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  1. I wonder when it's gonna be on the download sites with subs. I wanna see it for myself.
  2. I saw the spoiler. Honestly? It doesn't bother me too much. It miffs me that it didn't end up being true fantasy, but I am going to wait and watch the film before I judge it. I LURV DQV. Imma Lightspeed Champeeon of it too. So...
  3. You're going to enjoy Octopath. Remember to steal EVERYTHING, and if even it's a low percentage, save and then abuse the save, try to steal everything. It'll make grinding when you have to do it so much easier.
  4. Congratulations on a double-digit!
  5. "Eventually, even Ryu would have to feed himself. He bought a plot of land in the southeastern corner of Torland, and began the largest tobacco and sugar cane plantation on the continent. His invention, the "Slime Stack Plow", brought him great fame, and his pipeweed was the best in the land."
  6. Not to brag, but I am a hero, I don't need to farm.
  7. You can look back in this forum and see I am most DEFINITELY interested.
  8. Likely, it's because JP is getting the DQV movie, and the item was added to the base game. We're getting it because it was easy to put in the international release.
  9. Anywho. COMMAND > Thordain. Hero takes X damage!
  10. I'm reviving this topic, thanks to Google.
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