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  1. I'd love to see this done somehow. I started earlier in March, and with the service shutting down, I'm not gonna bother playing further.
  2. There's a recent re-translation somewhere on Romhacking I played not too far back. It's a rewarding title.
  3. Been trying various reposado brands of Tequila. Is nice.
  4. Just why in the hell would someone try to DDOS here? O_o That makes no sense.
  5. I prefer liquor. Specifically tequila if I can get it. I prefer Lunazul. Whiskey? Either rotgut or Jim Bean Devil's Cut. Vodka? Stoli. Not a gin drinker, nor a scotch. Tried both, meh.
  6. I NED FRND ABWLBF7223 - Terra. Gonna Terraize the monsters.
  7. So, anyone else find that Wombo app?

  8. I want my display and user name to be changed to Mattcraft, I will be updating my signature appropiately, thankya in advances.
  9. Mattcraft


    I'm kind of... 40% into Grandia 1, got past the insurmountable wall, but haven't gotten much further. It's in the backlog currently. I like the remaster, but they should've put speedups and stuff in it.
  10. Think about all the games. ALL OF THEM. Something genre-defining, like... Jesus man. I didn't know that Virtue's game was so... wow. And I forgot about Lara. :w
  11. Doom & Destiny and Doom & Destiny Advanced are on Switch now.
  12. Title says it all! Happy birthday, Erdrick the Hero!
  13. For me, and I discussed it in a Slime Time Sidequest, it was simple. In the 1990s, Nintendo of America was HEAVILY into censorship (not localization, they were bastards), and lots of things did not make it here. Somehow, in Final Fantasy 3 (6), something got through. Seeing no way out after her grandfather-figure dies in the World of Ruin (this can be avoided), Celes jumps off a cliff, attempting suicide. It does not work, and the game continues. But it shows the raw emptiness and depression that can occur to a survivor of a disaster. And it honestly has stuck with
  14. Anyone try the Doom & Destiny series? I've played the first and second one, looking forward to Worlds being ported to the Switch. They're jRPG-parodies made by an Italian crew, so there's language differences that are apparent, but the battle system and love and work into the game just kinda hooked me in. It's nerdy as hell and I love it.
  15. I picked up Doom & Destiny Advanced on my Switch, and Dragon Quest 4 on my new phone. Sadly, I lost a lot of content from my old gaming gmail, including DQ1-6. I've rebought bought 1-3, and now 4.
  16. I've been watching Justice League Unlimited, it's pretty neat so far. Always enjoy the newer DC animations.
  17. Yangus might be able to attest... Romancing Saga RE, I JUST WANT THIS BATTLE TO DROP SS ROGUE. 😠

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      I got SS Rogue from the free pull yesterday.

    2. Mattcraft



  18. I've been playing RE:U as well. It's neat!
  19. I only own two Amiibo-related items, and one is a pack. I has my 8-bit Link, going to eventually get 8-bit Marios to go with him... I'm also eventually gonna grab a Link's Awakening Link. I absolutely LOVED the art style of that game, it just felt so... clean. And I have a pack of Amiibo cards for my copy of Breath of the Wild. $25, compared to buying 20+ amiibos. Sorry Nintendur, but ya'll should've done more reprints.
  20. How Mystery Dungeony is it? It's more like... hmm... Diablo? ?_? ARPG?
  21. hmm... Would Minecraft Dungeons count as a RPG?
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