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  1. A bottle of Southern Comfort means a dammed good Friday.

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    2. ignasia


      Anyway, I had become legendary in my class for being one of the toughest sob's and for being one of the only people who befriended every group.


      So, I was challenged a lot. This particular day, after downing so much alcohol, one of my friends challenged me to down 3 shots of SoCo. After 10, maybe 20 minutes of everyone else cheering me on, I took up the challenge. He couldn't down it, but I did.


      I wish I hadn't. Oh, I really wish I hadn't. What was to...

    3. ignasia


      What was to be a simple rough night became the battle of 3 armies in my stomach...sorry, make that 4, as I had food. I suppose 5, since my stomach acids were involved.


      So for a whole night I was plagued my own personal battle of 5 armies. It was a bloody mess, and the next morning I paid dearly.


      Lesson learned, and since then I've never been able to even look at SoCo without an automatic gag reflex.

    4. RyuKisargi


      Wow. o.o


      I haven't had SoCo in years, really.

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