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Status Updates posted by Mattcraft

  1. It's up to you. Buddah is awful... stationary.

  2. Hey, you need to post a bit more in the RP, you have an active role in it. No sense making a post once a month, man.

  3. Sallright, we can figure out something for ya. :)

  4. Posting today?

  5. I see you there.

  6. You still don't really pay attention to this.

  7. I'm going to murder you. In the face.

    1. Hawk


      Sounds quite painful.

    2. Mattcraft


      It really is, involves a lead-filled teddy-bear.

  8. No, you do not see me looking at your profile. I am a ninja.

    Silent and deadly to myself.

  9. You don't even pay attention to this at all, do you?

  10. Crolley sees you looking at his profile.

  11. ... And I see you looking at -my- profile!

  12. is... *crash* *falls over* "Ah! What are you doing here?!"

  13. I'm sending you to margeritaville.

  14. Come in da chat ruuum.

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