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  1. I was honestly surprised with the two BoF titles, and stuff on NES like Startropics.
  2. Yangus - Try the SNES/NES collections! They're free with Switch online and totally rad. I've been in the hospital from the 11-27 due to really bad pneunomia that required surgery. Now I play gaems until I go back to work.
  3. I am home almost three weeks of hospital stay and two surgeries, thanks to pneumonia.

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    2. DrippySlimeStar


      Jesus, dude. Glad to hear you're home. Hope you're doing well.

    3. RyuKisargi


      All I can say is that it sucked. Hard.

    4. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      Pneumonia's a nasty thing. My dad got two lumps of it in his chest and the coughing caused permanent rib damage. Glad to hear you made it home all right.

  4. Thrilled to be a part of it! Let's do it again sometime.

    YAAAAAAAAAAY - It won't likely show on front page. Kirby, Breath of Fire 2, Crystalis, and lesser games coming to Switch!

    1. ignasia


      For the love of God, Capcom better replace that god awful translation for once.  At this stage it's cheaper for them to do so.  The moment word gets out it's an improvement, that will get a lot of attention from RPG enthusiasts as word spread on social media.

  6. So... Who else got Romancing Saga 3? I'm having trouble understanding the whole plot a bit, but I think I'll get into it.
  7. I actually have not. Link me to your Twitch or Youtube and I will pop in at some point.
  8. I think that Baramos has to be one of the best villains in the series. He's already a threat from the get go, your entire journey is to kill him, and he WILL wreck you if you are not prepared, eating poor Hero's entrails while he writhes to death because someone didn't get Insulatle.
  9. While the graphics seem a little flat, I think they fit the Switch and Mobile very well. I enjoy how detailed they look to me, but I think the backgrounds should have been updated.
  10. I've noticed a lot of people complain about them, and to be honest, I don't get why. They're really good re-translations/ports of yore, and they're still visually pleasing. Just because they might not upscale on some stuff doesn't mean a thing. They could be so much worse. Like FF6 mobile worse. EDGAR DON'T HAVE EYES YO
  11. I'm in Act 2 now, and 2D mode is still pretty good. I'm gonna have to turn on 3D mode once I get to a new chapter so I can watch the Act 1 finale from the tree.
  12. I will have to say that for the moment now, I am in 2D mode. I switched when I got the Magic Key. IS BOOTIFUL ;-;
  13. It seems closer to PSO1 to me, from what I can tell. Or now? DQXI.

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    2. Democrobot


      Friendship is Witchcraft

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      @ignasia we may have to call the guys with the nice white straight jackets.

    4. ignasia


      @YangustheLegendaryBandit  Too late, I think he's already out to pasture ;)

  15. DQV IS THE BEST V. I know what I said. FFV ain't got nothing on DQV. Ultima V can kiss mah butt. And... ETERIAN ODESSEY V CANNOT COMPARE TO DQV~
  16. I can honestly see an easy-ish transition at campsites, at least being able to switch there would be much better.
  17. Just... why do you have to restart an ENTIRE BLOODY CHAPTER to switch to/from 2D mode? I like the VA and 3D goodness too much! But the 2D turns it into a freaking SNES game, which is goodness too! And when I go to switch... "Oh, you haven't finished up yet? NOPE, GOTTA REDO THE PAST COUPLE HOURS, NOOB!"
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