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  1. I'm going to be getting an Alienware PC after the first of the year. WTF is liquid cooling, and do I have to put freon/etc in my system regularly?

    1. Warez


      Liquid cooling is just what it sounds like. A Liquid (mostly Water or cooling liquids) that goes through your PC in pipes etc. I would strongly reccomend NOT getting it since it brings more problems than it has uses. Ordinary CPU-FANs are more than enough.

    2. Warez


      If you want to go sure about your cooling take a casing with a build-in Fan which are huge things with great cooling effect.

    3. MetalIke


      I'd recommend against getting Alienware, but I'm biased because all the Alienware PCs I've seen are ugly as all get out and the Alienware laptops aren't much lighter than a PC tower. I'd rather just copy the specs of one and build it from scratch. Especially since it'd avoid the hassle of pumping liquid around a box full of electric parts.

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