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  1. I've noticed a lot of people complain about them, and to be honest, I don't get why. They're really good re-translations/ports of yore, and they're still visually pleasing. Just because they might not upscale on some stuff doesn't mean a thing. They could be so much worse. Like FF6 mobile worse. EDGAR DON'T HAVE EYES YO
  2. I'm in Act 2 now, and 2D mode is still pretty good. I'm gonna have to turn on 3D mode once I get to a new chapter so I can watch the Act 1 finale from the tree.
  3. I will have to say that for the moment now, I am in 2D mode. I switched when I got the Magic Key. IS BOOTIFUL ;-;
  4. It seems closer to PSO1 to me, from what I can tell. Or now? DQXI.

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      Friendship is Witchcraft

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      @ignasia we may have to call the guys with the nice white straight jackets.

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      @YangustheLegendaryBandit  Too late, I think he's already out to pasture ;)

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  6. DQV IS THE BEST V. I know what I said. FFV ain't got nothing on DQV. Ultima V can kiss mah butt. And... ETERIAN ODESSEY V CANNOT COMPARE TO DQV~
  7. I can honestly see an easy-ish transition at campsites, at least being able to switch there would be much better.
  8. Just... why do you have to restart an ENTIRE BLOODY CHAPTER to switch to/from 2D mode? I like the VA and 3D goodness too much! But the 2D turns it into a freaking SNES game, which is goodness too! And when I go to switch... "Oh, you haven't finished up yet? NOPE, GOTTA REDO THE PAST COUPLE HOURS, NOOB!"
  9. Right now I just got the magic key. I'm considering going to 2D mode for a bit for the giggles, but I enjoy the VA too much.
  10. It's in English, the webpage is in English, and it's supposedly coming stateside. Where could they be doing the thingie? New Zealand? Canadia?
  11. Square Enix support is the most convoluted piece of &#(@()! that I've used in awhile. I just want to email you about DQTtS! Why don't you have a general contact form *grumble grumble*

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Tell me about it. It’s because of their lack of ways to contact their support that I missed out on the collector’s edition of Dragon Quest XI. They wouldn’t run my card/accept my payment and there was no way to contact anyone for help.

      I refuse to order from any online stores anymore unless they have a gift card option.

  12. Yay! https://www.polygon.com/2019/9/30/20891178/dragon-quest-of-the-stars-closed-beta-android Someone tell me when we can actually sign up for the beta.
  13. Rocks fall. Everyone dies. You can see MattCraft at the top-right. :E
  14. I wonder when it's gonna be on the download sites with subs. I wanna see it for myself.
  15. I saw the spoiler. Honestly? It doesn't bother me too much. It miffs me that it didn't end up being true fantasy, but I am going to wait and watch the film before I judge it. I LURV DQV. Imma Lightspeed Champeeon of it too. So...
  16. You're going to enjoy Octopath. Remember to steal EVERYTHING, and if even it's a low percentage, save and then abuse the save, try to steal everything. It'll make grinding when you have to do it so much easier.
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