11. This is my character. Elijah of Cannock. Known as the Lightning Knight. To know what he looks like, see this.
  12. This is the profile topic for the RP(s) I run, in whatever name the title is. They all run in the same universe. This is where I want -approved- profiles to be posted. The purpose of this topic is to keep things clean in the OOC/Recap topic. CURRENT PLAYER LIST IS INSIDE THE THIS SPOILER TAG. These players profiles have been approved. If possible, please keep profiles to a basic format, like my own is, you may alter it how you wish, as long as it is readable. And keep profiles in a spoiler tag please. A spoiler tag is [ spoiler ] text [ /spoiler ] without spac
  13. Ok, here it officially starts. For myself, Waterfaller, and Malrath, we're already in with no problems, as we only had one character apiece. Those who would wish to re-join please post a profile here, accompanied by a [ spoiler ] text [ /spoiler ] . Failure to do this will just make you look dumb. I'll be checking this tomorrow. See you guys then!
  14. This is how I want presented profiles to be sent. If possible, please keep profiles to a basic format, like my own is, you may alter it how you wish, as long as it is readable. And keep profiles in a spoiler tag please. A spoiler tag is [ spoiler ] text [ /spoiler ] without spaces in the brackets. Example. This is my character, Bob. He's a Warrior. This was a basic profile made with the spoiler tag. Please try to follow the standard set inside, and everything will be OK. Also. Please use a classname that is suited to your PC. Here are some links to
  15. This post shows spell effectiveness for healing spells. Keep in mind, Priests always heal best. Oh sure, a heal by a Warrior will staunch wounds, but a heal by a Priest will fix more of the blood-loss involved. It also will give a link to various skillnames, and examples of what some of them do here. Below are links are to the Dragon Warrior 7 Skill and Dragon Quest 8 Spell sets, both are which I'd prefer to see here. When posting spells, give a little description of what they do. Also is a skill list from 9, as well. Skills from 9 can -only- be used by the classes from 9, or
  16. Regarding items. No offense guys, but we don't have elven or sage's elixer here. At the least, not yet. Your inventory can consist of the following -items-, in the spoiler tab. -every- player with pockets or an ability to carry items will start with the following "item" items, in addition to whatever equipment they're wearing. If you'd like to buy items from a city, simply state what you want, and they'll likely have it. The capitals all hold low to midtier garb, with Mildenhall being the medium. For example. In Cannock you buy Steel, in Mildenhall, Platinum, and
  17. Ok. Role provided me with a nice link to some good rules that I expect to be followed in this RP. Failure to do so will see... well, you'll see. >:3 Open the spoiler tag, read 'em, respect 'em. And remember, ALL these rules must be followed, or I'll dump monsters out everywhere. Pay attention to every post, as I have to do the same. And under the next spoiler, read these as well, they explain "godmodding". To be warned, I'm usually easy-going, but you, the player should be able to tell when you're crossing a line. There's times that it's better to go
  18. This is the basic story of the world of Dragon Quest 2, after the heroes killed Hargon and Malroth. 250 years have passed, and the oldest hero died 3 years ago at a ripe age of 259. CURRENT PLAYER LIST IS INSIDE THE THIS SPOILER TAG. THIS LIST IS NOT UP TO DATE AS PER THE REBOOT. IT IS SUBEJECT TO CHANGE
  19. Welcome to the REDUX of the Trials of Loto, the RP spearheaded by myself! This post is to simply welcome you. The following posts will show how the flow of the RP will go, the rules of the RP, and death and life and items. It's all in there. Current Staff Ryu Kisargi - Dungeon Master / Player Crolley - Dungeon Keeper / Player unabletowatchmits - Dungeon Keeper / Player And a couple forward rules. 1. You can have either -1- Human or Demi Human, ask about what you want, character. You may also play as a monster from the Dragon Quest series. But only one or the other. Pet
  20. Now the world can see me change expressions a lot!
  21. Come in da chat ruuum.

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